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Malta ‘will not act as a military base’ [sic]

by Scott Grech

The government is insisting that Malta has not been requested to act as a military base and is not preparing to act as such, as British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with military action yesterday, promising a no-fly zone and arms shipments to his enemies.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi stressed on Sunday that “Malta’s mission in light of the unrest in Libya is a humanitarian one”.

His words were echoed by Foreign Affairs Minister Tonio Borg on Monday, who commented that “the government’s priorities remain to evacuate Maltese people working in Libya and to help all the countries that have requested Malta’s cooperation in the evacuation of foreigners from the North African state”.

Source: The Malta Independent Online, 2/3/2011

Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth

Asked whether his visit to Gaza would fuel Israeli claims that Malta is a vociferous pro-Palestinian supporter, [Maltese FM] Dr [Tonio] Borg said: “I made it very clear that we have nothing against Israel and we believe Israel’s guaranteed security is essential in the final target of a two-state solution. But we cannot agree with the settlements and we cannot agree with the state the Gazans are in.” (The Times of Malta of today)

No, Mr Borg, you don’t hate Israelis and you don’t hate Jews, at least not more than your dead friend Yassir Arafat, the most famous anti-Semite of the world after Hitler, an Egyptian who got his first military training – for the “final target” of killing Jews – from a former official of the German Wehrmacht, Yassir Arafat whose ideological teacher was Hitler’s pal the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Yassir Arafat whose first aide was Mahmoud Abbas, the current (non elected) “President” of the PA, who wrote his holocaust-denying doctoral thesis in Moscow, Yassir “Why-didn’t-you-kill-more-of-them?” Arafat on whose grave you, in occasion of your visit to the “Holy Land” just laid a wreath. Which is really the best thing to do when one wants to make it very clear that one has nothing against Israel, and even less against the Jews. Continue reading Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth