Dr Tonio Borg tells the truth

Asked whether his visit to Gaza would fuel Israeli claims that Malta is a vociferous pro-Palestinian supporter, [Maltese FM] Dr [Tonio] Borg said: “I made it very clear that we have nothing against Israel and we believe Israel’s guaranteed security is essential in the final target of a two-state solution. But we cannot agree with the settlements and we cannot agree with the state the Gazans are in.” (The Times of Malta of today)

No, Mr Borg, you don’t hate Israelis and you don’t hate Jews, at least not more than your dead friend Yassir Arafat, the most famous anti-Semite of the world after Hitler, an Egyptian who got his first military training – for the “final target” of killing Jews – from a former official of the German Wehrmacht, Yassir Arafat whose ideological teacher was Hitler’s pal the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Yassir Arafat whose first aide was Mahmoud Abbas, the current (non elected) “President” of the PA, who wrote his holocaust-denying doctoral thesis in Moscow, Yassir “Why-didn’t-you-kill-more-of-them?” Arafat on whose grave you, in occasion of your visit to the “Holy Land” just laid a wreath. Which is really the best thing to do when one wants to make it very clear that one has nothing against Israel, and even less against the Jews.

Your statement saying that you want the historical homeland of the Jews, where again and again they were slaughtered en masse, among others by the Romans and by Arabs (e.g. in 1929, in Hebron, which also thanks to that is now predominantly “Palestinian” – i.e. Arab) — your statement saying that you want all those places judenrein (German for ‘clean of Jews’) makes your honest intentions even clearer. And the fact that you would like to ‘lift the blockade of Gaza,’ a blockade that thanks to shameless Eurabian pressure and propaganda, thanks to which also your friend Bianca “La Paloma” Zammit can play her “Jew-victim” role so nicely along with “the Palestinians,” doesn’t even exist anymore, while Israel, thanks also to the pressure of your ilk, is feeding and fueling the Gazan terrorist supporters for free, so that their leaders can concentrate on smuggling in more arms and bombs and rockets and maybe one day a little dirty nuclear bomb and their own “Times of Maltas” and “Malta Todays” can continue propagating the same lies as the Maltese ones, only a little less sophisticatedly, and teachers there can continue to teach children to become “shahids” and to shout “slaughter the Jews”, while even Egypt keeps its border to Gaza tightly shut for fear of Hamas, al-Qaida and other mass-murderers — the fact that you pressure Israel to lift the nonexistent blockade of Gaza so that the “comrades” of Bianca Zammit from Gaza, whose population has elected an exterminatory anti-Semitic racket, a torture regime, to rule them and lead them towards the “liberation” of the whole of “Palestine” and then the whole world from the Jews, just like the Germans did in the Thirties, can re-start pouring into Israel and, in addition to shooting rockets at Israeli kindergartens from Gaza and kidnapping and killing from time to time someone inside Israel, exercise again to the fullest extent the “human right” for which your heroic co-national Ms Zammit, the suicide protester, and her ISM are fighting so passionately: the slaughter of Jews  — now this fact is certainly another best thing to make it very clear that you don’t want to exterminate the Jews like the Germans wanted then, Mr Foreign Minister.

Not at all. You, personally, certainly do not want to do that.

As far as I am concerned, I even agree that no one, not even the all powerful ‘Jewish lobby’ clearly fantasised by the Maltese Times, could reasonably state that you are a “vociferous pro-Palestinian supporter.”

You very educatedly refused that compliment offered to you by the Times of Malta. In fact: Vociferous pro-Palestinian supporter of what? What a stupid question! At least say it aloud! You mean: of anti-Semitism?

Indeed you are much worse. You have no morals, and you have no idea of your own, and that is why the Times of Malta is so happy about you. And why the Maltese (and everyone else) should be ashamed of you. And why their “final target” should be to kick you out of office in the next elections. For no one among your political competitors, including the members of “Alternattiva Demokratika”, and even any self-declared Nazi, could be worse than what you do. Because in their case people at least would not have any excuse anymore for not facing the truth, the truth about the project in which they are collaborating. The truth that you, and, to name just two more out of thousands of examples of sanctimonious EUropean politicians, your colleagues Westerwelle and Kouchner, are constantly hiding: the truth that while speaking of “security” for Israel you are doing your utmost to put the lives of millions of Jews in the greatest danger they have ever had to face since Auschwitz, and more.

And now you even say — where was that, Malta Today? Times of Malta? some “Independent” or so? all the same! — that you want to teach the northern European countries what they haven’t yet understood about Gaza, those who I, at least until about one year ago, thought were still much worse than most of the Maltese or The Times of Malta, the anti-racist Swedes of Malmö, for instance, who are letting Muslim gangs cleanse Jews out of that city?

You are funny, Mr Borg! Malta is on a very very dirty path, as it seems, and you still keep on pushing the country further down on that path (and maybe, as I have begun to suspect only recently, in part just to stop certain discussions about a certain tender). You are indeed so funny that you really deserve that the new peace flag I made for the EU a few years ago be dedicated especially to you. Anzi, to you, to Bianca Zammit, and to the Times of Malta. Congratulations!

EU Peace Flag

P.S. I almost forgot the truest thing you said. The “state the Gazans are in” I can’t agree to either. It certainly should be eliminated asap, starting with Hamas. But even in order to do that it would be necessary first for you to step aside, and then for many many others too, at least as long as you and they can’t decide to, perhaps, try to read a second book, e.g. about the history of Israel or the weekday-religion you are promoting (Antisemitism), or to learn to read at all, and start to leave Israel in peace with your abominable, deadly well-meaning “final targets.”

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