Turkish-led “peaceful” Jihad flotilla ship MV Rachel Corrie is on its way to Gaza from Malta

This was reported some hours ago by the blog The Muqata which is currently providing much material about the “peacefulness” of the deadly anti-Semitic Hamas support “show” strongly sustained by the Jihadist Turkish prime minister Erdogan.

Erdogan, according to Wikipedia, “was given a prison sentence [in 1998] after he had read poetry regarded as a violation of Kemalism by judges. It included lines translated as ‘The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…'” (Before reading that, I was quite sure that he had read the quoted sentence aloud, approvingly, and enthusiastically, to a large public, but Wikipedia will certainly know better! He read it secretly under his bedspread.)

The Muqata has published, among others, a photograph of one of the faithful present on one of the “peaceful protest” flotilla:

As should have been feared before, Erdogan has already successfully put pressure on the NATO – of which Turkey is a member – to put pressure on Israel to allow an ‘objective’ investigation on Israel’s continuing attempts to safeguard the lives of its citizens despite the fact that the increasingly anti-Semitic “international community” would rather prefer to see the Jews letting themselves slaughter once again, now partly as a just punishment for always “slaughtering” “defenseless” Arabs who have been murdering them in Palestine/Israel for more than 100 years.

In the meantime Malta, the once brave European nation besieged once by Islamic invaders, then too led by Turkish Jihadists, and once by Islam-adoring Nazi Germany, bleeding a lot under both, in the person of its Palestinianist foreign minister Tonio Borg, has propagandistically sided with the aggressors – the Jihadists and their mostly leftist supporters – without batting an eye. Perhaps simply copying from a statement by German foreign minister Westerwelle or an earlier one by the post-communist Italian Hezballah-understander Massimo D’Alema, Tonio Borg accused the Israelis of “disproportionate use of violence” and demanded – perhaps copying from another, more recent, Pavlovian anti-Israel rebuke delivered by himself in the case of Bianca Zammit – “a full inquiry into the attack.” Like most European politicians he does not mind that the only attack that should be investigated very profoundly is the intervention of the Jihadist “peace flotilla” in an armed conflict on behalf of an anti-Semitic aggressor, which during its month-long preparations has been falsely justified – quite in harmony with the Maltese Foreign Minster’s recent verbal rebuke of Israel – by an allegedly dire “humanitarian situation” in Gaza, while this not so “nonviolent” siege was and is aimed solely at breaking the Israeli “blockade” in order to let additional arms shipments for making Israel judenfrei (German for “Jew-free”) into the terror base. Hamas, Al-Qaida, and the other Jihadist organisations are not getting enough of them already through the hundreds of huge tunnels they’ve built under the border between Gaza and Egypt, in order to be able to destroy Israel and the Jews; and the Iranian regime, and now even Turkey, would surely like to send them a lot more – maybe even chemical and “dirty” nuclear – material.

This is the “durable solution to the situation in Gaza” (Borg) which the anti-Israel flotilla promotes, and which Mr Tonio Borg, and of course many of his crazy European colleagues too, implicitly promote with false,  Antisemitism-fueling statements, while those “peaceful” actions, as well as the accompanying “peaceful” Eurabian words, also serve to distract Israel from preventing the completion of the Iranian nuclear bomb.

The EUropeans and the other Jew-Haters of the world are probably already dreaming of another, “clean” NATO intervention on behalf of the Gaza Jihadists and of those in Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, an intervention similar to that on behalf of the KLA in Serbia in 1999, the previous blunt “favor” in the form of a military aggression for purported “humanitarian” reasons delivered to the Islamist forces (not only) in Turkey by a bunch of mostly European states drunk of German and Islamic ideology and anti-Semitic “love of peace.” Maybe some Javier Solana is already working on such a project. At least Erdogan seems to count on this when he is threatening to provoke further escalations and even military interventions in collaboration with the “Free Gaza Movement” and Jihadist mercenaries, of whom reportedly several have participated too in the “peace flotilla.”

To my knowledge it is not very common that the NATO asks non-member states (or, at least, states in which it is not engaged or which it is not taking into consideration for a potential future attack) for any investigations. Israel is not a NATO member, Turkey is, and the NATO is supposed to be a defense alliance. Thus the only logical conclusion is that the NATO is willing to cave in to the blackmail  coming from the “red-green brigades” (Caroline Glick) and even to consider again the “defense” of an Islamist aggressor eager for “ethnic cleansing” (this time not mainly of Serbs and “Gypsies”, but of Jews) and meanwhile posing as a victim, and that Turkey even in this is playing a very very dirty, mass-murderous power “game.”

PS (3/6/2010): The tax-financed German radio station Deutsche Welle is confirming this: While “constructively criticizing” and cautioning Turkey, and while Israel has already surrendered to a series of Turkish ultimatums, it helps keep the “humanitarian” military intervention option open also by means of anti-Semitic propaganda lies:

The whole world knows that Israel is not squeamish about enforcing its interests. And in light of the latest attacks on Gaza, it is a fact that Israel will not hesitate violating human rights under the pretext of self-defense and attacking people with brute military force without regard for civilian casualties.

Thanks to the Turkish-led armada, it has become much easier for the enemies of Israel to follow the same pattern as with Serbia in the case of Kosovo, perhaps only waiting for another little staged “massacre” in order to “teach” Israel a direct military “lesson,” or to creep in in a “nonviolent” way under the threat of a grandiose military confrontation.

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