“Ja, was ist nur mit dieser ‘deutschen’ Jugend los” (Anabel Schunke)!

Anabel Schunke hat sich auf Facebook über die Bild-Zeitung empört, weil die am Samstag ganz unschuldig-neutral “Wochenende der Jugend-Gewalt in Deutschland!” getitelt hat.
Ich habe gerade versucht, bei Anabel Schunke auf Facebook durch einen Kommentar zu vermitteln, aber es scheint, dass Facebook meinen Kommentar als Spam markiert hat. (Dass Facebook mich “zensiert”, kann ich mir natürlich nicht vorstellen!)
Daher veröffentliche ich ihn jetzt einfach mal hier (leicht verändert), dann geht er wenigstens nicht ganz verloren: Continue reading “Ja, was ist nur mit dieser ‘deutschen’ Jugend los” (Anabel Schunke)!

Regarding the recent Islamic truck terror attack in Berlin,

Angela Merkel is quoted as having said, “The whole of Europe is asking itself how such a thing can happen.”
You over there in the US or elsewhere outside Europe may scratch or even shake your heads at such a statement, but the Empress is of course entitled to speak for all her (partly extremely uncivilized and dumb) subjects, including, inter alia, all those extreme nationalists and racists currently residing in the Eastern part of Europe and Switzerland, who are still rebelling against her moral decrees to provide protection to many more deeply traumatized protection-seeking human beings.
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Sehr geehrter Herr Dr. rer. zion. ;-) Clemens Heni,

We know it from history that brutalizing the language is a first step toward brutalizing the people. − Jack Engelhard


wie Sie höchstwahrscheinlich wissen, haben wir in diesem Blog (oder doch zumindest ich, Baby!) Ihnen und Ihrem kritisch-wissenschaftlichen Schaffen bislang äußerst wohlwollend gegenüber gestanden. Was mich persönlich betrifft, darf ich mich sogar rühmen, Sie schon mehrfach gegen Ihre Feinde in Schutz genommen zu haben. Leider hat mich die Lektüre einer im März vergangenen Jahres von Ihnen veröffentlichten Schrift jedoch sehr betrübt, denn ich bin dort bedauerlicherweise auf einige Äußerungen gestoßen, die mich doch an Ihrer Wissenschaftlichkeit haben zweifeln lassen. Unter der Überschrift “Was erlauben LizasWelt? Über die Notwendigkeit einer Selbstkritik der Pro-Israel-Szene” behaupten Sie dort z. B.:

Entweder Israel verabschiedet sich unzweideutig von allen “Einstaatenlösungen” der radikalen Linken (wie Judith Butler und ihrem Fanclub etc.) und der radikalen Rechten (wie Bennett oder Caroline Glick) oder der Traum eines jüdischen Staates ist dahin.

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James Cameron verfilmt die Kölner Fickificki-Nacht

Von Akif Pirinçci

Hollywood/Calif. Hatte die Nachricht, Leonardo DiCaprio habe sich die Verfilmungsrechte des VW-Abgas-Skandals gesichert, für Aufsehen gesorgt, so wird sie nun von einer noch spektakuläreren Neuigkeit übertroffen. Kein Geringerer als James Cameron will den Aufstand der „Nordafrikaner“ gegen ihre Unterdrückung durch deutsche Frauen am Kölner Bahnhof in der Silvesternacht auf die Leinwand bringen. Das Projekt ist weit gediehen, die Dreharbeiten sollen schon im Februar beginnen, „bevor zum Frühling hin die nächsten Millionen Antänzer hier antanzen; schließlich haben wir auch Frauen im Team“, meint der Starregisseur. [→ Weiterlesen im Weblog von Akif Pirinçci]

Daniel Greenfield: “Ein dreifaches Hurra auf Terroristan”

Ein Traum? Ein Alptraum? Wer weiß das schon.

Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish, 1. Oktober 2015/Israel National News, 4. Oktober 2015
(übersetzt von Cora)

Wir brauchen einen Terror-Staat. Einen, in dem die Politiker Terroristen sind, die Polizisten Terroristen sind und auch die Menschen, die an dem Tisch sitzen, an dem du dich niederlässt, Terroristen sind.

  Es gibt Staaten, die Terroristen unterstützen und ihnen eine sichere Zuflucht geben. Aber das reicht nicht. Wir wollen kein weiteres Pakistan oder Iran. Diesmal machen wir keine halben Sachen. Was wir wollen ist das echte Produkt. Terroristen von ganz oben bis ganz unten. Terroristen überall. Einen Staat in dem jeder Teil der Regierung und das ganze Land aus nichts anderem als Terroristen besteht.

[→ Weiterlesen bei Heplev]

Iran Deal: Remember the last time the entire world seemed to be as trustful as John Kerry is now?

“Unlike North Korea, [the Iranians] have not pulled out of the NPT. Unlike North Korea, they haven’t exploded any nuclear device, and the supreme leader of Iran has said, we’re not going to seek a nuclear weapon.” – John Kerry

The tragedy of Gaza, the Naqba and more tragedies, seen from a humanitarian-progressive point of view

When I visited Gaza in July, I met a brave fighter who showed me a knife which his grandfather used to slit the throat of a Jew in Hebron in 1933, and his father used in a raid on a farmhouse in 1962 and which he hopes to use one day as well. There is both romance and practical necessity in this. The criminal Israeli siege of Gaza allows through food and clothing, but not knives. Many Gazans must make do with a single knife for the entire family. Only one of them is able to use the knife at a time. If the grandmother of a large family wants to slice bread while her grandson breaks into a settlement to slit a baby’s throat– she has no choice but to starve. … [More at Sultan Knish]


“Do blacks have to be gay before you’ll look at them, Joseph?”* (Daphne Caruana Galizia, 26 July 2011)

While we’re at it, another (older) one della serie “Senti chi parla!… Defni!”

“Libyan Rebels Accused of ‘Ethnic Cleansing,’ Black Genocide”, from The New American, 15 September 2o11

NATO and U.S.-backed rebel forces in Libya are reportedly engaging in systematic attacks against the black population in what some analysts have called war crimes and even genocide, sparking condemnation worldwide from human-rights groups and officials. Reports and photographic evidence indicate that numerous atrocities including mass executions have taken place even in recent weeks. Many black victims were found with their hands bound behind their backs and bullets through their skulls.

Horrific internment camps, systematic rape, torture, lynching, and looting of businesses owned by blacks have all been reported as well. And countless sub-Saharan Africans have been forced to flee their homes in Libya to avoid the same fate. Continue reading “Do blacks have to be gay before you’ll look at them, Joseph?”* (Daphne Caruana Galizia, 26 July 2011)

Islam is peaceful.

At least that is the likely defense of Rafiqi Islam, a loving husband, who told his wife that he had a present for her, blindfolded her to make it a surprise and then cut off her fingers. Then the rest of the Islam family mopped up the blood, while Mr. Islam threw her fingers into the trash, and after a few hours took her to the hospital where they warned her to tell the doctors that she had an accident.

[From Sultan Knish – you can continue to read here.]

Compulsory for whom it may concern: Preventative explanation vis-a-vis any future accusations leveled against Daphne Caruana Galizia of having promoted Islamic jihad in Libya, Malta and beyond

“Ein Gedankenstrich ist zumeist ein Strich durch den Gedanken.” – Karl Kraus

In the near or in a farther future, some people will certainly try to hurt Maltese columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia by suggesting that she did not warn of the dangers of the “Libyan revolution.” Apart from the fact that it is highly questionable whether such is the task of a true journalist (since when are journalists responsible for anything having to do with the truth or even for the promotion of mass murder?), for all critical people who intend to defend her from any of those attacks, here is some evidence to the fact that her accusers will indeed be totally wrong. Continue reading Compulsory for whom it may concern: Preventative explanation vis-a-vis any future accusations leveled against Daphne Caruana Galizia of having promoted Islamic jihad in Libya, Malta and beyond

“The most authentic representation of the general dynamics of the UN you’ll ever see set to music” (Caroline Glick)

The complete “Tribal Update,” including the “introduction” of the song:

Experiment in peacefully reconciling by “cut-up” technique certain divergent European and Arab views of the “Libyan revolution”

A heartfelt welcome by thousands upon thousands of free Libyans greeted the NTC Head Jalil’s maiden speech yesterday on MARTYRS’ SQUARE, Tripoli, to bear witness to the popularity of the Revolution that ousted rutless despot Khadafi after using his fire power to massacre his own people in their thousands! Bin-Laden’s comments were accompanied by a speech by new Al Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahri, who claimed credit on behalf of his terror group for the “Arab spring” uprisings against dictators in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and other countries. Continue reading Experiment in peacefully reconciling by “cut-up” technique certain divergent European and Arab views of the “Libyan revolution”

The Jews are disappointing the Germans again

After Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu expressed his disappointment with Germany because of its recent vote in the UN Security Council in favour of condemning Israel for not taking more decisive steps toward making Judea and Samaria judenrein, according to INN, German chancellor Angela Merkel replied,

“How dare you? You are the one who has disappointed us. You haven’t made a single step to advance peace.”

For Germans, obviously, the sacrifice of just a few thousands of Israelis in the past years for an unattainable peace with people who only want the destruction of Israel and the Jews, and are always busy taking steps toward that goal, cannot be sufficient. The Germans themselves, about seventy years ago, were doubtlessly much more courageous in taking steps than the Israelis have been in recent years, and even today they are really not “that bad” at all, as far as their dirty courage is concerned.