“Who is the perpetrator, who is the victim?” German public TV “reporting” on the anti-Semitic Har Nof massacre – an example of the “balanced” German approach to the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

Blessed be your quality weapons, the wheels of your cars, your axes and kitchen knives. By Allah, these are stronger than the arsenals of our enemy, because [they are being used] according to Allah’s will. We are the soldiers of Allah. – Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Senior Advisor of Mahmoud Abbas and Member of the Fatah Central Committee, one day after the massacre

How beautiful is your Martyrdom. / You have placed a crown [upon my head] / … / O Ghassan and Uday, / who carried out the operation / blessed be your hands and the tips of your fingers. / Blessed be the womb that bore you /… / Yesterday [I gave] the most beautiful gift. / The Martyrs’ blood was not spilled in vain. / I am a Palestinian. – Mother of Uday Abu Jamal

That – in stark contrast to the Jews or even any other people for that matter – the Germans have learned a lot from the Holocaust has long been perfectly clear. So far, they have already played a leading role in preventing a “new Auschwitz” in Kosovo, Serbia, coincidentally defeating in the process once again their (former!) “arch-enemy”, the Serbs, and carving a second Albanian “state”, a Muslim one, out of sovereign Serbian territory, where now, after a series of anti-Serbian, anti-Christian pogroms, if not much else, you can at least make good money if you’re an Albanian Hitler look-alike. In fact, the Germans have learned so much so that in the evening after the horrific slaughter of five people (four Rabbis and a Druze policeman) and the wounding of 10 others in a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood last November, an anchor of the major German public television station ZDF, Marietta Slomka, was able to stay perfectly “neutral” and – as they say in Italian – to “take things with philosophy” without letting even this story remind her and her public of anything.

The following is a commented unabridged translation of the entire introduction by Slomka and of the entire following “report” by a ZDF correspondent in Israel for the news program “Heute Journal”. Continue reading “Who is the perpetrator, who is the victim?” German public TV “reporting” on the anti-Semitic Har Nof massacre – an example of the “balanced” German approach to the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

Mahmoud Abbas, the PA chief who celebrates anti-Semitic murderers,

once his new judenrein Arab “state” would be realized, would have quite a lot of “security work” to do, wouldn’t he? I mean, not in order to save Jews in Israel, but in order to curb excessive competition so that he can stay in power himself and send almost exclusively his own terrorists into the remainder of Israel.

3 east Jerusalem al-Qaida recruits arrested, ‘planned massive bombings’“.

Shin Bet arrests men recruited online by Gaza operative working for al-Qaida chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri; suicide and truck bombs part of massive terror plot; targets included Jerusalem Convention Center.

The Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) announced on Wednesday that it arrested three Palestinians from east Jerusalem recruited online by an al-Qaida operative in Gaza, who were in the midst of preparations to carry out a string of large-scale bombing and shooting attacks on multiple targets in Israel.
The intended targets included the Jerusalem Convention Center, a bus traveling between the capital and Ma’aleh Adumim, the US embassy in Tel Aviv, and emergency responders who would have arrived at the scene of attacks. [Jerusalem Post online]

DEBKAfile: The bomb blast in central Jerusalem was the work of terrorist pros

DEBKAfile Special Report March 23, 2011, 9:58 PM (GMT+02:00)

Bomb blast in Jerusalem

The bomb which exploded Wednesday afternoon, March 23, near the No. 74 bus stop opposite Binyanei Haooma at Jerusalem’s main northern entrance was detonated by remote control. It killed a woman and injured 30-40 passers-by and passengers, several seriously plus at least 20 shock victims who later sought hospital treatment. Continue reading DEBKAfile: The bomb blast in central Jerusalem was the work of terrorist pros

Times of Malta justifies anti-Semitic terror attack in Jerusalem

Last lines in its first article today about the attack:

Sirens echoed through the city as dozens of ambulances and fire engines raced to the scene.

An AFP correspondent at the scene said the attack hit the 174 bus which was headed for Maaleh Adumim, a sprawling Jewish settlement which lies just to the east of Jerusalem.

In all these days it has said nothing about all the other terror attacks happening in Israel on a daily basis again, with people injured and many in shock. Has it said something about the slaughter of almost an entire “settler” family, murdered in their sleep, without citing this just as a “justification” for some “revenge” of the IDF? I don’t remember. What I know is that it considers even the rest of Israel as a dangerously “sprawling settlement,” and Jews as some kind of dangerous cancer, just like Hamas, Ahmadinejad, and all the rest of the modern nazis do.

East Jerusalem

Today East Jerusalem is on the table. Before the 1967 war liberated Jerusalem, Jordanian snipers from illegally annexed East Jerusalem used nearby Jewish buildings for target practice. Residents had to keep their curtains closed and the lights dim in rooms with a view of East Jerusalem, because if they didn’t, they might be killed in their own living rooms.

Only when Israel liberated East Jerusalem, only then could the shades be pulled back and the lights be lit brightly again. But with missiles raining down today, if East Jerusalem is turned over to the terrorists, then those shades will have to be drawn shut again, and the light will die out.

That light will die out not only in Jerusalem, but all around the world. Everywhere that terrorists are and everywhere that they dream of being. Everywhere. If we don’t keep the light lit, then the darkness will grow and the light will be lost.

Sultan Knish, 28/20/1010

“Israeli apartheid”

The police are considering closing off the Shechem and Lion’s Gates of the Old City [of Jerusalem] to Jews during the annual Jerusalem Day parade in two weeks. […] Continue reading “Israeli apartheid”

UK, Ireland, Islamic Ummah united in ze anti-Zionist Kulturkampf

Burning to see even more Jews/Jews even more under fire in the framework of another great worldwide Roman Holiday at the expense of the evil Zionists,

inspired by Ummah (Arabic for Community or Nation) organizers like Barack Hussein Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, the British Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and perhaps as well a little by Hitler, Bin Laden, Haj Amin al-Husseini (the former nazi Mufti of Jerusalem), Hamas, Hezbollah, Ahmadinejad, etc.,

the Irish Herald.ie audaciously fans desperate proletarian hopes for more change vis-à-vis Israel, promising a bright future for just about everyone with


as another just anti-capitalist punishment of the Jews for


insofar as Israeli

Tourist bosses boast of attactions [sic] in disputed territories

i.e. mainly of the “Wailing Wall” “attaction” – because… what do Jews have to wail about at all in these times!

More information

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Rogue nation building: Barack Hussein Obama macht Old Europe’s Träume wahr

[US-Präsident] Obama hat [dem israelischen Premierminister] Netanjahu noch ein weiteres Ultimatum gestellt. Er will, dass wir die Außenbezirke von Jerusalem aufgeben, alle unsere Antiterror-Operationen in Judäa und Samaria beenden, 1000 Terroristen aus dem Gefängnis freilassen und alle jüdische Bautätigkeit in Jerusalem beenden, und er will eine Antwort bis morgen – Schabbat. Will irgendjemand ernsthaft behaupten, dass dieser Mann kein Antisemit sei?


Und außerdem gibt es da, wie mein Freund Michael Ledeen hervorhebt, noch die Tatsache, dass die [US-amerikanische] Administration ihr Bestehen darauf, dass es Juden nicht erlaubt werden dürfe, unsere Eigentumsrechte am Shepherd-Hotel in Jerusalem geltend zu machen, damit rechtfertigt, dass das Gebäude das Heim des Naziagenten Haj Amin al-Husseini gewesen sei. Das heißt, die USA ergreifen für einen Nazikriegsverbrecher gegen die Juden Partei.

[Caroline Glick, 26.3.2010 (Übersetzung: Ralph Raschen)]

Wie es möglicherweise weitergeht, wenn es so weitergeht wie bisher, wird im “Tribal Update” der israelischen Site Latma mittels eines “Interviews” mit Obama höchstpersönlich – etwa ab der dritten Minute des folgenden Videos – satirisch näher erklärt.

Duplicity Joe

“In my 34-year career, I have never wavered from the notion that the only time progress has ever been made in the Middle East is when the Arab nations have known that there is no daylight between us and Israel,” [Joe] Biden stated during the [presidential] campaign [of Barack Hussein Obama]. “So the idea of being an ‘honest broker’ is not, as some of my Democratic colleagues call for, the answer. It is being the smart broker; it is being the smart partner.”

IsraelNationalNews.com, 3/3/2010

The decision by an Interior Ministry committee to announce approval of plans for some 1,600 housing units in northeast Jerusalem’s Ramat Shlomo neighborhood cast a pall Tuesday night over the visit of US Vice President Joe Biden, who squarely condemned the move.

JPost.com, 10/3/2010

“A festival of discrimination – funded by the EU”

The Al-Quds Underground is an unconventional arts festival in the Old City of Jerusalem that was held on the first week of November with more than 150 performances including music, storytelling, theatre and dance. But when Gil Zohar, a reporter for The Jerusalem Post, showed up at the Damascus Gate to attend the show, to which he had received an invitation, he was asked by Jamal Gosch, the director of the a-Nuzha Hakawati Theater, where he lived. Zohar answered Jerusalem, in Arabic. When Jamal heard Gil’s accent, he was told that Israelis were not welcome.

Sherri Mandell (read more here)

“RED ALERT :: Obama Planning Israel Ambush at Next UN Opening!”

Several sources have informed One Jerusalem that the Obama Administration is planning to significantly step up the pressure on Israel by announcing a comprehensive plan for Israel and the Palestinians at the opening of the United Nations General in September.

President Obama Getting Ready to Ambush Israel. Help Stop It Now! Join One Jerusalem!Picture this: The anti-Israel nations of the world surrounding President Obama as he demands that Israel give up sovereignty over Jerusalem, abandon settlements, and recognize a terrorist state on the West Bank.

If this happens, Israel will be isolated from the rest of world in a very dramatic manner. Help stop it by joining One Jerusalem!

The first sign that something was up came when Egyptian President Mubarak said that the Obama Administration was ready to propose a plan in September, and the White House rushed to dampen expectations by declaring that they are nowhere near to readying a plan.

Our sources confirmed that the Obama administration is contemplating this ambush of Israel at the United Nations.

At the moment, friends and supporters of Israel can help derail this insidious plan by helping to publicize the intentions of the Obama administration. Join One Jerusalem Now!

Spread the news to family and friends. Forward this mail and encourage them to sign up!

By focusing public attention to this ambush, we can help avert it.

Source: Debka.com e-mail list, 25/08/2009

Jerusalem today

One of the chief responsibilities of Palestinian militia that operate in the city has been to enforce the PA’s anti-Semitic law which defines the sale of land to Jews as a capital offense. Since 1994, dozens of Arab Jerusalemites have been executed by these men and their Fatah masters in Ramallah and Jericho for the “crime” of selling land to Jews. The government has made little effort to prosecute the offenders. Since 2004, when prime minister Ariel Sharon forced internal security minister Uzi Landau to resign due to Landau’s opposition to Sharon’s sharp turn to the left, the police have not been ordered to rein in the activities of the militia.

Largely as a consequence of this state of affairs, Jews are prevented from living in half of the city. The scarcity of housing options for Jews is what has caused an artificial increase in housing prices that has compelled young families to migrate out of the city.

Caroline Glick, October 2008