Hello, Dr George Vella, here are a few more talking points for you and your party!

Today the Times of Malta reported that

[PL] Party foreign affairs spokesman George Vella said it was not enough for [Maltese Prime Minister] Dr Gonzi to have called for a renewal of talks between Israel and the Palestinians. His failure to publicly declare support for the recognition of Palestinian statehood, made by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, showed lack of respect to the Palestinians.

Dr George Vella is so right. Indeed, the Maltese Prime Minister, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi, also does not seem to have listened well to the recent speech of Mr “Tawil Fadiha,” the “Palestinian Minister of Uncontrollable Rage,” at the UN, nor does he seem to show enough respect for the sentiments of so many Maltese anti-Semites, who do not care about the Oslo accords either when it comes to the urgent need to murder as many Jews as possible as soon as possible because the international community once again can’t wait any longer, preserving the “good name of Malta” (as one reader of the Times of Malta likes to call it) in terms of impartiality. It’s already far more than 40 years now that the Palestinians have been invented as a people; the last major bloody intifada, when only about 1000 Jews were slaughtered, started more than 10 years ago; at the time, despite increased shipments of weapons from Libya to Gaza and ongoing rocket attacks from there, perhaps not even 0.5 Jews are killed by “Palestinians” by the day; and the Iranians perhaps have not yet completed all they need for destroying the Jewish State by one or two atomic bombs!

Now Mr. Vella should keep up the heat and perhaps scold his excellency Dr. Gonzi also for not showing enough “respect” for the Egyptian jihad either – though he does in this case too, either keeping mum or talking sweet shit about the more “positive” developments of the “Arab spring” (like taqiya talk of “democracy” and “freedom”). It is also Gonzi’s fault that until recently only about

93,000 Coptic Christians left Egypt since [the] Muslim Brotherhood “Spring[,]”

for fear of being slaughtered, isn’t it?

Alternatively or additionally, Vella could criticize Gonzi for not helping “EULEX” and the Albanians enough in chasing the last remaining Serbs out of Kosovo.

Keep up the good respectful ethnic and religious cleansing promotion work, Dr. Vella! You and your party are surely at least as good as Foreign Minister Tonio Borg – in terms of dhimmi politics and covering up the real goals of the “Palestinians,” projecting all their heinous deeds on the Jews, and at respecting Hitler’s late self-criticism for not having been more audacious in forging his alliance with Islam, against the Jews, against Christianity! You are a beacon for the whole EU and will certainly be awarded the Obama-Fischer-Chamberlain Prize for Appeasement Acceleration one day!

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