Some criticism of Israel by Sultan Knish

And in one of the dumber things ever, the IDF will be going dark for ‘Earth Hour’.

Israel’s military is observing “Earth Hour 2011,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Office stated from darkened offices on Thursday. As a result, the lights at numerous IDF installations – including the Kirya, Tel Hashomer, and Tzrifin bases – were turned off.

This is the fourth year in which the IDF has turned off lights for “Earth Hour,” and the first year a group of officers and soldiers will take part in the main “Earth Hour” concert at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Soldiers from the IDF’s Technology and Logistics Branch, who are involved in environmental protection and energy conservation on a daily basis, will participate in pedaling the bikes that will provide power to the concert.

Please note, that rockets are falling on Israel, yet instead of retaking Gaza and dealing with those responsible, IDF soldiers and officers have been assigned to provide power for the concert by pedaling bikes.

This isn’t just insanity. It’s complete madness. This is how civilizations die, murdered by the idiots and lunatics at the top, whose lunacy takes the form of embracing fashionable ideas, while ignoring practical realities.


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