Airbnb sagt: Mietet nicht bei Juden im Westjordanland

… und hat es mir damit nach langem, qualvollem Zögern endlich wirklich leicht gemacht, diesen scheinheiligen “antirassistischen” Laden endlich zu verlassen.

Vollständiger Text meiner obigen an Airbnb gesandten “Erzählung”, die im Screenshot nicht ganz zu sehen ist:

“Airbnb fördert durch seine Politik, jüdische Gastgeber in den historischen jüdischen Kerngebieten Judäa und Samaria (antisemitisch-propagandistisch zumeist ‘Westjordanland’ genannt) zu boykottieren, dort ansässige moslemische und sonstige Anbieter — also, um die verlogene Sprache der antisemitischen Propaganda zu benutzen, die (wirklichen) Besatzer — dagegen nicht, Antisemitismus und damit die weltweite ‘politisch korrekte’ Fortsetzung von Auschwitz.”

Europäische Profifußballer: Bekämpfung antisemitischer Terroristen durch Israel unsportlich genug, um Boykott des Judenstaats zu rechtfertigen

In Südisrael haben ca. 1 Million Personen, behinderte und nichtbehinderte, unter denen sich auch viele Unter-21-Jährige befinden, im Fall eines Raketenalarms, je nachdem, wie weit sie gerade vom Gazastreifen entfernt sind, ca. 15 – 45  Sekunden  Zeit, zum nächstgelegenen Bunker zu rennen/zu fahren oder sich sonstwie in relative Sicherheit zu bringen, sei es am Tag, sei es mitten in der Nacht.

Die IDF, die israelischen Streitkräfte, haben vor kurzem, nachdem diese ca. 1 Million Menschen die erwähnte Übung mittlerweile erneut unzählige Male täglich zu absolvieren hatten*, versucht, den Beschuss Israels aus Gaza mittels verstärkter militärischer Operationen zu unterbinden. Sehr unsportlicher Weise, wie einige Fußballer meinen:

Dozens of professional football players have signed a statement protesting the decision of the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) to stage the European under-21 championship in Israel next year.

The statement, which was released by the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Campaign against Israel, claims that in light of the recent Israeli operation in Gaza, holding the tournament in Israel would be “seen as a reward for actions that are contrary to sporting values.”

The decision to host the games in Israel is “yet another stain on the world’s conscience” […], the statement says.

Durch derartige jüdische Antiterror- und Antivernichtungsmaßnahmen wird nämlich, abgesehen von der Einschränkung des Rechts der Jihadisten auf Judenmassenmord, auch deren Recht auf die Förderung der täglichen sportlichen Betätigung ihrer Opfer mit Füßen getreten, da diese nun – wenigstens für eine Weile – nicht mehr täglich (und  nächtlich) um ihr Leben laufen müssen. Und besonders dazu können um die Werte des Sports besorgte Erben des Nazi-Bündnisses mit dem Islam natürlich nicht schweigen.

“We, as European football players, express our solidarity with the people of Gaza who are living under siege and denied basic human dignity and freedom,” the players said in the statement, which was also published on the website of former Tottenham and Sevilla striker Frederic Kanoute.

*) “Palestinian Terrorist Rockets and Mortars Fired at Southern Israel Since January 20, 2012
2725*: (2369* since ‘ceasefire’ on March 13th); (2088* since ‘ceasefire’ on June 26); *These numbers incorporate the grossly under-reported “official numbers” between 9/14/12–9/21/12.” —, 2.12.2012.


‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

so why, just after the editor of MaltaToday, Saviour Balzan, in the wake of the violent death of an ‘illegal immigrant’ in Malta, has ‘broken the news’ that “the issue of colour has become ridiculous and far-fetched”  (whatever idiocy that means or reveals), not start diverting popular resentment again against some evil whites, anzi why not propose to start “hounding” them directly, ghax is it not that they themselves, those ever-greedy Semites so very different from us Semites and our other Semitic brethren, the Arabs, are always “hounding passers-by to test their products” instead of performing anti-capitalist, anti-Semitic, as well as anti-Christian, ‘revolutions’? Continue reading ‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

Bianca Zammit, first anti-Zionist Maltese with a leg almost martyred by Jews

“Where is our government, a maltese citizen is shot and it has to be the leader of the opposition to raise voice, clearly we are a small country but at least raise the matter and make a whole scene out of it.”

Comment of a “” reader

Sliema, Malta, 5/12/2008
Sliema, Malta, 5/12/2008

On April, 24th, 2010, the Times of Malta reported that

Bianca Zammit, 28, a Maltese pro-Palestinian activist, [was] being treated at the Al-Aqsa hospital after being injured [by Israeli soldiers] during a protest calling for an end to the blockade of [already “judenrein”] Gaza.

and that

She was shot in the leg.

The Times of Malta


“It was a peaceful protest, they had no reason to shoot us,” Ms Zammit said from her hospital bed. She said that similar protests were held in the past and the Israelis usually fired in the air. This time them [sic] shot at the protesters.

Perfidious Jews! You never know what you can expect from them! The Jerusalem Post reported about the same incident stating that the soldiers had only shot at the legs of some protesters, and only after having fired in the air to no avail, but that cannot be true. According to the Malta Independent OnlineMs Zammit has already stated that “when Israeli soldiers shoot they shoot,” i.e., “they shoot to kill,” and therefore it is clear that, given that they were not allowed to kill Palestinians and/or Europeans or Americans, during the previous demonstrations the Israeli soldiers had been shooting all the time at some birds in the air in order to kill at least something, but this time their bosses obviously had allowed them to  shoot even Maltese women (and some Palestinians) dead, instead. But, as it seems, they did not succeed in doing that. The Times of Malta wrote that two other people were shot too, but not dead, either. It also wrote that

[t]he three were shot after they entered a 300-metre-deep no-go zone previously declared by Israel on the Gaza side of the frontier.

And that along with the Maltese Paloma Bianca, there had also been a few more people, who probably are still alive, too.

The incident occurred when some 150 people, including six foreigners, began a demonstration to protest against the ban, which prevents Gaza farmers from using the land.

And, you see, this is, as everybody knows, typically Israeli, too! Indeed, as one can read in many comments posted on the Maltese Times Website, and especially in those posted by certain Jew experts like Martin Cassar, Israeli Jews not only like to kill, but they are also always eager to steal land from Arabs. While they doen’t even seem to be afraid to use the most ridiculous pretexts for doing so. In fact, in this case, for instance, according to the Jerusalem Post, a non-Maltese newspaper,

[t]he IDF stated the area was one were [sic] explosives had been planted and IDF units ambushed on numerous occasions, and it would not allow Palestinians to enter the area surrounding the fence as this endangers its soldiers. Continue reading Bianca Zammit, first anti-Zionist Maltese with a leg almost martyred by Jews