Israelstreet reports Gaza terrorists have just infiltrated Israel and stolen 6 M16s in Kissufim kibbutz reports:

It was just yesterday that your humble servant went to great lengths to point out how absurdly easy it is for Hamas terrorists from Gaza to stroll across the border at Nahal Oz.

And in the same blog, we pointed out the untenable position that the group of IDF soldiers stationed there are in, undermanned and handcuffed by the absurd IDF rules of engagement.

Well guess what happened following the riots this morning? Apparently (no one knows for sure how many) 30 terrorists waltzed across the border and infiltrated Kissufim. 

They found their way into an armory on the kibbutz and stole 6 M16s–and are now (as of 12 pm) somewhere in the area taking potshots at Israeli men, women, and children.

Hamas says Thank You for billions of “Gaza reconstruction” dollars and Kerry et al.’s ideological support

Baby Murdered in Jerusalem Terror Attack
Hamas terrorist from Silwan runs over pedestrians leaving light rail; 8 injured. Infant dies of wounds.

Daniel Greenfield: “Der wahre Genozid in Gaza”

Die Hamas ist keine verfolgte Minderheit, die sich gegen ihre Unterdrücker zur Wehr setzt. Sie ist ein Vorposten einer nach Suprematie strebenden sunnitisch-moslemischen Mehrheitsorganisation, die in der gesamten Region Minderheiten terrorisiert. Ihre Mission besteht in der Fortführung des tausendjährigen Projekts des islamischen Kolonialismus, das in der Zerstörung indigener Kulturen und Religionen besteht.

Die Juden Jerusalems stehen dem wie die Christen Mossuls zufällig im Wege. Die Charta der Hamas lässt keinen Zweifel an der genozidalen Mission der Hamas bestehen. Aber jede islamistische Gruppe, deren Mission darin besteht, die absolute Herrschaft des Islam durchzusetzen, ist ebenso der ethnischen Säuberung von nichtmoslemischen und sogar moslemischen Bevölkerungen verpflichtet. Continue reading Daniel Greenfield: “Der wahre Genozid in Gaza”

The perfidious ‘logic’ of The Times of Malta

Since Gaza has become “judenrein,” southern Israel has been pounded constantly with rockets coming from there, including on kindergartens, and it’s a miracle that not more people have already died and been injured.

But the Times of Malta, always keeping mum about this in its anti-Semitic solidarity with the Gazan terrorists, viciously exploits every occasion to ‘prove’ that the victims are the aggressors and the attackers are the victims, who just ‘strike back’ from time to time. Continue reading The perfidious ‘logic’ of The Times of Malta

“Relative calm” (Jerusalem Post) in southern Israel

9:29 pm: Ashkelon hit by Grad rocket.

7:55 pm: Grad rocket strikes Kiryat Malachi.

6:38 pm: Islamic Jihad threatens to expand fire to other cities.

6:26 pm: Impending rocket alert siren Ashkelon beach region.

5: 12 pm: Impending rocket alert siren Netiv.

4:56 pm: Impending rocket siren Yad Mordechai. Continue reading “Relative calm” (Jerusalem Post) in southern Israel

Compulsory for whom it may concern: Preventative explanation vis-a-vis any future accusations leveled against Daphne Caruana Galizia of having promoted Islamic jihad in Libya, Malta and beyond

“Ein Gedankenstrich ist zumeist ein Strich durch den Gedanken.” – Karl Kraus

In the near or in a farther future, some people will certainly try to hurt Maltese columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia by suggesting that she did not warn of the dangers of the “Libyan revolution.” Apart from the fact that it is highly questionable whether such is the task of a true journalist (since when are journalists responsible for anything having to do with the truth or even for the promotion of mass murder?), for all critical people who intend to defend her from any of those attacks, here is some evidence to the fact that her accusers will indeed be totally wrong. Continue reading Compulsory for whom it may concern: Preventative explanation vis-a-vis any future accusations leveled against Daphne Caruana Galizia of having promoted Islamic jihad in Libya, Malta and beyond

DEBKAfile: The bomb blast in central Jerusalem was the work of terrorist pros

DEBKAfile Special Report March 23, 2011, 9:58 PM (GMT+02:00)

Bomb blast in Jerusalem

The bomb which exploded Wednesday afternoon, March 23, near the No. 74 bus stop opposite Binyanei Haooma at Jerusalem’s main northern entrance was detonated by remote control. It killed a woman and injured 30-40 passers-by and passengers, several seriously plus at least 20 shock victims who later sought hospital treatment. Continue reading DEBKAfile: The bomb blast in central Jerusalem was the work of terrorist pros

Terrorist supporters demonstrate in Valletta, and the Times of Malta beatifies them

just after the most atrocious anti-Semitic massacre in years carried out by Arabs in Israel, by, among other Islamic slaughter methods, slitting the throats of children, a massacre in which PA officials were very probably involved, and just a few hours after “Israeli civilians living around the Gaza border woke up [this morning] to the most massive mortar attack in years – 50 rounds fired in 15 minutes.” Continue reading Terrorist supporters demonstrate in Valletta, and the Times of Malta beatifies them

Child murder – an “heroic” act of Palestinian “resistance” and tool of Islamic “democratisation”

At least two Palestinians armed with knives stabbed the mother, father and three of the children, aged, 11, three and a baby of a month in their sleep at Itamar, south of Nablus early Saturday. Two small children were not attacked. Their sister aged 12 found them when she returned home at 12:30 and called for help. Magen David Adom paramedics could only confirm the five deaths. Continue reading Child murder – an “heroic” act of Palestinian “resistance” and tool of Islamic “democratisation”

Egypt: The audacity of h… Hizballah

The unit assigned by Nasrallah for the jail-break consisted of 25 trained Hizballah and Hamas gunmen. When the riots erupted in Egypt, they started making their way from Gaza to Egypt via smuggling tunnels. On the way, they picked up weapons and explosives in El Arish, northern Sinai, under cover of an onslaught armed Palestinians and Bedouin had launched against Egyptian security forces – partly for this purpose.

The break-out team was met at the Suez Canal by Muslim Brotherhood activists who ferried them across to Ismailia on the western bank by Egyptian smuggling boats. From there, they were driven to the Wadi Natrun prison, one of the largest in Egypt, to be briefed outside by former MB inmates on the guard and security arrangements in the jail and the locations of the cells holding the Hizballah, Hamas and Brotherhood convicts.

[DEBKAfile, 4/2/2011]

US president cautions that ‘entire world is watching’; says issues at stake in Egypt would not be resolved through violence

[JPost/AP, today]

Ah, good.

Gesti tedeschi e gesta (filo-)islamiche

Screenshot:, 11/7/2010, ore 0.39

Mentre il calciatore turco-tedesco Mesut Özil fa il saluto nazista in Sudafrica (vedi screenshot da, 11/7/2010, ore 0.39) poco dopo che il parlamento tedesco ha approvato unanimemente una resolutione in cui si chiede ad Israele la cessazione del blocco di Gaza, in altre parole: la “ri-liberalizzazione” del traffico d’armi destinato ad Hamas nonché la facilitazione della circolazione di terroristi antisemiti in Israele, affinché i racket islamisti possano continuare meno disturbati da misure di difesa israeliane a sterminare altri sei milioni di ebrei,  “[i] «pacifisti» a senso unico ci riprovano a mettere in piedi una nuova flottiglia per sbarcare a Gaza. Gli amici italiani di Ha­mas sono in prima linea. Si in­contrano con i diplomatici tur­chi dell’ambasciata a Roma e an­nunciano che sono già pronte sei navi delle 20 previste. L’istitu­to israeliano per l’antiterrori­smo di Herzilya denuncia che si tratta di «una nuova flottiglia del­la guerra santa» pronta a salpare in settembre e punta il dito con­tro gli organizzatori italiani.” (Il Giornale, 8/7/2010)

“Turks” and “Germans” parade in Malta to celebrate the “freedom flotilla”

Some newspaper headlines can lie much better than (non-doctored) videos: Who are the victims of Gaza? The inhabitants of Gaza City? All of them? And what did Gaza City do to them? “Free” them of all Jews?

If, by Gaza, the Hamas-run political entity is meant, the demonstration celebrated by the Times of Malta on the 4th of June was certainly not in favor of any victims, it was a demonstration in solidarity with (real and wannabe)  Jew murderers. And it seems that some demonstrators very much wanted this to be quite clear, so clear that the brave Maltese police had to intervene.

Two sieges in one
The following statement made by the Times of Malta might be true:

The organisations supporting the event were Alternattiva Demokratika Zaghzagh, the Arabic Cultural Information Society (ACIS), Euro-Med, Kopin (Koperazzjoni Internazzjonali – Malta), Moviment Azzjoni Xellug, Moviment Graffitti, Peace lab, Stand4Palestine – Malta, Third World Group and Zminijietna.

The peaceful Gaza “freedom flotilla” song: We con the world

With subtitles in Hebrew:

With English subtitles [and changed on 12/6/2010 to a probably more reliable video clip site than YouTube]:

Turkish-led “peaceful” Jihad flotilla ship MV Rachel Corrie is on its way to Gaza from Malta

This was reported some hours ago by the blog The Muqata which is currently providing much material about the “peacefulness” of the deadly anti-Semitic Hamas support “show” strongly sustained by the Jihadist Turkish prime minister Erdogan.

Erdogan, according to Wikipedia, “was given a prison sentence [in 1998] after he had read poetry regarded as a violation of Kemalism by judges. It included lines translated as ‘The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…'” (Before reading that, I was quite sure that he had read the quoted sentence aloud, approvingly, and enthusiastically, to a large public, but Wikipedia will certainly know better! He read it secretly under his bedspread.)

The Muqata has published, among others, a photograph of one of the faithful present on one of the “peaceful protest” flotilla:

Continue reading Turkish-led “peaceful” Jihad flotilla ship MV Rachel Corrie is on its way to Gaza from Malta

“IDF discovers three landmines near Gaza security fence”

Earlier today (April 25), during an operational activity near the security fence in the central Gaza Strip, Engineering forces discovered three land mines planted in the ground, thus thwarting an attack against IDF soldiers. Continue reading “IDF discovers three landmines near Gaza security fence”