Dr Tonio Borg, you should move to Germany very urgentlich!

And to stay there for at least thirty years to convince the Germans of the fact that they are living in “hell on earth” like the Palestinian Jew murderers, and Jew-murderer admirers, and for-Jew-murderer-voters, and dancers-in-the-streets-when-Jews-are-murdered. And to tell them that they should retake a few pieces of Russia, Poland, the former Czechoslovakia, etc., start peace negotiations and/or shooting rockets and carrying out suicide attacks against the inhabitants of those countries. F0r even some of the Germans are living as “refugees” in their own country in the third or fourth or fifth generation or so! All the more given the fact that there has never existed such a thing as a Palestinian state, and that the Arab inhabitants of the British mandate territory considered themselves Arabs, and many were even Egyptian immigrants, like Yasir Arafat, whilst there was a big big German Jew-murder-Reich, instead, while, crazily, most of the grandchildren and grand-grandchildren and so on of the German refugees already seem to have forgotten that they are refugees indeed! That’s completely crazy, isn’t it, Dr Borg?

Given that the “Palestinian” refugees have reportedly decupled or so since their flight (when they were invited to it by the Arab states promising that all the Jews would be annihilated), in Germany there could be maybe even 20 or 40 million Germans “living as refugees in their own country”! The Germans maybe just forgot to call certain cities or quarters in Germany “refugee camps,” like the Palestinians did. I mean, why didn’t the other Germans discriminate against those refugees like the Palestinian Arabs, and the Lebanese, and the Syrians, etc. have done with their ‘brothers and sisters’? Now it’s much more difficult for the Germans to blame the Jews for it, like you, the Pals and all the other Eurabians do!

Idiots! Move there and teach them something better, Dr. Borg, like you do already with regard to the “Palestinians”:

It was unjust that the Palestinians were living as refugees in their own country. It was also wrong to kill innocent people on buses in Jerusalem. Everyone’s conscience dictated that this should stop and problems could only be solved with the commitment of the US and countries in the region, concluded Dr Borg.

Also, today some Germans say that to murder six million Jews industrially and in a consensual national and European effort was a (quite understandable – we’re all humans, after all, and therefore make mistakes from time to time, otherwise, come on! what would we be? certainly monsters! -) “mistake” the Germans made, but already one week or so after the end of the Second World War, most of them found it “unjust” that the world was still holding them responsible and despising them for it.

Apropos despising, one more thing, Dr. Borg: Don’t lie about my conscience again, and don’t try to dictate to it anything defined by your viscious “reasoning” anymore! My conscience dictates me things by itself, and of course it dictates me something different from what you would like to dictate me. It dictates me, for instance, to despise people like you who with nice, “just,” and perfidiously “evenhanded” words work for making a second Auschwitz possible, subtly delivering its justification already in advance, taking the convenient projective shortcut via the “poor” Gazans or “Palestinians.” It dictates me to try to stop such shameless, spineless Eurabians affected by moral debility like you from pushing, by such perfidious means, the Jews and the entire world into another real “hell on earth” and to be be wholeheartedly with the latter and against you and your obsessive, murderous perversion of “justice.”

PS: Important! Don’t forget to take your shadow (foreign minister) with you when you go! And to study some revisionist Nazi books on the German “refugee question” before you go to Germany, in  order to be well prepared to teach the Germans well why they live in hell, even without knowing it, and why this is the Jews’ fault!

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