‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

so why, just after the editor of MaltaToday, Saviour Balzan, in the wake of the violent death of an ‘illegal immigrant’ in Malta, has ‘broken the news’ that “the issue of colour has become ridiculous and far-fetched”  (whatever idiocy that means or reveals), not start diverting popular resentment again against some evil whites, anzi why not propose to start “hounding” them directly, ghax is it not that they themselves, those ever-greedy Semites so very different from us Semites and our other Semitic brethren, the Arabs, are always “hounding passers-by to test their products” instead of performing anti-capitalist, anti-Semitic, as well as anti-Christian, ‘revolutions’? Continue reading ‘t is not a good moment to appear as ‘racist’ in Malta at the time,

Evidence seems to be surfacing that GonziPN is neither directed nor paid by Daphne Caruana Galizia

Malta ‘will not act as a military base’ [sic]

by Scott Grech

The government is insisting that Malta has not been requested to act as a military base and is not preparing to act as such, as British Prime Minister David Cameron threatened Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi with military action yesterday, promising a no-fly zone and arms shipments to his enemies.

Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi stressed on Sunday that “Malta’s mission in light of the unrest in Libya is a humanitarian one”.

His words were echoed by Foreign Affairs Minister Tonio Borg on Monday, who commented that “the government’s priorities remain to evacuate Maltese people working in Libya and to help all the countries that have requested Malta’s cooperation in the evacuation of foreigners from the North African state”.

Source: The Malta Independent Online, 2/3/2011