“Do blacks have to be gay before you’ll look at them, Joseph?”* (Daphne Caruana Galizia, 26 July 2011)

While we’re at it, another (older) one della serie “Senti chi parla!… Defni!”

“Libyan Rebels Accused of ‘Ethnic Cleansing,’ Black Genocide”, from The New American, 15 September 2o11

NATO and U.S.-backed rebel forces in Libya are reportedly engaging in systematic attacks against the black population in what some analysts have called war crimes and even genocide, sparking condemnation worldwide from human-rights groups and officials. Reports and photographic evidence indicate that numerous atrocities including mass executions have taken place even in recent weeks. Many black victims were found with their hands bound behind their backs and bullets through their skulls.

Horrific internment camps, systematic rape, torture, lynching, and looting of businesses owned by blacks have all been reported as well. And countless sub-Saharan Africans have been forced to flee their homes in Libya to avoid the same fate.

The al-Qaeda-linked rebels’ campaign of racist terror began shortly after the Benghazi uprising in February. More than a few videos surfaced on the internet in the early months of the conflict showing brutal lynchings and beheadings while Western-backed rebels cheered.

But as insurgent forces solidify their grip over most of Libya, the race-based persecution is quickly intensifying. Entire cities and towns formerly occupied by blacks have been ethnically cleansed and destroyed.

“The Brigade for Purging Slaves, black Skin” — apparently a rebel slogan — was found months ago scrawled all along the road to Tawergha. And today, the coastal city of about 10,000 mostly black residents has essentially been wiped off the map.


Repercussions over what observers have labeled ethnic cleansing are being felt all over Africa and beyond. Chairman Jean Ping of the African Union Commission told reporters last week that the anti-black attacks were one reason many African governments refuse to recognize the new regime as Libya’s legitimate government.

“Blacks are being killed. Blacks are having their throats slit. Blacks are accused of being mercenaries,” Ping explained. “Do you think it’s normal in a country that’s a third black that blacks are confused with mercenaries?”

*) To avoid any misunderstanding: I do not mean to say that Caruana Galizia and her co-ideologues would have criticised their “Libyan rebels” and their exercises in “Libyan freedom” (DCG) if the latter would have slaughtered gays en masse, instead of blacks. No.

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