Terrorist supporters demonstrate in Valletta, and the Times of Malta beatifies them

just after the most atrocious anti-Semitic massacre in years carried out by Arabs in Israel, by, among other Islamic slaughter methods, slitting the throats of children, a massacre in which PA officials were very probably involved, and just a few hours after “Israeli civilians living around the Gaza border woke up [this morning] to the most massive mortar attack in years – 50 rounds fired in 15 minutes.”

Two civilians were injured and substantial damage caused to property. Hamas unusually claimed responsibility, emboldened by the support it has won from a new ally, the new rulers of Cairo, which have now lined up with Syria and Iran.”

After this and much more of the same, the Dhimmi Times of Malta still has a headline speaking of  a “Demonstration for peace in Palestine held in Valletta,” and no ‘context’ at all except for one of “Arabic Culture”, “unity” and “peace”!

A group of about 30 people joined a demonstration for peace in Palestine that was held in Valletta’s Republic Street this afternoon.

The group was led by Sanaa El-Nahhal from the Arabic Culture Information Society who chanted messages of peace and unity that were echoed by the small crowd.

They walked from Freedom Square to the law courts holding Palestinian flags and banners that called for political unity between the two rival governments: Hamas that controls Gaza and Fatah is in power in the West Bank.

I.e. between two “governments” of which one openly advocates and does everything to commit genocide and which is allied with the genocidal state of Iran and a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, and one which currently tries to do the same by other – more “democratic” – means bragging a little less openly about its successes and intentions in terms of Jew murder in order not to hurt the feelings and the strategies of the more sophisticated  anti-Semites of Europe, because that could also mean that they could get a little less Western Jew-murder funding.

Update, 23:34 GMT+1:

Anyway, according to Heute in Israel, both Hamas and the “Al-Aqsa Martyr Brigades” of Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah “party” were involved in today’s attack; so that the restored “unity” of the Jew murderers would already be a fact (as it has always been despite their tribal attritions), just like the more open alliance between “liberated” Egypt and Hamas.

According to Maltatoday, even Libyans participated in the demonstration. A sign of what the “liberated Islamic peoples” will probably concentrate on more and more after their respective “intifadas” – with a little help from the “West” – will have been successful: implementing “freedom, justice and democracy” as they understand it – killing Jews and Christians – with much more help from Iran.

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