The perfidious ‘logic’ of The Times of Malta

Since Gaza has become “judenrein,” southern Israel has been pounded constantly with rockets coming from there, including on kindergartens, and it’s a miracle that not more people have already died and been injured.

But the Times of Malta, always keeping mum about this in its anti-Semitic solidarity with the Gazan terrorists, viciously exploits every occasion to ‘prove’ that the victims are the aggressors and the attackers are the victims, who just ‘strike back’ from time to time.

That way, what for the jihadists of Gaza is business as usual – almost daily terror attacks on Israeli civilians, forcing these to run to and stay in shelters for a considerable part of their daily lives, traumatizing children and adults – becomes the legitimate defense of a peace-loving little country:

On Thursday, Israeli air attacks killed two Gaza militants and touched off rocket fire from Gaza on southern Israel.

If the Times of Malta would have used the same standard of reporting during the Shoah, the Nazis would obviously have been characterized as poor victims too, who fortunately had some ‘militants’ among them as well, who from time to time retaliated against “Zionist aggressions.”

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