Censorship at the “Times of Malta”?

A reader comment in yesterday’s on-line edition of the Times of Malta says:

Long live the Libyan El-Fateh Socialist Revolution!!!!! Long live Gaddafi!!!!

Clearly, something is missing here! Where is the usual final sentence: “Death to the Zionists!”?

P.S. for the Libyans: Be careful of whom you deal with in the still a bit infidel Europe:  The man in the center of the photograph does not seem to be the real Maltese Foreign Minister and “Israel critic” Tonio Borg! Indeed, he looks more like the Israeli ambassador to Malta! Next time, check his passport, at least (and if it could have been forged!)!

Update for the Libyans (15/2):  False alarm, it’s him, Tonio Borg. Checked it out. You may trust him. Sorry for that!