Tonio Borg is right on this instead, Mrs #DCG

Dr #Borg noted that the UN Security Council was considering the imposition of measures against Libya. Malta was not a member of the council but would follow what the UN decided. His advice, however, was not to have undue haste. Malta, he said, had to safeguard its nationals and national interests, although it would not shirk from condemning what was manifestly bad.*

Malta is a vulnerable place, has no “iron dome”, depends totally on others as far as its defense is concerned, has less means for safeguarding its nationals’ (and its barranin‘s) lives than Israel has to protect Beersheba, and could soon be in a similar situation. Tonio Borg seems to be the same as always, while Daphne Caruana Galizia regresses out of moral zeal, giving space to a conspiracy theorist (plus Kosova-ist and Palestinianist, I guess): Fisk. Manifestly bad indeed. That tendency of hers should indeed not only be condemned, but also attacked, not only for the sake of Malta, but also for that of the “bigger picture”, a constantly increasing part of which is occupied by the exterminative Iranian regime and its international proxies. Next time some Iranian war ships pass the Suez Canal, as some Iranian war ships did a few days ago for the first time since about 30 years, and enter the Mediterranean, they might also turn to the left instead of turning to the right. While in the meantime the temporary winners of the Egyptian “revolution”, the military, are reported to have attacked a few Christian monasteries.

*) The Times of Malta website, yesterday; hashtags added, as a test, don’t know to “twitter” well yet, and if it could work, let’s see.

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