“What was it like to be in Belgrade during the NATO bombings?”

It wasn’t boring, that’s for sure!

This is going to be a long writing. I’ll try to share my own experience, rather than going through well known facts. After all, I guess that’s what this question is all about. I’ll also share my own thoughts about events I describe. I might (try to) throw a joke, here or there. All the pictures used in this answer were found on the Internet.

So, to begin with, let’s set the theater of operations: Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). For the readers are not familiar with the recent history of the Balkans, Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was the official (or spiritual or … call it whatever you like) successor of Socialistic Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY). SFRY consisted of 6 republics: Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia. After the secessionist/civil war that took place between 1991 and 1995 (although it started way before 1991, but that’s another story), the SFRY was turned into: FRY, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia. Obviously, FRY consisted of two republics: Serbia and Montenegro. Kosovo, where most fights in 1999 took place, is a southern province of Serbia. Some would say “was a province of Serbia” (but that’s also another story and I won’t tackle it here). Kosovo is bordering with Albania and in 1999 was mainly inhabited by ethnic Albanians (and still is, I think we can all agree on that). Some political movements among the population of Albanian origin have been calling and pushing for Kosovo independence for several decades before the war of 1999. Some of them got radicalized along the way. The capital of Serbia is Belgrade. The capital of Kosovo is Pristina. Take a look at the following picture.

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Airbnb sagt: Mietet nicht bei Juden im Westjordanland

… und hat es mir damit nach langem, qualvollem Zögern endlich wirklich leicht gemacht, diesen scheinheiligen “antirassistischen” Laden endlich zu verlassen.

Vollständiger Text meiner obigen an Airbnb gesandten “Erzählung”, die im Screenshot nicht ganz zu sehen ist:

“Airbnb fördert durch seine Politik, jüdische Gastgeber in den historischen jüdischen Kerngebieten Judäa und Samaria (antisemitisch-propagandistisch zumeist ‘Westjordanland’ genannt) zu boykottieren, dort ansässige moslemische und sonstige Anbieter — also, um die verlogene Sprache der antisemitischen Propaganda zu benutzen, die (wirklichen) Besatzer — dagegen nicht, Antisemitismus und damit die weltweite ‘politisch korrekte’ Fortsetzung von Auschwitz.”

So they started World War No. 3 too? No, no, that can’t be true!…

The European Community (precursor to the EU) was almost unanimous in agreeing that the best way to avoid a war in Yugoslavia was for it to remain one nation. Member states voted 11 to 1 in 1991 to support a resolution that stated that “the best way of achieving stability in the Balkans was for Yugoslavia to remain united, albeit in a revised, looser federal form.”

The one ended up overruling the 11. Continue reading So they started World War No. 3 too? No, no, that can’t be true!…

Regarding the recent Islamic truck terror attack in Berlin,

Angela Merkel is quoted as having said, “The whole of Europe is asking itself how such a thing can happen.”
You over there in the US or elsewhere outside Europe may scratch or even shake your heads at such a statement, but the Empress is of course entitled to speak for all her (partly extremely uncivilized and dumb) subjects, including, inter alia, all those extreme nationalists and racists currently residing in the Eastern part of Europe and Switzerland, who are still rebelling against her moral decrees to provide protection to many more deeply traumatized protection-seeking human beings.
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Julia Gorin: “Big Picture Grand Strategy in Israel=Strategy in Balkans: Divide and Conquer the Infidel”

Below is an old email from Melana, who used to run Serbblog. I found it as instructive today as ever, so I’m finally posting it, though I’d meant to do so when she first wrote it back in 2008:

I had mixed feelings about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for a long time. While I had always admired brave little Israel — a sort of David against the Goliath Arab-Muslim world surrounding it — I had also met some Palestinians (some of them Christians) with horror stories about what happened to them at the hands of Israelis some years ago. Then one day, I met an Armenian woman from Lebanon who sort of set me straight.

This Lebanese Christian woman told me that she too had sympathized with the Palestinians (as had many Lebanese) — until they destroyed her country. Lebanon had been the Switzerland of the Middle East — beautiful, prosperous and comfortably multi-religious — until they took in the Palestinians when none of the other Muslim Arab countries would.

But the Palestinians used their new ‘home’ in Lebanon as nothing more than a base to launch attacks on Israel and to eventually start a civil war between Muslims and Christians in Lebanon. She thinks that this was part of their plan — and this is why Palestinians came to a mixed Christian/Muslim country and not to another purely Muslim country like Jordan (which was actually the ’settlement land/country’ in return for the founding of Israel.) It was part of the Muslim plan to get Lebanese Christians to hate Israel as much as Muslims hated Israel, so that eventually all Christians and the Western World might hate Israel, too. (Much like hating the Christian Serbs for what happened to Muslims in Yugoslavia, at the same time when we in the U.S. are fighting radical Islamic terrorists who perpetrated 9/11. Divide us against ourselves and we spend our energy fighting each other, instead of fighting our real enemy — militant Islam.)

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The Würzburg Jihad Attack, German Interior Minister de Maizière and my High School history teacher

German author Vera Lengsfeld reported that German Interior Minister Lothar de Maizière said that: the attacker was a single perpetrator who had been “incited” by the IS, there were no indications in his video of an “order” by the IS, it was unknown how the video got from the apartment of his host family, where it was recorded, to the IS, and however there were no indications of any connection to the IS.

Reminds me somehow of when our history teacher in high school reassured us that his generation did not get wind of the Holocaust in any way, because the walls of the concentration camps had been far too high to be able to look beyond them.

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James Cameron verfilmt die Kölner Fickificki-Nacht

Von Akif Pirinçci

Hollywood/Calif. Hatte die Nachricht, Leonardo DiCaprio habe sich die Verfilmungsrechte des VW-Abgas-Skandals gesichert, für Aufsehen gesorgt, so wird sie nun von einer noch spektakuläreren Neuigkeit übertroffen. Kein Geringerer als James Cameron will den Aufstand der „Nordafrikaner“ gegen ihre Unterdrückung durch deutsche Frauen am Kölner Bahnhof in der Silvesternacht auf die Leinwand bringen. Das Projekt ist weit gediehen, die Dreharbeiten sollen schon im Februar beginnen, „bevor zum Frühling hin die nächsten Millionen Antänzer hier antanzen; schließlich haben wir auch Frauen im Team“, meint der Starregisseur. [→ Weiterlesen im Weblog von Akif Pirinçci]

Bibi Wilhailm (16, deutsche Dissidentin): “Machen Sie [Merkel] endlich etwas, machen Sie die Augen auf! … Sie zerstören Deutschland.”

Bravo, Bibi!

“Wenn Adolf Hitler heute leben würde, würde er natürlich ganz anders vorgehen”

 Michael Mross im Gespräch mit Joachim Steinhöfel über Deutschland, die “FDJ-Trulla” Angela Merkel und die Feldzüge gegen Akif Pirinçci und andere Abweichler vom linksgrün transformierten “Konsens der Demokraten”

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“Der deutsche Anschlag auf die Souveränität”

Freitag, den 11. Dezember 2015, um 19 Uhr
Chachachicas, Hasenheide 9, 10967 Berlin

Der deutsche Anschlag auf die Souveränität

Für miesepetrigen Defätismus in der Flüchtlingsdebatte

Mit David Schneider und Justus Wertmüller

Gegen frei­wil­li­ge Hilfe für Flücht­lin­ge, auch in gro­ßem Aus­maß, wäre zu­nächst noch nichts ein­zu­wen­den – die Art und Weise aber, wie diese Hilfe als „Will­kom­mens­kul­tur“ in­sze­niert wird, kenn­zeich­net das Ganze als kal­ku­lier­te Ge­sin­nungs­po­li­tik. Es gilt, wie einst schon bei den Lich­ter­ket­ten, beim „Auf­stand der An­stän­di­gen“ gegen die Pe­gi­da-De­mons­tra­tio­nen, „ein Zei­chen zu set­zen“. Es ging in Wirk­lich­keit nie um Flücht­lin­ge, die sind le­dig­lich das Ma­te­ri­al, an­hand des­sen ur­deut­sche Be­find­lich­kei­ten aus­a­giert und ku­riert wer­den sol­len: Das, was seit dem Som­mer in Deutsch­land ab­läuft, ist ein wei­te­rer Akt im Schmie­ren­thea­ter­stück „Ler­nen aus der Ge­schich­te“. Continue reading “Der deutsche Anschlag auf die Souveränität”

Obama the peace dove turns out to be more of an (atomic) warmonger

The irony […] is that Obama came to power via the siren call of multilateralism and the glories of the United Nations. And he will leave office having emasculated the Security Council’s potential to promote international peace and security and enforce non-proliferation, destroyed the credibility of the world’s nuclear watchdog agency, and undermined the relevance of treaties for American foreign policy from here on.

Anne Bayefsky, What Obama doesn’t want you (and Congress) to know about his Iran deal, Fox News, September 08, 2015

Live Broadcast from Stop Iran Rally in New York Today (rally begins at 5:30 p.m.)

UPDATE: Coverage of the rally is scheduled to be re-broadcast by Jewish Broadcasting Service (JBS) on:

Thu 7/23

Fri 7/24

Sun 7/26

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