“In the mistaken, twisted belief that Israel will finally be ‘accepted’ as a ‘normal’ nation, its leaders gamble with its very existence.”

– Last sentence of a recent post by Adina Kutnicki, “wrapped around” an analysis by Louis Rene Beres.

“Only-in-Malta” rarity: an anti-Zionist makes a veiled compliment to somebody who defends Israel by stating historical facts, making a case for watching and reading only pro-Israeli media in order to be well-informed

Lino Apap
Aug 21st, 20:01

Mr. Hills – Israel became “officially recognized” in 1948 after a 2/3 majority in the United Nations voted in favour of setting up the Jewish State and not “in the 1970’s”. Furthermore it may interest you to know that large tracts of land in Palestine were sold to the Zionists by the Arabs themselves long before WW2 – in fact long before WW1 even. Most of it was swampland or desert and it was only after the Jews worked on it and changed it to cultivated land that the great patriotic Palestinian fervour began.

Nidal Shawish
Sep 27th, 22:32

Mr. Apap – you are either not well informed or you only watch and read pro-Israeli media!

The tragedy of Gaza, the Naqba and more tragedies, seen from a humanitarian-progressive point of view

When I visited Gaza in July, I met a brave fighter who showed me a knife which his grandfather used to slit the throat of a Jew in Hebron in 1933, and his father used in a raid on a farmhouse in 1962 and which he hopes to use one day as well. There is both romance and practical necessity in this. The criminal Israeli siege of Gaza allows through food and clothing, but not knives. Many Gazans must make do with a single knife for the entire family. Only one of them is able to use the knife at a time. If the grandmother of a large family wants to slice bread while her grandson breaks into a settlement to slit a baby’s throat– she has no choice but to starve. … [More at Sultan Knish]


‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

so why, just after the editor of MaltaToday, Saviour Balzan, in the wake of the violent death of an ‘illegal immigrant’ in Malta, has ‘broken the news’ that “the issue of colour has become ridiculous and far-fetched”  (whatever idiocy that means or reveals), not start diverting popular resentment again against some evil whites, anzi why not propose to start “hounding” them directly, ghax is it not that they themselves, those ever-greedy Semites so very different from us Semites and our other Semitic brethren, the Arabs, are always “hounding passers-by to test their products” instead of performing anti-capitalist, anti-Semitic, as well as anti-Christian, ‘revolutions’? Continue reading ‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

How nice! Looks like a new little big Kosovo!…

… is developing fast in Spain, with somebody possibly going to kill “their own people,” the need for “R2P” and so on, now in western Europe, and in an even more NATO-against-NATO for-the-benefit-of-Turkey (and the caliphate) scenario.

Are you ready, Susan Rice, Clinton, Hillary, Sarkozy, Hague, (D. al-Caruana G.)?

No, not yet? Not that easy in this case?

Still looking for a Gaddafosevic or so? Continue reading How nice! Looks like a new little big Kosovo!…

“Palestinian resistance” for advanced Jew-haters

There is an interesting, very very sophisticated discussion, including some “good advice” for disturbers, at Wikipedia about how anti-Semitic mass-murderers may be characterized in Newspeak, given that terrorists may not exist, and, worse, anti-Semitic mass-murderers may not be called “freedom fighters” either [my bold, orthography not mine].

“Some people” here would include Hamas, no? Who have called for the destruction of the state of Israel and the etsablismeent of (all of ) Jerusalem as a Palestinian capital? IronDuke 00:20, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

On occasion, yes Hamas has said that, though they also have said they would accept a state within the Green line in exchange for a long term truce. [A judenrein state for themselves in lieu of the Jewish State? – RR] Im sure we could find a way to clarify the meaning of what it is they fight for. But that is discussion that is best kept separate from determining how, or whether, to include the word “terrorist”. nableezy – 00:37, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

we need to stick to the guideline here. per wp:terrorist, the note on this very talkpage says that words like terrorist and freedom fighter are “inherently non-neutral, so they should not be used as unqualified labels in the voice of the article. If a reliable source describes a person or group using one of these words, then the description must be attributed in the article text to its source, preferably by direct quotation, and always with a verifiable citation.” both views (terrorist and resistance) are notable but they need to be attributed.—Preceding unsigned comment added by Untwirl (talkcontribs) 02:37, 13 September 2009 (UTC)

Continue reading “Palestinian resistance” for advanced Jew-haters

Stay constructive, Jews!

And everything will be alright:

Former British prime minister and current Quartet Middle East mediator Tony Blair has been making daily statements warning of a breach with Israel if the Netanyahu government doesn’t fall in line.

Or do you want us to build a tiny little Nazi-Germany – uhm, sorry: another free Kosovo! – in place of the whole of Israel right now?

On Wednesday, for instance, Blair threatened, “There is no alternative to a two-state solution, except the one-state solution. And if there is a one-state solution, there’s going to be a big fight.”*

So be kind, trust us, and start waving the right flag again, Jews,

EU Peace Flag

and you will see that, however we will call it, one-state, two-state, second final solution, everything is gonna be alright.

*) Caroline Glick, Ending Israel’s conditional legitimacy, April 3, 2009