Celebrating the victory of “Libyan freedom” (Daphne Caruana Galizia) in Tripoli (Libya) and in Valletta (Malta)

Like all people who only have the best intentions, these days “the only real journalist in Malta,” Daphne Caruana Galizia, must be as happy as she hasn’t been since the death of Osama bin Laden (Al Qaeda). Finally Gaddafi seems to have left Tripoli, and now, as “Dee says” on Ms Caruana Galizia’s blog, “the mad dog and his cubs” have yet only to be “smok[ed] out” from a few more “filthy cellar[s]” in which they might be hiding now and in the near future. And since everybody else, in a great historical moment like this, just should not worry all that much, but first of all be happy and full of solidarity, another member of Daphne’s blog ummah, “A. Charles,” recommends from the comment section of one of Daphne’s recent posts: “The next thing which people of goodwill should do is to celebrate this victory in Valletta on Saturday.” (Should only, and otherwise be strongly ashamed and hide well, because we have a real liberal democracy here at the time, while under Mintoff that thing would still have been far more compulsory.)
Here is a video presented by MEMRI, showing some “people of goodwill” celebrating the victory of “Libyan Freedom” (Caruana Galizia) in Tripoli just a few days before this Saturday. The speaker, according to MEMRI, is “Sheik Abdalhakim Belhaj, Former Emir of Al-Qaeda-Affiliated Group [the “Libyan Islamic Fighting Group” – RR] and Now Commander of Libyan Rebels’ Military Council in Tripoli,” a true Libyan democrat, as already the term “council” clearly clarifies.

Maybe Sheik Abdalhakim Belhaj will not be able to participate as a special guest in the Maltese mass celebrations so necessary this Saturday himself – ghax certainly he and his fighters might at least feel a strong urge to further discuss a few things regarding the democratic future of Libya with the members of a handful of other Libyan “Councils” – but maybe he could be willing to play himself a little later in that Hollywood movie about the Libyan revolution Daphne Caruana Galizia was already dreaming of at the beginning of this promising spring, a few scenes of which could perhaps also be shot in Malta, so that the great dreamy Maltese intellectual and the heart-warming Libyan muǧāhid could meet for the first time in that occasion (if they haven’t had the pleasure so far). Or at least he could write a guest post for her blog on how the revolution’s going in September, i.e. already quite some time before the next time she switches on Al Jazeera, and then BBC, and then some other anti-Zionist machine, to find out by herself what most of the mullahs’ and the other anti-Semites’ ventriloquists are blabbering so loudly at the time about Libya, i.e. what she willingly accepts as the “truth” just because it is cheap and you can also use it to fight the Maltese Labour Party with it, in order to write a thoughtful in-depth analysis of the current Libyan events for the Malta Independent immediately afterward. My guess is that – stringi stringi – by then they will say that of course the Jews are guilty of the fact that even this Arab revolution did not turn out so nicely and also maybe just a little bit against them (against Israel, I meant to say here). But, well, la speranza muore sempre ultima, no? And otherwise it would be even quite difficult for DCG to write her deep analysis, ghax of course she is not an anti-Semite, but just anti-racist, and thus also fervently against “Islamophobia” (Khomeini).


PS: It’s true that I changed my perspective a bit (or that I just added another, very necessary and decisive one) since the beginning, but you do that sometimes unless you are a “ticket thinker,” i.e. an authoritarian character exactly like the PL dinosaurs the unconscionable Maltese co-Islamiser likes to smear even when they might be quite right: DEBKAfile predicts indeed that “the fast-moving drama in Tripoli this week undoubtedly planted the seeds for Al Qaeda attacks on Britain and France,” although DCG’s current two most beloved western democracy heroes, Cameron and Sarkozy, who helped prepare the ground for that, might no longer be in their respective current offices by then. According to DEBKAfile,

Since Saturday, August 20, Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika has been holding emergency consultations with his armed forces and intelligence chiefs on ways of preventing the spillover of the Libyan insurgency and of stopping Al Qaeda incursions into Algeria. His forces have failed to stem the flow of weapons from the Libyan rebel center of Benghazi to AQIM [al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb] which began five months ago. Western and Russian intelligence sources report AQIM is now the best-armed military power in the region, having accumulated an arsenal bigger than the regular armies of Chad, Niger and Mali.

In a previous post I have referred another example of an – at least attempted – weapons shipment – of chemical weapons – by the Libyan “rebels,” intended for Hamas in Gaza. Add to that the fact that in the last days eight Israelis have been murdered through a terror attack staged by terrorists from Gaza after these crossed the Israeli border from “revolutionary” Egypt, and that then just in a few days hundreds of missiles have rained on southern Israel from Gaza, hurting among others a nine-month old baby. All this looks a bit like total chaos, doesn’t it? But maybe the reason why “the only real journalist in Malta” and so many other – conscious or unconscious – intellectual kamikaze killers of the West in spite of all that just don’t worry, but are only very happy about all those “democratic” sharia revolutions going on, is that inside them something is “thinking” exactly like the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who some time ago,

[t]alking to European diplomats, […] asked, “Do you know why we should wish for chaos at any price?” to which he answered, “because after chaos, we can see the greatness of Allah,”

and who added today (once more) that “[y]ou (the West) and the Zionist regime will have no base in the Middle East.”

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