Experiment in peacefully reconciling by “cut-up” technique certain divergent European and Arab views of the “Libyan revolution”

A heartfelt welcome by thousands upon thousands of free Libyans greeted the NTC Head Jalil’s maiden speech yesterday on MARTYRS’ SQUARE, Tripoli, to bear witness to the popularity of the Revolution that ousted rutless despot Khadafi after using his fire power to massacre his own people in their thousands! Bin-Laden’s comments were accompanied by a speech by new Al Qaeda chief, Ayman al-Zawahri, who claimed credit on behalf of his terror group for the “Arab spring” uprisings against dictators in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, and other countries. The newly found freedom will now enable the free Libyans to reconstruct their country on sound principles embacing an inclusive society based on social justice, peace and prosperity, and as Jalil stressed, inspired by a MODERATE ISLAMIC RULE that will serve as a beacon of tolerance for its people and other North African countries inspired by the Arab Spring! The uprisings have “liberated thousands of the members of the Islamic movement’s prisoners, who were imprisoned by direct orders from America,” he said, adding that “the blessed rebellious Arab earthquake has turned America’s calculations head over heels. The NTC will be represented by all the regions of Libya and will leave no stone unturned to nib in the bud all forms of intolerance and discrimination which were rife under Khadafi’s rule. The Arab people have been freed from the chains of fear and terror, so who is the winner and who is the loser?” Al-Zawahri added that it was time for a new 9/11 type attack, and encouraged Muslims all over the world to fight the U.S. “I encourage every Muslim who desires his nation’s freedom to undertake to hurt America for the more we put pressure on it, the freer we will be from its agents,” he said.

The above text has been created by mixing a recent outburst of a certain Alfred Falzon on occasion of an article of The Times of Malta and two paragraphs taken from a recent Israel National News article. The italics have been added.

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