Compulsory for whom it may concern: Preventative explanation vis-a-vis any future accusations leveled against Daphne Caruana Galizia of having promoted Islamic jihad in Libya, Malta and beyond

“Ein Gedankenstrich ist zumeist ein Strich durch den Gedanken.” – Karl Kraus

In the near or in a farther future, some people will certainly try to hurt Maltese columnist Daphne Caruana Galizia by suggesting that she did not warn of the dangers of the “Libyan revolution.” Apart from the fact that it is highly questionable whether such is the task of a true journalist (since when are journalists responsible for anything having to do with the truth or even for the promotion of mass murder?), for all critical people who intend to defend her from any of those attacks, here is some evidence to the fact that her accusers will indeed be totally wrong.

Already on 25/3/2011, Daphne Caruana Galizia clearly wrote:

George Vella […] thinks that the revolution in Libya is spearheaded by Islamic radicalism, though there is no evidence of this at all – rather the opposite – and the only ones saying it in Libya are members of the Gaddafi regime. The rebels gather in mosques because they don’t have opposition party clubs which serve that function.

The above statement clearly proves that anyone who is not totally illiterate in the English language could clearly see already at that early moment that, by those three words between the dashes – “rather the opposite” –  Caruana Galizia clearly denied what she had said immediately before and that with that she also thoroughly dashed any doubt regarding the fact that there was comprehensive evidence of Islamic radicalism already at that time! There was, and Caruana Galizia quite openly said it! Rather than brush aside the legitimate doubts of the Maltese public, she justly and effectively reinforced them!

Immediately afterward, she also clearly hinted to the evidence for her assertion by stressing that,

the only ones saying it in Libya are members of the Gaddafi regime.

Obviously, only very stupid people could have thought that the “rebels” themselves could openly admit that they were mujahedin, as they were needing and asking for NATO air support for bombing Gaddafi and his supporters and his infrastructures at that time. Over there, they know, of course, what taqiya is, and how to apply it. If “Islamic radicalism” plaid any role in the “uprising,” and it plaid a huge role, of course they would not have shouted out loud: “Hey there, we’re Islamic radicals, or, if you like, more in Obama-speak, contingent violent gangs who have misunderstood the Holy Qur’an, or however you may call us. Let us make this perfectly clear: We want to create an Islamic Sharia state, an Islamic caliphate, just like our jihadist accomplices in Egypt, we hate Israel and we hate the whole West, we hate all infidels and want to get rid of all of you, but Gaddafi and his clan and supporters are in our way, so please help us and send some bombers, NATO, and fast!”

By the way, some of the rebels were selling and/or just trying to send – even chemical – weapons to Gaza, to Hamas and/or to the Islamic Jihad or whatever islamo-Nazi denomination. Should they perhaps have boasted of that, too? Of course not, because then it would have become way too clear to the few not yet lobotomized, but distracted Westerners what they were. And what would have become of the reelections of Cameron and Sarkozy, then, for instance? Without the possibility to count on large parts of the respective Muslim electorate in Britain and in France? And on those still believing in “Arab democracy” and still so respectful of Islam? Hm? “Just asking”…

Furthermore Daphne Caruana Galizia explained – implicitly – that the Islamists would also have gathered in less suspicious locations and organized themselves as parties in order to camouflage their real goals, but that due to Gaddafi’s tight control of Islamist tendencies in Libya (due also to pressure applied by Western states, and chiefly by the USA), they were forced to gather in mosques. (Of course, Gaddafi also prevented the Muslim Brotherhood from forming a party in Libya.) So it’s true, where should Islamists go otherwise (to gather and prepare for their attacks, to store and hide their weapons) if not into the mosques?

The rebels gather in mosques because they don’t have opposition party clubs which serve that function.

With “that function” meaning of course the function of spearheading “Islamic radicalism,” i.e. the jihad against Gaddafi and the West. If you are a jihadist in the Arab world and in need of Western support and you you cannot hide behind a “democratic institution,” then you hide in a “religious” building – all the more because in the ears of the West this reeks even more of peace. (Go smell the ears of the West, and you will literally see that!)

Moreover, for the non-completely-blind, the above assertion of Ms. Caruana Galizia even contained a strong hint to the previous “Mohammed Cartoon protests” in Benghazi, where the “rebels” did exactly the same thing. Referring to those events, which had taken place exactly five years before the outbreak of the Libyan February 17 revolution in Benghazi, John Rosenthal reported that,

a consulate employee spoke of “thousands” of young men that descended upon the [Italian] consulate [in Benghazi], coming from the local mosques. February 17, 2006, was a Friday, so the rioters were presumably coming from Friday prayers [Rosenthal’s Italian source said that they certainly came from Friday prayers]. After initially attempting to disperse the crowd with tear gas, Libyan police opened fire.

Those rebels wreaked a lot of havoc, and the Italian embassy personal were quite lucky that there were not only rebels, but still also the Gaddafi regime around, thanks to whose police they were not all killed.

Conclusion: In light of all the above, whoever asserts that Daphne Caruana Galizia did not warn in time against the Islamist nature of the Libyan revolution is a dirty liar, and his tongue should be cut one way or the other. Of course in the totalitarian climate of the time, a few months ago, when those “rebels” were finally winning almost all of their battles thanks to the intervention of some other Arab and mainly a few Western states (Britain, France, and the US), it was not possible to say things more clearly even in Malta, and much less for the brave Daphne Caruana Galizia, given that Sarkozy’s torture specialists were waiting in her backyard for any kind of wrong move she would accomplish. This was also the reason why she hid behind George Vella to get her statements across to the public, doing en passent even another good deed by that, ghax shooting a Maltese Labor party representative is always a good one, and even more so immediately after he has just told the truth. If you’re outright unjust, this (similarly to what is regularly done to Israel) hurts the Partit Laburista even more and in the long run, and such a sacrifice of just one otherwise stupid PL man furthers stupidity and fear of more of that kind of vicious attacks and with that Islamization, as also the more recent behavior of the PL has shown.

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