From Gaza to Malta with love

Paratroop Sgt. Nadav Rutenberg, 20, from Moshav Ramat Hashavim, was killed Friday night, Jan. 11 [sic;  but it was the 7th] during a firefight with Palestinian terrorists near Mefalsim outside the Gaza Strip. A Paratroop Brigades officer suffered moderate injuries and three soldiers of the same unit were slightly hurt. They were hit, according to a preliminary inquiry, by errant mortar fire from another IDF unit on the scene. The incident began with a Palestinian ambush which caught the Israeli patrol by surprise. It developed into a fierce firefight using tanks, mortars and helicopters.

In recent weeks, Palestinian terrorist activity from the Gaza Strip has become increasingly bold, ranging from explosive devices planted on the border fence to missile and mortar fire on Israeli towns and military patrols. [Source: Debkafile]

But tomorrow it will certainly be peaceful there, at the fence, for I am sure that Bianca Zammit will be there again – accompanied by “peaceful” Gazan “farmers,” – protesting and filming against what they allegedly consider to be the  “worst human rights violations” of the world, perpetrated by the Israelis and resulting in the fact that some alleged farmers cannot use “their land” there, at the fence where the Islamist, anti-Semitic, anti-Western terrorists from Gaza like to plant their bombs and stage their ambushes.

So you just… don’t be afraid of any ambush, young Israeli soldiers, tomorrow!

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