Regarding the recent Islamic truck terror attack in Berlin,

Angela Merkel is quoted as having said, “The whole of Europe is asking itself how such a thing can happen.”
You over there in the US or elsewhere outside Europe may scratch or even shake your heads at such a statement, but the Empress is of course entitled to speak for all her (partly extremely uncivilized and dumb) subjects, including, inter alia, all those extreme nationalists and racists currently residing in the Eastern part of Europe and Switzerland, who are still rebelling against her moral decrees to provide protection to many more deeply traumatized protection-seeking human beings.
As lead questions for the upcoming German state TV political reeducation talk shows (like “Anne Will”, which is in my view the most prominent and most effective, as far as its influence on the German mind is concerned) I would suggest for the time being:
1) whether the perpetrator(s)’ intention was to illustate to the EUropeans just how traumatized Islamic protection-seeking persons are;
2) whether the traumatized person that “perpetrated” the “attack” against the people visiting the Christmas market did this just in order to underline once more that taking in only Christians (and maybe atheists or for that matter, Buddhists), like the extremist Poles and some leading Jews in Germany would perhaps “like” to do, is utterly racist and offensive, as this constitutes a violation of the internationally established principle of freedom of religion;
3) whether we (and I mean here especially the Czechs, the Poles, the “Wilders Dutch”, etc.) will not have, in the years to come and as long as all of us will not become better people (Germans) and such principle is not accepted worldwide, to accept that there will probably be very many more rather hurtful “statements” like the one just “perpetrated” in Berlin, which, as taught for years and years by, e.g., Anne Will, have nothing to do with Islam but are probably “just” a desperate cry for (more) help by utterly discriminated, traumatized and especially vulnerable human beings!
(This will be a tough task, especially as long as the sexist, racist, nationalistic, anti-Semitic, etc. Trump regime in the US will not be overthrown, but as far as I am concerned, I think that we will schaffen das as well, even “alone”, without and against the US as a State, now as Clinton sadly is gone. After all the Führer himself has said in his “political last will” that his biggest mistake was not to forge a more audacious alliance with Islam – otherwise the Germans would have ruled the world already in his lifetime. And from the recognition of Slovenia and especially from the re-“annexation” of the Kosovo to the Reich on, so far Germany (with a little bit of help from the “International Community”) has geschafft almost everything it wanted, hasn’t it?)

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