Maltese writer Daphne Caruana Galizia should perhaps partly rewrite one blog post of hers asap

Today she wrote that,

perhaps [The Times of Malta] could ring [Maltese FM] Tonio Borg and ask him whether we are still close friends with Gaddafi, and if not, what do we plan to do about it.

Perhaps she should write instead that,

The Times of Malta should ring [Maltese PM Lawrence] Gonzi and ask him if he does not think that it is about time that we Maltese declare that we are a Libyan tribe precisely like all the other Libyan tribes, that as a logical consequence of this our true, innate religion is of course Islam, that we too want Gaddafi’s clan out of power immediately, and that for all these reasons we will immediately change our old half-blood-soaked, half-Crusader-Christian-racist-white islamophobic flag to that of the late Libyan Kingdom (for the time being) and call on all the members of our tribe, in particular those currently present in the African part of Libya and still shamelessly collaborating with the regime for selfish reasons, to rise up against the infamous usurper following the example of our glorious co-tribes in Cyrenaica, lest they will be considered and treated as traitors after the revolution in the same way as their long-time ally Gaddafi.

Sorry for shouting like Austin Gatt or writing like a PL commenter at The Times (for just the second time this week, I think), but, really,



For maybe this way this time they will here me, at least.

(As a commenter at this blog rightfully wrote: “To hell with principles!” The end justifies the means. People are dying.)

Dr Richard David Kimble

PS: Dear Daphne, of course this is just a draft written in my poor English. But I hope that it will spare you some work anyhow. 😉

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