Reassuring news from Gaza: Bianca Zammit probably unhurt in recent “protest”

Donkey detonated on Gaza border

Animal dead, no human casualties; 200 kg of dynamite heaped on cart.
A small Syrian-backed terrorist group in Gaza said its activists blew up a donkey cart laden with explosives close to the border with Israel on Tuesday, killing the animal but causing no human casualties.

Of course, being a “peaceful” protester, the young Maltese anti-Zionist activist and anti-Israel boycott campaigner Bianca Zammit was probably not even present at the “demonstration”.

And not even there:

Earlier this week, masked gunmen from an Islamist group torched a UN-run summer camp for children and teens in Gaza.


Two days before the incident, the previously unknown “The Free of the Homeland” group issued a statement criticizing the camp’s organizer, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), for “teaching schoolgirls fitness, dancing and immorality.”

For the time being, and while the Israelis are being trained for the event of simultaneous (nuclear) missile and poison gas attacks from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, etc., Maltese solidarity declarations or protests to the Israeli ambassador are therefore not strictly necessary, but perhaps this might change at the latest as soon as the Turkish flotilla, determined to break the “siege” of Hamastan so that even more missiles can enter it,  will arrive with its supposed humanitarian aid for Gaza (pills against obesity caused by excessive free Israeli and international food deliveries, etc.) and the Jews might even shoot, i.e. dare defend themselves once more.

Quotations from:, 25/5/2010

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