Israelstreet reports Gaza terrorists have just infiltrated Israel and stolen 6 M16s in Kissufim kibbutz reports:

It was just yesterday that your humble servant went to great lengths to point out how absurdly easy it is for Hamas terrorists from Gaza to stroll across the border at Nahal Oz.

And in the same blog, we pointed out the untenable position that the group of IDF soldiers stationed there are in, undermanned and handcuffed by the absurd IDF rules of engagement.

Well guess what happened following the riots this morning? Apparently (no one knows for sure how many) 30 terrorists waltzed across the border and infiltrated Kissufim. 

They found their way into an armory on the kibbutz and stole 6 M16s–and are now (as of 12 pm) somewhere in the area taking potshots at Israeli men, women, and children.

Hamas says Thank You for billions of “Gaza reconstruction” dollars and Kerry et al.’s ideological support

Baby Murdered in Jerusalem Terror Attack
Hamas terrorist from Silwan runs over pedestrians leaving light rail; 8 injured. Infant dies of wounds.

Daniel Greenfield: “Der wahre Genozid in Gaza”

Die Hamas ist keine verfolgte Minderheit, die sich gegen ihre Unterdrücker zur Wehr setzt. Sie ist ein Vorposten einer nach Suprematie strebenden sunnitisch-moslemischen Mehrheitsorganisation, die in der gesamten Region Minderheiten terrorisiert. Ihre Mission besteht in der Fortführung des tausendjährigen Projekts des islamischen Kolonialismus, das in der Zerstörung indigener Kulturen und Religionen besteht.

Die Juden Jerusalems stehen dem wie die Christen Mossuls zufällig im Wege. Die Charta der Hamas lässt keinen Zweifel an der genozidalen Mission der Hamas bestehen. Aber jede islamistische Gruppe, deren Mission darin besteht, die absolute Herrschaft des Islam durchzusetzen, ist ebenso der ethnischen Säuberung von nichtmoslemischen und sogar moslemischen Bevölkerungen verpflichtet. Continue reading Daniel Greenfield: “Der wahre Genozid in Gaza”

“The steady rain of missiles from Gaza continues.

Another rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists struck the Chof Ashkelon region of southern Israel this afternoon at 2:00 pm. Note the missile counts in the right hand column of this blog []; hardly a morning, afternoon, evening, or night passes without finding southern Israelis running for their lives to their bomb shelters.

There is no reportage of these missile attacks anywhere in the international media.”, today.

Europäische Profifußballer: Bekämpfung antisemitischer Terroristen durch Israel unsportlich genug, um Boykott des Judenstaats zu rechtfertigen

In Südisrael haben ca. 1 Million Personen, behinderte und nichtbehinderte, unter denen sich auch viele Unter-21-Jährige befinden, im Fall eines Raketenalarms, je nachdem, wie weit sie gerade vom Gazastreifen entfernt sind, ca. 15 – 45  Sekunden  Zeit, zum nächstgelegenen Bunker zu rennen/zu fahren oder sich sonstwie in relative Sicherheit zu bringen, sei es am Tag, sei es mitten in der Nacht.

Die IDF, die israelischen Streitkräfte, haben vor kurzem, nachdem diese ca. 1 Million Menschen die erwähnte Übung mittlerweile erneut unzählige Male täglich zu absolvieren hatten*, versucht, den Beschuss Israels aus Gaza mittels verstärkter militärischer Operationen zu unterbinden. Sehr unsportlicher Weise, wie einige Fußballer meinen:

Dozens of professional football players have signed a statement protesting the decision of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to stage the European under-21 championship in Israel next year.

The statement, which was released by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign against Israel, claims that in light of the recent Israeli operation in Gaza, holding the tournament in Israel would be “seen as a reward for actions that are contrary to sporting values.”

The decision to host the games in Israel is “yet another stain on the world’s conscience” […], the statement says.

Durch derartige jüdische Antiterror- und Antivernichtungsmaßnahmen wird nämlich, abgesehen von der Einschränkung des Rechts der Jihadisten auf Judenmassenmord, auch deren Recht auf die Förderung der täglichen sportlichen Betätigung ihrer Opfer mit Füßen getreten, da diese nun – wenigstens für eine Weile – nicht mehr täglich (und  nächtlich) um ihr Leben laufen müssen. Und besonders dazu können um die Werte des Sports besorgte Erben des Nazi-Bündnisses mit dem Islam natürlich nicht schweigen.

“We, as European football players, express our solidarity with the people of Gaza who are living under siege and denied basic human dignity and freedom,” the players said in the statement, which was also published on the website of former Tottenham and Sevilla striker Frederic Kanoute.

*) “Palestinian Terrorist Rockets and Mortars Fired at Southern Israel Since January 20, 2012
2725*: (2369* since ‘ceasefire’ on March 13th); (2088* since ‘ceasefire’ on June 26); *These numbers incorporate the grossly under-reported “official numbers” between 9/14/12–9/21/12.” —, 2.12.2012.


The tragedy of Gaza, the Naqba and more tragedies, seen from a humanitarian-progressive point of view

When I visited Gaza in July, I met a brave fighter who showed me a knife which his grandfather used to slit the throat of a Jew in Hebron in 1933, and his father used in a raid on a farmhouse in 1962 and which he hopes to use one day as well. There is both romance and practical necessity in this. The criminal Israeli siege of Gaza allows through food and clothing, but not knives. Many Gazans must make do with a single knife for the entire family. Only one of them is able to use the knife at a time. If the grandmother of a large family wants to slice bread while her grandson breaks into a settlement to slit a baby’s throat– she has no choice but to starve. … [More at Sultan Knish]


The perfidious ‘logic’ of The Times of Malta

Since Gaza has become “judenrein,” southern Israel has been pounded constantly with rockets coming from there, including on kindergartens, and it’s a miracle that not more people have already died and been injured.

But the Times of Malta, always keeping mum about this in its anti-Semitic solidarity with the Gazan terrorists, viciously exploits every occasion to ‘prove’ that the victims are the aggressors and the attackers are the victims, who just ‘strike back’ from time to time. Continue reading The perfidious ‘logic’ of The Times of Malta

Of the “larglely secular” Libyan and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

Fifty Libyan Muslim Brotherhood mercenaries arrived in the Gaza Strip from Tripoli last month – in time to take part in the Jihad Islami’s last missile offensive against Israel starting Oct. 29, DEBKAfile‘s military sources report. They arrived at the wheels of minivans on which were mounted the new Grad multiple rocket-launchers which Palestinian terrorists fired for the first time last month. These mobile rocket-launchers were last seen on the Libyan battlefield in use against Muammar Qaddafi’s army.

The 50 mercenaries did not bother to paint over the Libyan national colors or replace the trucks’ Libyan license plates. Jihad Islami fighters kept them sequestered away from awkward questions about who sent them.

Gazan sources report the Libyan mercenaries left Tripoli on October 10 aboard two buses which drove them via Benghazi to Tobruk. They then entered Egypt as tourists.
On Oct. 21, the day Muammar Qaddafi was killed, they crossed the Suez Canal into the Sinai Peninsula. [DEBKAfile, today (more)]

“Relative calm” (Jerusalem Post) in southern Israel

9:29 pm: Ashkelon hit by Grad rocket.

7:55 pm: Grad rocket strikes Kiryat Malachi.

6:38 pm: Islamic Jihad threatens to expand fire to other cities.

6:26 pm: Impending rocket alert siren Ashkelon beach region.

5: 12 pm: Impending rocket alert siren Netiv.

4:56 pm: Impending rocket siren Yad Mordechai. Continue reading “Relative calm” (Jerusalem Post) in southern Israel

Celebrating the victory of “Libyan freedom” (Daphne Caruana Galizia) in Tripoli (Libya) and in Valletta (Malta)

Like all people who only have the best intentions, these days “the only real journalist in Malta,” Daphne Caruana Galizia, must be as happy as she hasn’t been since the death of Osama bin Laden (Al Qaeda). Finally Gaddafi seems to have left Tripoli, and now, as “Dee says” on Ms Caruana Galizia’s blog, “the mad dog and his cubs” have yet only to be “smok[ed] out” from a few more “filthy cellar[s]” in which they might be hiding now and in the near future. And since everybody else, in a great historical moment like this, just should not worry all that much, but first of all be happy and full of solidarity, another member of Daphne’s blog ummah, “A. Charles,” recommends from the comment section of one of Daphne’s recent posts: “The next thing which people of goodwill should do is to celebrate this victory in Valletta on Saturday.” (Should only, and otherwise be strongly ashamed and hide well, because we have a real liberal democracy here at the time, while under Mintoff that thing would still have been far more compulsory.) Continue reading Celebrating the victory of “Libyan freedom” (Daphne Caruana Galizia) in Tripoli (Libya) and in Valletta (Malta)

Quote of the day (from yesterday)

иконографияКартини“No country can win a war that is fought ‘defensively’.  ‘Tit for tats’ don’t work.  Limited operations and hits against the enemy do not work.  Israel must go on a full scale attack against its enemies.  The Defense Minister needs to be fired, and a Minister of War needs to be appointed.  A minister of war that will lead the country to fight as is needed, until the enemies of Israel are crippled beyond repair, until THEY and the populations that support them, beg Israel for peace, and not the other way around.”

Tamar Yonah

Some criticism of Israel by Sultan Knish

And in one of the dumber things ever, the IDF will be going dark for ‘Earth Hour’.

Israel’s military is observing “Earth Hour 2011,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Office stated from darkened offices on Thursday. As a result, the lights at numerous IDF installations – including the Kirya, Tel Hashomer, and Tzrifin bases – were turned off. Continue reading Some criticism of Israel by Sultan Knish

Terrorist supporters demonstrate in Valletta, and the Times of Malta beatifies them

just after the most atrocious anti-Semitic massacre in years carried out by Arabs in Israel, by, among other Islamic slaughter methods, slitting the throats of children, a massacre in which PA officials were very probably involved, and just a few hours after “Israeli civilians living around the Gaza border woke up [this morning] to the most massive mortar attack in years – 50 rounds fired in 15 minutes.” Continue reading Terrorist supporters demonstrate in Valletta, and the Times of Malta beatifies them

Some material regarding Israel’s “disproportionate use of violence” against the participants of the “freedom flotilla”

“My head had a very deep cut. The doctor ‘treated’ me for the cameras, but all he really did was wipe the blood off my forehead. I had an open skull wound which he didn’t even touch.”

When the soldier was hospitalized in Israel, he was diagnosed with a fractured skull which also required 14 stitches.

”The mob kept pointing at me and yelling ‘Gilad Shalit,’ and they were very happy that an Israeli soldier had been captured… Later the PA system came on and we could hear the captain saying that the ship had been taken over by the soldiers.”

Commando “B” testified, “I resisted as best I could but without success. I remember they kept screaming, their eyes were insane and full of hate, and I knew it was the end and they were going to kill me…”

“I saw that there was massive bleeding and I could see my intestines spilling out of my stomach… While they were dragging me down the ladder I saw soldier “C” lying on the bottom deck with men acting crazy all around him, they kept beating him without stopping.”

“They tried to strangle me and soldier “C” and you could see the hate burning in their eyes. They told us in English that they were going to kill us. Apparently what kept them from doing it was that there were people who wouldn’t let them and pushed them away.“

Source: INN, 24 January 2011

From Gaza to Malta with love

Paratroop Sgt. Nadav Rutenberg, 20, from Moshav Ramat Hashavim, was killed Friday night, Jan. 11 [sic;  but it was the 7th] during a firefight with Palestinian terrorists near Mefalsim outside the Gaza Strip. A Paratroop Brigades officer suffered moderate injuries and three soldiers of the same unit were slightly hurt. They were hit, according to a preliminary inquiry, by errant mortar fire from another IDF unit on the scene. The incident began with a Palestinian ambush which caught the Israeli patrol by surprise. It developed into a fierce firefight using tanks, mortars and helicopters.

In recent weeks, Palestinian terrorist activity from the Gaza Strip has become increasingly bold, ranging from explosive devices planted on the border fence to missile and mortar fire on Israeli towns and military patrols. [Source: Debkafile]

But tomorrow it will certainly be peaceful there, at the fence, for I am sure that Bianca Zammit will be there again – accompanied by “peaceful” Gazan “farmers,” – protesting and filming against what they allegedly consider to be the  “worst human rights violations” of the world, perpetrated by the Israelis and resulting in the fact that some alleged farmers cannot use “their land” there, at the fence where the Islamist, anti-Semitic, anti-Western terrorists from Gaza like to plant their bombs and stage their ambushes.

So you just… don’t be afraid of any ambush, young Israeli soldiers, tomorrow!

Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth

Asked whether his visit to Gaza would fuel Israeli claims that Malta is a vociferous pro-Palestinian supporter, [Maltese FM] Dr [Tonio] Borg said: “I made it very clear that we have nothing against Israel and we believe Israel’s guaranteed security is essential in the final target of a two-state solution. But we cannot agree with the settlements and we cannot agree with the state the Gazans are in.” (The Times of Malta of today)

No, Mr Borg, you don’t hate Israelis and you don’t hate Jews, at least not more than your dead friend Yassir Arafat, the most famous anti-Semite of the world after Hitler, an Egyptian who got his first military training – for the “final target” of killing Jews – from a former official of the German Wehrmacht, Yassir Arafat whose ideological teacher was Hitler’s pal the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Yassir Arafat whose first aide was Mahmoud Abbas, the current (non elected) “President” of the PA, who wrote his holocaust-denying doctoral thesis in Moscow, Yassir “Why-didn’t-you-kill-more-of-them?” Arafat on whose grave you, in occasion of your visit to the “Holy Land” just laid a wreath. Which is really the best thing to do when one wants to make it very clear that one has nothing against Israel, and even less against the Jews. Continue reading Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth