‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

so why, just after the editor of MaltaToday, Saviour Balzan, in the wake of the violent death of an ‘illegal immigrant’ in Malta, has ‘broken the news’ that “the issue of colour has become ridiculous and far-fetched”  (whatever idiocy that means or reveals), not start diverting popular resentment again against some evil whites, anzi why not propose to start “hounding” them directly, ghax is it not that they themselves, those ever-greedy Semites so very different from us Semites and our other Semitic brethren, the Arabs, are always “hounding passers-by to test their products” instead of performing anti-capitalist, anti-Semitic, as well as anti-Christian, ‘revolutions’? Continue reading ‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

Dr Tonio Borg’s dual concept of sovereignty and territorial integrity

It seems to me that a few hours ago I read that the Maltese Foreign Minister, Dr Tonio Borg, once again mumbled (or that he said much clearer and louder than ever before) that it is wrong to impose “our model of democracy” on the countries of the Maghreb. Or maybe he was just speaking about Libya. Yes, I think he was referring to Libya, as I remember too now that he also said more or less that one may not risk to help split up a sovereign state from the outside.
The Foreign Minister (and lawyer’s) statement reminded me of the fact that reportedly, when in Israel some time ago, he met with a representative of the Palestinian Authority (if I remember well it was Hanan Ashravi) in Jerusalem, which amounted, as a news editor told me, to a violation of the Oslo accords (at least by the representative of the PA involved), i.e. virtually to a coordinated (“Christian-Muslim”, so to speak) attack on the sovereignty of Israel.
I guess this means that, on one hand, as far as the Maghreb (or any country of the world except Israel) is concerned, the Maltese Foreign Minister and lawyer Tonio Borg is in favor of territorial integrity (even if that may cost some or even many many lives and even if that state continues to be led by one of the most brutal and ugly anti-Semitic fascists of the world), and that, on the other hand, as far as the Jewish state is concerned, he is not that shy instead and supports moves aimed at the violation of its sovereignty or even at its complete destruction, even if that could cost many many deaths – mainly of Jews).

I don’t know: may one call Dr Tonio Borg a terrorist supporter because of this? Well, of course not. Gaddafi certainly is not a terrorist, but rather just a Muslim statesman with his own ideas about democracy — Libyan ideas. Just like Tonio Borg has its own Maltese ones. And now please do not tell me that the case of Bianca Zammit and Dr Borg’s patriotic legal and diplomatic support for her against the bloody Zionists has got something to do with support for terrorism too, or even for anti-Semitism. Mind you: We clarified that question earlier already, at least as far as I remember.

Swedes get their anti-Semitism from their Abba’s milk

From Caroline Glick’s blog (15/09/2009)

Three weeks ago Sweden’s Aftonblodet mass circulation tabloid published a blood libel against Israel in which the IDF was accused of killing Palestinians to harvest their organs. Then last week Norway’s government decided to divest the government pension fund from Israeli defense contractor Elbit because it manufactures electronic sensors used on Israel’s security fence.

They disinvest (don’t buy anything anymore from) an Israeli company that has contributed to save the lives of scores of Jews (and Arabs) by effectively preventing antisemitic terror attacks, while they and all the other European states have continued their anti-Semitic and anti-American monologue with the mullahs of Iran, with Hezbollah and Hamas, for decades now, making big businesses with the former, who are funding and arming the latter (the “former” axis powers Germany and Italy are still the first commercial partners of the Iranian Jihadist state), constituting by this a protective shield for a regime whose first aim is a second mass-murder of Jews on an industrial scale, which declares this openly, and which is working feverishly to achieve that goal.

Seems almost logical, given that the Euros could not get enough already of bombing mercilessly the Serbs, another group of preferred victims of the Nazis (and Muslims) in World War II and before, in the Nineties, and are not worried at all, instead, about a real case of barbaric organ harvesting, perpetrated by their (and the US democrats’) friends and allies, the “ethnic Albanians”, who abducted many Serbs and then extracted and sold their organs, while the pacifist Javier Solana had NATO bomb the rest of them. While the German tabloid “Bild” ran the title “They [the Serbs, “of course”] are driving them [Albanians] into the concentration camp!”, and while those who forced Albanians and Serbs to flee were the members of the Albanian terrorist army KLA, who threatened any Albanian who preferred to stay (with the “dirty Serbs”, with the Gypsies, with the few left Jews); and Solana’s, Fischer’s, Clinton’s, Albright’s, Joe Biden’s NATO bombs.

On Caroline Glick’s website there is also something much more funny (in English) from her satire site Latma: