Celebrating the victory of “Libyan freedom” (Daphne Caruana Galizia) in Tripoli (Libya) and in Valletta (Malta)

Like all people who only have the best intentions, these days “the only real journalist in Malta,” Daphne Caruana Galizia, must be as happy as she hasn’t been since the death of Osama bin Laden (Al Qaeda). Finally Gaddafi seems to have left Tripoli, and now, as “Dee says” on Ms Caruana Galizia’s blog, “the mad dog and his cubs” have yet only to be “smok[ed] out” from a few more “filthy cellar[s]” in which they might be hiding now and in the near future. And since everybody else, in a great historical moment like this, just should not worry all that much, but first of all be happy and full of solidarity, another member of Daphne’s blog ummah, “A. Charles,” recommends from the comment section of one of Daphne’s recent posts: “The next thing which people of goodwill should do is to celebrate this victory in Valletta on Saturday.” (Should only, and otherwise be strongly ashamed and hide well, because we have a real liberal democracy here at the time, while under Mintoff that thing would still have been far more compulsory.) Continue reading Celebrating the victory of “Libyan freedom” (Daphne Caruana Galizia) in Tripoli (Libya) and in Valletta (Malta)

Quotation of the week

“The Bush who understood that a stable tyranny is a threat to a vibrant democracy knew that Iran had to be defeated and its regime overthrown. The Bush who celebrated the shared values on which both the US and Israel are founded knew that those who seek Israel’s destruction will also never peacefully coexist with the US. If that Bush is still around, the time has come for him to act on those understandings. Before he leaves office he should embrace Israel as an ally and prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Not only will he secure the lives of millions of people. He will also secure his place in history.”

Caroline Glick