Hello, Dr George Vella, here are a few more talking points for you and your party!

Today the Times of Malta reported that

[PL] Party foreign affairs spokesman George Vella said it was not enough for [Maltese Prime Minister] Dr Gonzi to have called for a renewal of talks between Israel and the Palestinians. His failure to publicly declare support for the recognition of Palestinian statehood, made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, showed lack of respect to the Palestinians.

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Al-Qaeda? Rubbish! Daphne Caruana Galizia might be right somewhere, somehow

Recently, she stated sarcastically at her blog:

Tonio Borg was quoted by The Times as saying that the revolution in Libya “is different from the one in Tunisia and Egypt because it did not start in the capital city and there is a strong tribal element. The Tunisian revolution was secular.”

And the revolution in Libya is….what, led by Al Qaeda? Continue reading Al-Qaeda? Rubbish! Daphne Caruana Galizia might be right somewhere, somehow

Dr Tonio Borg, you should move to Germany very urgentlich!

And to stay there for at least thirty years to convince the Germans of the fact that they are living in “hell on earth” like the Palestinian Jew murderers, and Jew-murderer admirers, and for-Jew-murderer-voters, and dancers-in-the-streets-when-Jews-are-murdered. And to tell them that they should retake a few pieces of Russia, Poland, the former Czechoslovakia, etc., start peace negotiations and/or shooting rockets and carrying out suicide attacks against the inhabitants of those countries. F0r even some of the Germans are living as “refugees” in their own country in the third or fourth or fifth generation or so! All the more given the fact that there has never existed such a thing as a Palestinian state, and that the Arab inhabitants of the British mandate territory considered themselves Arabs, and many were even Egyptian immigrants, like Yasir Arafat, whilst there was a big big German Jew-murder-Reich, instead, while, crazily, most of the grandchildren and grand-grandchildren and so on of the German refugees already seem to have forgotten that they are refugees indeed! That’s completely crazy, isn’t it, Dr Borg? Continue reading Dr Tonio Borg, you should move to Germany very urgentlich!

Tonio Borg is right on this instead, Mrs #DCG

Dr #Borg noted that the UN Security Council was considering the imposition of measures against Libya. Malta was not a member of the council but would follow what the UN decided. His advice, however, was not to have undue haste. Malta, he said, had to safeguard its nationals and national interests, although it would not shirk from condemning what was manifestly bad.*

Malta is a vulnerable place, has no “iron dome”, depends totally on others as far as its defense is concerned, has less means for safeguarding its nationals’ (and its barranin‘s) lives than Israel has to protect Beersheba, and could soon be in a similar situation. Tonio Borg seems to be the same as always, while Daphne Caruana Galizia regresses out of moral zeal, giving space to a conspiracy theorist (plus Kosova-ist and Palestinianist, I guess): Fisk. Manifestly bad indeed. That tendency of hers should indeed not only be condemned, but also attacked, not only for the sake of Malta, but also for that of the “bigger picture”, a constantly increasing part of which is occupied by the exterminative Iranian regime and its international proxies. Next time some Iranian war ships pass the Suez Canal, as some Iranian war ships did a few days ago for the first time since about 30 years, and enter the Mediterranean, they might also turn to the left instead of turning to the right. While in the meantime the temporary winners of the Egyptian “revolution”, the military, are reported to have attacked a few Christian monasteries.

*) The Times of Malta website, yesterday; hashtags added, as a test, don’t know to “twitter” well yet, and if it could work, let’s see.

Maltese writer Daphne Caruana Galizia should perhaps partly rewrite one blog post of hers asap

Today she wrote that,

perhaps [The Times of Malta] could ring [Maltese FM] Tonio Borg and ask him whether we are still close friends with Gaddafi, and if not, what do we plan to do about it.

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Dr Tonio Borg’s dual concept of sovereignty and territorial integrity

It seems to me that a few hours ago I read that the Maltese Foreign Minister, Dr Tonio Borg, once again mumbled (or that he said much clearer and louder than ever before) that it is wrong to impose “our model of democracy” on the countries of the Maghreb. Or maybe he was just speaking about Libya. Yes, I think he was referring to Libya, as I remember too now that he also said more or less that one may not risk to help split up a sovereign state from the outside.
The Foreign Minister (and lawyer’s) statement reminded me of the fact that reportedly, when in Israel some time ago, he met with a representative of the Palestinian Authority (if I remember well it was Hanan Ashravi) in Jerusalem, which amounted, as a news editor told me, to a violation of the Oslo accords (at least by the representative of the PA involved), i.e. virtually to a coordinated (“Christian-Muslim”, so to speak) attack on the sovereignty of Israel.
I guess this means that, on one hand, as far as the Maghreb (or any country of the world except Israel) is concerned, the Maltese Foreign Minister and lawyer Tonio Borg is in favor of territorial integrity (even if that may cost some or even many many lives and even if that state continues to be led by one of the most brutal and ugly anti-Semitic fascists of the world), and that, on the other hand, as far as the Jewish state is concerned, he is not that shy instead and supports moves aimed at the violation of its sovereignty or even at its complete destruction, even if that could cost many many deaths – mainly of Jews).

I don’t know: may one call Dr Tonio Borg a terrorist supporter because of this? Well, of course not. Gaddafi certainly is not a terrorist, but rather just a Muslim statesman with his own ideas about democracy — Libyan ideas. Just like Tonio Borg has its own Maltese ones. And now please do not tell me that the case of Bianca Zammit and Dr Borg’s patriotic legal and diplomatic support for her against the bloody Zionists has got something to do with support for terrorism too, or even for anti-Semitism. Mind you: We clarified that question earlier already, at least as far as I remember.

Some material regarding Israel’s “disproportionate use of violence” against the participants of the “freedom flotilla”

“My head had a very deep cut. The doctor ‘treated’ me for the cameras, but all he really did was wipe the blood off my forehead. I had an open skull wound which he didn’t even touch.”

When the soldier was hospitalized in Israel, he was diagnosed with a fractured skull which also required 14 stitches.

”The mob kept pointing at me and yelling ‘Gilad Shalit,’ and they were very happy that an Israeli soldier had been captured… Later the PA system came on and we could hear the captain saying that the ship had been taken over by the soldiers.”

Commando “B” testified, “I resisted as best I could but without success. I remember they kept screaming, their eyes were insane and full of hate, and I knew it was the end and they were going to kill me…”

“I saw that there was massive bleeding and I could see my intestines spilling out of my stomach… While they were dragging me down the ladder I saw soldier “C” lying on the bottom deck with men acting crazy all around him, they kept beating him without stopping.”

“They tried to strangle me and soldier “C” and you could see the hate burning in their eyes. They told us in English that they were going to kill us. Apparently what kept them from doing it was that there were people who wouldn’t let them and pushed them away.“

Source: INN, 24 January 2011

Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth

Asked whether his visit to Gaza would fuel Israeli claims that Malta is a vociferous pro-Palestinian supporter, [Maltese FM] Dr [Tonio] Borg said: “I made it very clear that we have nothing against Israel and we believe Israel’s guaranteed security is essential in the final target of a two-state solution. But we cannot agree with the settlements and we cannot agree with the state the Gazans are in.” (The Times of Malta of today)

No, Mr Borg, you don’t hate Israelis and you don’t hate Jews, at least not more than your dead friend Yassir Arafat, the most famous anti-Semite of the world after Hitler, an Egyptian who got his first military training – for the “final target” of killing Jews – from a former official of the German Wehrmacht, Yassir Arafat whose ideological teacher was Hitler’s pal the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Yassir Arafat whose first aide was Mahmoud Abbas, the current (non elected) “President” of the PA, who wrote his holocaust-denying doctoral thesis in Moscow, Yassir “Why-didn’t-you-kill-more-of-them?” Arafat on whose grave you, in occasion of your visit to the “Holy Land” just laid a wreath. Which is really the best thing to do when one wants to make it very clear that one has nothing against Israel, and even less against the Jews. Continue reading Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth

Censorship at the “Times of Malta”?

A reader comment in yesterday’s on-line edition of the Times of Malta says:

Long live the Libyan El-Fateh Socialist Revolution!!!!! Long live Gaddafi!!!!

Clearly, something is missing here! Where is the usual final sentence: “Death to the Zionists!”?

P.S. for the Libyans: Be careful of whom you deal with in the still a bit infidel Europe:  The man in the center of the photograph does not seem to be the real Maltese Foreign Minister and “Israel critic” Tonio Borg! Indeed, he looks more like the Israeli ambassador to Malta! Next time, check his passport, at least (and if it could have been forged!)!

Update for the Libyans (15/2):  False alarm, it’s him, Tonio Borg. Checked it out. You may trust him. Sorry for that!

Turkish-led “peaceful” Jihad flotilla ship MV Rachel Corrie is on its way to Gaza from Malta

This was reported some hours ago by the blog The Muqata which is currently providing much material about the “peacefulness” of the deadly anti-Semitic Hamas support “show” strongly sustained by the Jihadist Turkish prime minister Erdogan.

Erdogan, according to Wikipedia, “was given a prison sentence [in 1998] after he had read poetry regarded as a violation of Kemalism by judges. It included lines translated as ‘The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…'” (Before reading that, I was quite sure that he had read the quoted sentence aloud, approvingly, and enthusiastically, to a large public, but Wikipedia will certainly know better! He read it secretly under his bedspread.)

The Muqata has published, among others, a photograph of one of the faithful present on one of the “peaceful protest” flotilla:

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Even tiny Malta recognizes so-called Kosovo now!

Yes and with an interesting pass-partout justification:

Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said Kosovo was being recognised because there was no other alternative for the region following the events of the past 10 years.

Given that the first on-line comment (and further fatherly völkisch instigation)

Well done, Dr Borg! What is Malta’s position on the Georgia conflict (Abkhazia & Ossetia)?

on that news on timesofmalta.com came from somebody with a quite-German-sounding name (Martin Büttner), it might perhaps be good to remind the few people who would like to know what kind of events have happened continuously in the region over the past 10 years – even if Mr. Borg may not have meant exactly the events that happened in that region itself. The following is just one example.

In Kosovo, meanwhile, U.S.- and German-led NATO has helped the Albanian Muslims cleanse just about all the Christians (except the ones in the last remaining Serbian stronghold of Northern Mitrovica — which we’ll be beating into submission to Muslim-Albanian rule in a few weeks). Specifically, recall the story of how German NATO were placing yellow crosses on the homes of the remaining Serbs in Albanian-dominated areas. This way, the Albanians knew which homes to firebomb or harass until the occupants left:

Early next morning we went in German KFOR jeeps to visit the nearby village of Mushnikovo [in Zupa valley]… I noticed that the doors of the surrounding houses had yellow markers on them. On some houses it looked like an X, on others it looked like a cross. I asked the German soldiers what these yellow crosses were doing on these doors. I received an answer I could scarcely believe. The young soldier, whom I later photographed, informed me that these were used to denote that Serbs lived in these houses. He said that people had to know which houses were inhabited by Serbs. I wondered why? So I then said to him. “You mean that you are highlighting the fact the Serbs are living in these houses by putting yellow crosses on their doors”. He nodded. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. The previous night the church and the house across from the church had been attacked by rocket propelled grenades and here was German KFOR marking out the houses which were later attacked by extremists. This seemed incomprehensible to me. I pointed out that they were denoting the religious affiliation of these people and outlining the fact that these were Christians in a predominantly Muslim village. I pointed out to the soldier that this was not the first time in their history that the German army had put markers on the doors of people perceived as unter-menschen.

Shortly afterwards, a German army officer came and asked me what my problem was. I pointed out that I was not the one with the problem. He explained that the reason that the yellow crosses were on the doors of the houses [was] that these houses had been searched for weapons and unexploded ordinance and were deemed “free’ of weapons. It was then that I really began to wonder if these people in charge really knew what they were doing. The Muslims, both Slavs and Albanians, in the village had no such markers on their houses. They had complete freedom to travel wherever they liked throughout Kosovo and harass and intimidate innocent members of other communities. The Serbs in the village had no such freedom of movement. I was aware that the Serbs and Roma and others were being cleared out of their villages and towns all around Kosovo and I wondered what information the KFOR soldiers on the ground were receiving from the NATO high command. Were they still being fed the propaganda that the few remaining elderly Christian Serbs were the enemy or were the threat?

From Republican Riot, July 15th, 2008

But fear not. In Malta itself now at least

[t]he European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities is organising a cartoons competition […] as part of its pan-European campaign called For Diversity Against Discrimination.

First prize: 700 Eurabios, second: 300.