Daniel Greenfield: Identity Politics and American Anti-Semitism

When Robert Bowers walked through the door of the Tree of Life synagogue with murder on his mind, he was propelled by identity politics. As a white supremacist, his brand of identity politics is more politically incorrect than the ones that led Tamika Mallory and Linda Sarsour of the Women’s March to support Louis Farrakhan, but it’s no more violent, racist or evil.

Before the massacre, the most recent high profile anti-Semitic attack had been carried out by a Muslim who was caught on video beating a Jewish man while shouting about, “Allah” and his hatred for Jews.

Another hate crime, also caught on video, was a violent assault with a baseball bat by a black man.

Such assaults are less devastating than the mass murder of eleven people, but also much more commonplace. They repeat from month to month and year to year. They make up much of the toll of anti-Semitic hate crimes so that they top the list of hate crime statistics every single year.

The Tree of Life massacre has been greeted with editorials mourning a “loss of innocence” by American Jews. Such editorials come from a bubble of privilege that is cut off from the way many Jews live.

In 1991, New York City’s first black mayor stood and watched while a violent mob whipped up, by among others, Al Sharpton, went on a violent anti-Semitic rampage in Crown Heights. The Crown Heights Pogrom, as it would become known, took three lives and terrorized a neighborhood.

Sharpton, the black supremacist linked to the anti-Semitic violence, went on to speak at the Democratic National Convention, host a show on MSNBC and become a regular visitor to the Obama White House.

The distance between Crown Heights and Squirrel Hill is more than mere geography, it’s social and cultural. Anti-Semitic violence by black supremacists and Muslim terrorists tends to happen in poorer, urban neighborhoods and is directed against a poorer and more religious class of Jews. White supremacist attacks tend to target more suburban, prosperous and less diverse Jewish areas.

Those are home to the same Jewish populations who are much more likely to write editorials about a loss of innocence. But innocence is a privilege that Jews in poorer urban neighborhoods never had.

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Pushing harder to push the Jews out of their own land by means of illegal settlements

Now the Obama administration seems to care even less about the Oslo Accords into which the Clinton administration pressured the tiny state of Israel, enabling a bunch of defeated terrorists to set up a “legal” anti-Semitic terror base within what should be Israel’s own sovereign territory: State Dept. Tells Israel to Leave Illegal Arab Settlement.

As Adolf Hitler stressed: “Menschenrecht bricht Staatsrecht” (“human rights trump state law”) – while it is “us” who define what is a “human right” and what is not, at least when it comes to the Jews of Israel (or, well, to the Serbs).

Michelle Bachmann: The explanation of the “the story of this week” is “Islamic enforced speech codes”

Note: In the video, Bachmann alleges that Mohamed Morsi (or Mursi), the Muslim Brotherhood President of Egypt, had said that he would make Jerusalem the capital of Egypt, but perhaps this is not true. Leftist outlets say that this is even typical rightist (scaremongering) propaganda: Indeed, it seems that it was not the democratic Morsi who said that (this summer), but Dr. Safwat Hegazy, who seems to be only, according to a Coptic site, “a popular Muslim Brotherhood preacher in Egypt, known for his desire to unify the Arab world into a ‘Untied [sic; should be “United” though] Arab States,'” who in July “made clear what the Muslim Brotherhood seeks: a caliphate and world domination, which even the Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood has asserted is the group’s mission.”

Indeed, also according to al-Arabiya it was Morsi – er, sorry!  – Hegazy, who, “as the crowds cheered, waving the Egyptian flags along with the flags of the Islamist Hamas group, which rules the Gaza Strip,” said before the last Egyptian election that

“The United States of the Arabs will be restored on the hands of that man [Mursi] and his supporters. The capital of the [Muslim] Caliphate will be Jerusalem with God’s will,” […].

“Tomorrow Mursi will liberate Gaza,” the crowds chanted.
“Yes, we will either pray in Jerusalem or we will be martyred there,” Hegazy said.

According to al-Arabiya, Hegazy said this

during a presidential campaign rally at the Egyptian Delta city of Mahalla, where Mursi attended along with the Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohammed Badei and members of the group and its political wing the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

Which is as “largely secular”, of course, as Hamas.


Experiment in peacefully reconciling by “cut-up” technique certain divergent European and Arab views of the “Libyan revolution”

A heartfelt welcome by thousands upon thousands of free Libyans greeted the NTC Head Jalil’s maiden speech yesterday on MARTYRS’ SQUARE, Tripoli, to bear witness to the popularity of the Revolution that ousted rutless despot Khadafi after using his fire power to massacre his own people in their thousands! Bin-Laden’s comments were accompanied by a speech by new Al Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahri, who claimed credit on behalf of his terror group for the “Arab spring” uprisings against dictators in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and other countries. Continue reading Experiment in peacefully reconciling by “cut-up” technique certain divergent European and Arab views of the “Libyan revolution”

Offener Erpresserbrief von Saudi-Arabien betr. “Palästinensischer Staat”

Gestern, am 10. Jahrestag von 9/11, hat ein saudischer Prinz via New York Times – oder sollte man sagen: “haben ein saudischer Prinz und die New York Times”? – den USA mit schweren Konsequenzen gedroht, sollten diese in Kürze bei der Beantragung der Anerkennung eines Staats Palästina, durch den Israel erneut auf die ‘Auschwitz-Grenzen’ beschränkt und der Vernichtung Israels und seiner Bewohner noch viel weniger im Weg stehen würde als jetzt schon, im UN-Sicherheitsrat ihr Veto einlegen. Aus diesem Anlass hier noch einmal

Auszüge aus einer Stellungnahme der Associazione Musulmani Italiani [Vereinigung Italienischer Muslime] zum von Walter Veltroni initiierten Fackelzug am 20. März 2002 in Rom

Vorbemerkung des Übersetzers: Die folgende Stellungnahme bezog sich auf eine ‘Friedensinitiative’ des (damaligen) römischen Bürgermeisters und ehemaligen Herausgebers der Unità, Walter Veltroni (Democratici di sinistra – Linksdemokraten). Letzterer war schon anlässlich des Kosovokriegs eifrig damit beschäftigt gewesen, in der serbischen Provinz “die Ängste eines Horrors aufzuspüren, die wir unter den Trümmern der Öfen des Holocaust begraben zu haben gehofft hatten”, “ethnische Säuberungen, Vergewaltigungen, Enthauptungen und Familientrennungen”, “Frauen und Kinder auf der einen Seite, Männer auf der anderen …”. Continue reading Offener Erpresserbrief von Saudi-Arabien betr. “Palästinensischer Staat”

Al-Qaeda? Rubbish! Daphne Caruana Galizia might be right somewhere, somehow

Recently, she stated sarcastically at her blog:

Tonio Borg was quoted by The Times as saying that the revolution in Libya “is different from the one in Tunisia and Egypt because it did not start in the capital city and there is a strong tribal element. The Tunisian revolution was secular.”

And the revolution in Libya is….what, led by Al Qaeda? Continue reading Al-Qaeda? Rubbish! Daphne Caruana Galizia might be right somewhere, somehow

After Libya, Bahrain? (Seems like “this is getting repetitive”*!)

Are these the next civilians the West is ‘responsible to protect’?

I.e. after these Libyan opposition guys – or at the same time?

(Just one example: “The people of Ar Rajbaan”)

Or will it be Hamas, directly, instead of, as until now, indirectly?

I know I am not being very fair, but the first link to the “Interim Transitional National Council”‘s Site I saw – the link above the second video points to the “Allegiances” page of that “Council” – was promoted without any scruples by someone – Daphne Caruana Galizia – who thinks she is fighting for “Libyan [!] freedom” and accuses anyone who maybe just does not want to let himself and his country be dragged into a fight between Islamic tribes, as a coward; and the only thing which most of the current “experts'” evaluations and many of the Western politicians’ decisions seem to be based on are good intentions, and that doesn’t bode well at all indeed.

Update (21/3/2011):

As far as the the poor suppressed “civilians” of Bahrain are concerned, it seems that – to paraphrase two famous anti-Islamophobic ideologues and community or, maybe “better,” Ummah organizers – Barack Hussein Obama (USA) and, to get repetitive here too, Daphne Caruana Galizia (Malta), the first (un-)State ‘on the right side of history’ in taking the lead there is not France, but Iran:

Shia-News, a site associated with Ayatollah Mesbah Yazdi (a hard-line Shiite Twelver and an influential figure in the suppression of Iranians during their uprising to protest the fraudulent presidential election of 2009), is registering volunteers to participate in suicide bombings against Saudi interests around the world. Hundreds have already registered. Reports from inside Iran indicate that an alert has gone out to the Revolutionary Guards Quds forces throughout the world to prepare for attacks on Saudi establishments.


*) Part of a headline by Daphne Caruana Galizia, Maltese backyard analyst.

The Middle East, the Maghreb, and the West: The bigger picture, described by Caroline Glick

So long as the Iranian regime remains in power, it will be that much harder for the Egyptians to build an open democracy or for the Saudis to open the kingdom to liberal voices and influences. The same is true of virtually every country in the region. Iran is the primary regional engine of war, terror, nuclear proliferation and instability. As long as the regime survives, it will be difficult for liberal forces in the region to gain strength and influence.

On February 24, the mullahs reportedly arrested opposition leaders Mir Hossain Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi along with their wives. It took the Obama administration several days to even acknowledge the arrests, let alone denounce them. Continue reading The Middle East, the Maghreb, and the West: The bigger picture, described by Caroline Glick

“Kosovan” chickens coming home to Frankfurt not only to roost

To Frankfurt, the city where former German Foreign Minister and Belgrade-bomber-because-of-Auschwitz Joschka Fischer “planned the third world war” together with other members of his “flat-sharing community,” as he jokingly suggested while he was being heard in a procedure related to acts of terrorism (not yet aimed at Serbs, that time).

A “Kosovan” (post-modern meaning: guaranteed anti-Serbian Albanian) allegedly cried “Allahu akhbar” before he murdered two American soldiers today, injuring two other persons, at the airport of Frankfurt.

Could it be that he just wanted to remind Kosovo “liberation” romantics and – at least in this respect – tribalistic hotheads like Daphne Caruana Galizia just to carry on with their fact-independent “narrative” of “genocide” and “crimes against humanity” in Libya, where Gaddafi is the new Hitler-Milosovic, without giving a damn about who or what might be next (especially when the uprising has begun as an Islamist one)? Did he just want to say that in order to act humanely, first of all you need Begriffe, not just “Libyan friends”?

Who knows.

Beating the Cyrenaicans meaning the Euros too


“I will die a martyr!”

In a long, fiery speech broadcast by Libyan state TV Tuesday, Libya’s ruler Col. Muammar Qaddafi declared war on his enemies at home and abroad. He accused the Cyrenaicans of the East of conspiring to establish an Al Qaeda emirate that would bring the Americans over and create the same situation in Libya as in Afghanistan and Pakistan and threatened them with the fury of millions of Libyans.

[Source: DEBKAfile Exclusive Report February 22, 2011, 8:07 PM (GMT+02:00)]

Con Barack Hussein Obama, Israele non ha nulla da perdere

A proposito di certe dichiarazioni della vicesegretaria alla difesa americana, Michele Flournoy, fatte oggi a Singapore, il “portale di notizie” Heute in Israel commenta:

Gli Usa non hanno promesso ad Israele di attaccare l’Iran in ogni caso se le sanzioni non spingono il regime [iraniano] a cambiare idea – bensì di mantenere lo scenario della minaccia militare come parte del processo diplomatico e della pressione nei confronti di Teheran. Questo [scenario] ora non esiste più e con ciò [Barack] Hussein [Obama] ha firmato un assegno in bianco per la bomba a favore degli ayatollah. Questo, a Teheran, non sarà inteso diversamente.

Continue reading Con Barack Hussein Obama, Israele non ha nulla da perdere