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Would you like to see a short text ad of yours (with a link) on this blog?

Try to “bribe” me! It is not expensive at all!

All you need to do is take the following easy steps:

  1. Make a payment of any amount (for a start, even a very small one, it’s completely up to you);
  2. If possible, already upon your PayPal or Moneybookers payment include your short ad text (with link), or send the text (or your small banner) separately by e-mail;
  3. Wait and see what happens, i.e. check back to this site a few days later.
  4. Check back from time to time again because…

… if after some time (weeks, months, years, decades…) your ad should disappear from this blog, and if you think it was worth the amount you paid for it, then, if you like, you may want to try to “bribe” the owner of this blog once again, simply starting all over from step no. 1!

Important: While the amount paid by you depends completely on yourself, I reserve myself in any case to reject your ad as well as to move its position or to cancel the ad or my offer to place ads on this site entirely at any time. I will not be contractually obligated at any time to place an ad of yours in any form on this website, even if I will try my best to satisfy your advertising needs as long as I deem a single ad appropriate for appearing on this site. (In simple words: For the time being, this is just an experiment, so, please, just consider it to be a “game”, and be careful not to invest too much money into it, as the risk is entirely yours.)

You can contact me via the translation service banner (“”) on the sidebar. After that page has opened, click on the e-mail address on the sidebar there, which is also my PayPal and Moneybookers payment address). (For a PayPal payment “in German”, you can also go here).

Thank you for your attention!

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