Bianca Zammit, first anti-Zionist Maltese with a leg almost martyred by Jews

“Where is our government, a maltese citizen is shot and it has to be the leader of the opposition to raise voice, clearly we are a small country but at least raise the matter and make a whole scene out of it.”

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Sliema, Malta, 5/12/2008
Sliema, Malta, 5/12/2008

On April, 24th, 2010, the Times of Malta reported that

Bianca Zammit, 28, a Maltese pro-Palestinian activist, [was] being treated at the Al-Aqsa hospital after being injured [by Israeli soldiers] during a protest calling for an end to the blockade of [already “judenrein”] Gaza.

and that

She was shot in the leg.

The Times of Malta


“It was a peaceful protest, they had no reason to shoot us,” Ms Zammit said from her hospital bed. She said that similar protests were held in the past and the Israelis usually fired in the air. This time them [sic] shot at the protesters.

Perfidious Jews! You never know what you can expect from them! The Jerusalem Post reported about the same incident stating that the soldiers had only shot at the legs of some protesters, and only after having fired in the air to no avail, but that cannot be true. According to the Malta Independent OnlineMs Zammit has already stated that “when Israeli soldiers shoot they shoot,” i.e., “they shoot to kill,” and therefore it is clear that, given that they were not allowed to kill Palestinians and/or Europeans or Americans, during the previous demonstrations the Israeli soldiers had been shooting all the time at some birds in the air in order to kill at least something, but this time their bosses obviously had allowed them to  shoot even Maltese women (and some Palestinians) dead, instead. But, as it seems, they did not succeed in doing that. The Times of Malta wrote that two other people were shot too, but not dead, either. It also wrote that

[t]he three were shot after they entered a 300-metre-deep no-go zone previously declared by Israel on the Gaza side of the frontier.

And that along with the Maltese Paloma Bianca, there had also been a few more people, who probably are still alive, too.

The incident occurred when some 150 people, including six foreigners, began a demonstration to protest against the ban, which prevents Gaza farmers from using the land.

And, you see, this is, as everybody knows, typically Israeli, too! Indeed, as one can read in many comments posted on the Maltese Times Website, and especially in those posted by certain Jew experts like Martin Cassar, Israeli Jews not only like to kill, but they are also always eager to steal land from Arabs. While they doen’t even seem to be afraid to use the most ridiculous pretexts for doing so. In fact, in this case, for instance, according to the Jerusalem Post, a non-Maltese newspaper,

[t]he IDF stated the area was one were [sic] explosives had been planted and IDF units ambushed on numerous occasions, and it would not allow Palestinians to enter the area surrounding the fence as this endangers its soldiers.

Instead of retreating, protecting their soldiers’ lives peacefully by conceding another little bit of “land for peace” to the peace-loving Palestinian people, they stubbornly keep on shooting not only birds from time to time, only in order to prevent  terrorists, like those of Hamas, the jihadist racket that is ruling the Gaza strip and, by the way, some time ago reportedly re-introduced crucifixion as a legal form of punishment there, from reaching their stated goal of making the rest of “Palestine” “judenrein” like Gaza too; they stubbornly keep on aiming at the prevention of further kidnappings like that of  Gilad Shalit, who has been for years now in the hands of the Hamas terrorists, who want another 1,000, if not more, convicted terrorists back in exchange for him, and who don’t give a Jew the consolation of at least seeing or even only writing to any member of his family, not to speak of the possibility for the Red Star of David, or (as Jews who don’t want to destroy Israel may be allowed into Gaza, but only for being taken as hostages, if they are “lucky”) at least for the Red Cross, to visit him. Seriously: The Times of Malta report, of course, did not mention all that, and, as far as I know,  it does not mention similar things in too many articles at all, but I think it is really deserving of some thanks for not omitting, even if maybe just due to its excitement about the fact that it could finally present a Maltese national as a victim of “Israeli aggression” to the likes of Mr Cassar, that:

Bianca Zimmit [sic] is a member of the International Solidarity Movement.

The International Solidarity Movement, or ISM, is a movement about which Lee Kaplan published an interesting article on on July 02, 2004, which begins like this:

This June I attended a “training session” of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organization of volunteers whose purpose is to obstruct Israeli defense forces attempting to protect the civilian population from terrorist acts. The ISM was set up by the Palestinians after Arafat broke off the Oslo peace talks and launched the second intifada. Its organizers were Ghassan Andoni, a physics professor from Bir Zeit University in the West Bank, and Palestinian activists George Rishmawi and George Qassis. The idea was to bring in international volunteers, mostly radical students from the United States, Canada and Europe, as “nonviolent peace activists” who would interfere with the Israeli army’s anti-terrorist operations. If the volunteers were injured or arrested, the international repercussions would be detrimental to Israel, a propaganda win for the PLO. The operation costs the Palestine Authority very little since many of the radical volunteers pay their own transportation costs and live in the homes of Palestinians during their stays in the Middle East.

In fact, it works. And, thanks to the online comment function of the Times of Malta, Mr. Martin Cassar and other anti-Semites, pardon: anti-Israelis, pardon: people concerned about the poor Palestinians, are now having a nice party distributing their fantasies about the Jews. Sometimes some of these people almost seem to say even something half-true:

The Israelis killed an American activist some years ago, for the same reason which sheds Maltese blood today.

Rachel Corrie, the American anti-Israel-activist the commentator alluded to, died during the bulldozing of a Hamas weapons tunnel; “the Israelis killed” her accidentally, against their own will, forced by a cause, not by a reason, external to them: because she unreasonably, suicidally, ventured into a high-danger zone, a military area (and the bulldozer driver probably did not see her). The ‘reason shedding blood’, in Bianca Zammit’s (leg’s) case, too, was her unreasonable, dangerous, suicidal behaviour. The Israeli army, instead, was and is normally acting reasonably, in order to defend Israeli (Jewish, Arab, Druse, Christian, etc.) lives (and, by the way, also the lives of Bedouin squatters occupying Israeli state land in the Negev, chasing away Jews from there, as Caroline Glick has reported recently) from terrorist attacks, and by combating those suicidal terrorists, it is protecting also the (increasingly suicidal) rest of the Western world. So that, if the same Israel-hater – not Mr Cassar – goes on to threaten:

How would they like it if we were to apply their “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth” policy on them.

a few questions arise: But are they punishing anybody at all? And for doing what? It seems, instead, that they are not punishing anyone, but defending human lives, and civilization! Are you perhaps feeling guilty because of something, instead, Sir? Maybe because you have let them be murdered in masses already for quite some time now, after six millions of Jews were already slaughtered by the Germans and other Europeans, never raising a finger, constantly identifying with the aggressor, and now probably even with the Iranian Mullahs and the bomb they are developing to exterminate them? So that if you conclude that,

Something is very wrong up the attic.

you are probably right, if you mean your own attic, Sir. Because otherwise you would not be able to project your own guilt-feelings on the past and prospective Israeli victims of Islamist terror, admonishing them:

Grow up Israel and learn to live in peace, before someone teaches you a lesson. G-D will pay you back for your sins.

hoping perhaps not in vain that, if (their?) G-D will not do what you would like “us” to command him to do, at least “Malta” will do it to some degree in the person of the Maltese Foreign Minister, the Maltese Prime Minister, the Maltese opposition leader, hopefully along with the entire Israel-hating EU, and in the “strongest possible terms!” Just like many other readers, now finally proud of being “Maltese” again, who are encouraging their heroine to ‘keep up the good work’, i.e. to collect, along with her anti-Zionist comrades, as many further pretexts as possible so as to be able to pay the Jews back for their “sins” on an even higher scale in the future, also the “Malta Red Cross – Malta Branch” has apparently no doubt about the good “work” Bianca Zammit is doing. At least, somebody posted a reader comment on its behalf in the Maltese Times‘ online edition, stating:

The Committee and all volunteers of theMalta Red Cross – Malta Branch would like to show solidarity with Bianca Zammit, who was an active volunteer within the Branch, and now doing humanitarian work in Palestine. Bianca we wish you a speedy recovery. May God Bless you!!!!

Reading the online comments, it seems that a huge part of the Maltese nation is uncritically identifying itself with Bianca Zammit, and wishing her well not only because of  human compassion for a (crazy) Maltese injured somewhere abroad, although she had behaved at least a bit stupidly but, not unlike her anti-Zionist comrades who shortly after her leg was injured already boasted that, “[y]es, Bianca Zammit will be at the demonstrations next week, Netanyahu“, also as a soldier which they would like to send into the anti-Zionist battle again as soon as possible, to let her continue to provide Hamas, the jihadist terrorist group ruling Gaza and supported by the Iranian terror state, whose president, too, threatens to “wipe Israel of the map”, i.e., to make the rest of “Palestine” judenrein, yet by other, faster, deadlier means, and to this end is speedily preparing atomic bombs and missiles,  with a convenient potential “victim.” Is the Malta Red Cross’s “solidarity” solidarity with Bianca Zammit and her poor shot leg, or is it more a solidarity with the “Solidarity with Terror” (as the title of Kaplan’s essay, cited above, says) the ISM provides to Hamas? They will know what her “humanitarian work” there is made of, won’t they? Here is some more background from DEBKAfile, dating from one month ago, i.e. shortly before the Maltese “state” television was in no way ashamed of promoting and broadcasting a “faction” film about the Christian Easter story in which the stars of David dangling from the necks of the (supposed) brutal “murderers” of our Christian God had a diameter of about half a meter, in order to make sure that everybody, including the Maltese Children who happened to see one or more of the frequent advertisements for the film before Easter, would “understand” once more clearly enough who “killed the true God” the Maltese Red Cross seems to beg to bless the young Maltese anti-Zionist “martyr”:

Friday night, March 19, a three pairs of motorbike riders crashed through Gaza’s border fence and opened RPG and automatic fire on Israelis soldiers on patrol near the Israeli village of Kfar Azza. They missed and swerved back into the Gaza Strip before the soldiers could return the fire. There were no casualties on either side. DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that this was the second time in two days that Palestinian gunmen, believed to belong to the al Qaeda-linked groupings spreading through southern Gaza, have used motor cycles for a cross-border attack. Israeli military spotters sighted one Thursday night. Assuming he was backed by an armed group, Israeli tanks blasted the area and drove him back. When the incident was investigated, it was found that a band of motorbike-mounted terrorists had indeed been heading for the border and pulled back before sustaining injuries. The attack Friday appears to have been their second try.

The “peaceful” demonstration could have been the preparation for a third, or for a fourth or fifth try, or it could have been used as a distraction from another, parallel operation. The IDF cannot know everything, but they are right to fear a few things based on their experience (and Israeli experience in general), especially when missile and terror attacks from Gaza (and not only from there), which are not only aimed at soldiers, but preferably at Jewish civilians,  e.g. at kindergartens, are still going on too. Just imagine what would have happened to our “unarmed journalist” and the other “peaceful protesters”, if the Israelis had not shot, not to kill, but to stop them from advancing, the supposed demonstrators had advanced even more toward the fence, and suddenly one or two of that kind of motorbike riders had approached the fence through their midst! Perhaps in that case the Times of Malta would not even have been able to boast in a headline that the (absolutely non-violent anti-Zionist) assailant “Bianca Zammit forgives her assailants” generously, adding the consolation “Malta protests to Israel.” And, apropos experience, even though the Times of Malta quoted Bianca Zammit’s brother as… lying:

She is well aware that both sides to this conflict have legitimate fears and concerns. As a peaceful activist, she has sought to highlight these concerns using a video-camera as her only ‘weapon’. She is but one of a number of committed individuals who are still hopeful that positive change is possible and are willing to work towards it.

if one discovers that her writings are being published in several propaganda outlets focussing on the demonization of the Jewish State, and that she is also a member of the “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement,” one does not get the impression that she is so very much concerned about the “fears and concerns” of exactly “both sides.” At least she has no problem with using, in addition to her camera for filming Jews who defend their fellow citizens, another “peaceful” weapon by which about seventy-five years ago the Germans, hopeful to achieve “positive change,” too, began their “resistance” – then against the European Jews – demanding: “Germans, defend yourselves! Don’t buy from Jews!” While today, thanking the Jews for yet some more of judenrein “land for peace,” land on which Jews had been living for thousands of years, not only all Synagogues in Gaza have been destroyed, but Synagogues are again being set on fire quite often (recently one in Mulhouse, France) ; and Jews are being driven out of the Swedish city of Malmö, and are frequently attacked in various ways all over Europe, while one young Jew, Ilan Halimi, has some time ago even been brutally tortured to death over many, many days by a Muslim gang in an apartment in Paris.


Here is a photo of some members of the club called “Hamas,” which is ruling Gaza and without whose permission and against whose anti-Semitic ideology and practice it is not easy to organize or participate in a “peaceful demonstration” there:

Heil junge Welt!

Here is some more information about that same club in writing:

Hamas ideology, as expressed in the Hamas Charter, sees Hamas as part of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood (Article 2) that seeks world Islamic domination. Israel is said to exist on territory that is Islamic Waqf (Article 11) and therefore Islam demands that Israel be destroyed. Accepting Israel’s existence is a violation of Islamic law (Article 13).
The Hamas charter presents the killing of Jews as God’s will, and the inevitable extermination of Jews as coinciding with the “Hour of Resurrection” (Article 7). The charter expresses eagerness to participate in and promote this killing of Jews: “Hamas has been looking forward to implement Allah’s promise [killing Jews] whatever time it might take” (Article 7). Finally, violence and terror (called “resistance”) are presented as legitimate tools.

A little more, from an earlier post:

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by their media manipulation of woman [sic] and children, the Hamas’ true message to Israelis is unequivocally clear: “You are our target – We want you dead.”


Hamas poster: Death is Coming!  You Zionists had better hide well!

Source: Official website of the Hamas’ armed wing,
the “al-Qassam Brigades”

Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 28 February 2008

NOTES: Bolds in the quotations contained in this post have been added. I apologize for my not-so-perfect English – this is still a “work in progress,” written under pressure because of the lack of criticism in the news and in the “blogosphere” especially regarding this case of an alarming outburst of anti-Semitic “national pride,” which, just like Bianca Zammit, seems to me rather German than Maltese.

member of the International Solidarity Movement in Gaza and of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement.

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