Urgent press release: Prof. Arnold Cassola explained and put in context

When, on April 27th, Prof. Arnold “Ghandi” Cassola, “Alternattiva Demokratika spokesperson on EU and International Affairs,” stated on his blog that:

Of course, any shooting against anybody is totally un warranted[,] [sic, italics added]

he was trying to compress two distinct statements into one single too short sentence, possibly causing some confusion to readers. Apparently he was pressed too hard by his, Alternattiva Demokratika’s, and the-Maltese-people-as-a-whole’s acute “full square” solidarity with the new Maltese non-violent anti-Zionist anti-siege hero “La Paloma” Bianca Zammit.


Prof. Cassola probably meant to say:

1) “[I]n today’s world and times” (Cassola) it should be warranted that Jews are under no circumstances allowed to shoot against anybody.

2) Any shooting against Jews, be it with anointed words able to hurt the interest (and deep desire) of most of the Jews of the world of living in peace, be it with guns, rifles, explosive belts, rockets, chemical weapons, or even with atomic bombs can be implicitely accepted, glossed over, and should always at least be covered up by, for instance, some extensive trumpeting about the so-called

“two peoples, two states” solution which the international community is working for in the Middle East’ [Cassola][,]

for in many cases this is already even UN-warranted, for instance within the framework of certain “[p]eaceful and non-violent actions” (Cassola) declaredly aimed at disarming the Iranian-sponsored anti-Semitic terror army Hizballah, whithin which, under the (more or less!) vigilant eyes of UNIFIL (the “United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon”),

Hizballah was allowed in the four years since the 2006 war to pile up tens of thousands of rockets and missiles, which in volume and sophistication have already overtaken the weaponry that battered northern Israel then and which have extended their reach to all parts of Israel[,]

and this probably exactly because (sorry for quoting DEBKAfile, which, being a Zionist source, should rather never be quoted directly, twice again, but sadly I am a little under time pressure too, as I have to bring out this urgent explanatory “press release” as soon as possible!)

“[c]areful watch” – without corresponding action to interrupt the massive flow of weapons shipments constantly smuggled in from Syria to Hizballah – is a repeat of the misplaced self-restraint which invited the Hizballah to launch the last Lebanon conflict in the summer of 2006[,]

and, just like the abominable, shameless anti-Semitism-fomenting fuss made about the case of Bianca Zammit,

[d]ragging Israeli and its homeland into war in the summer of 2010 would serve the political and military interests of Iran, Syria and Hizballah well. It would generate a Middle East crisis overwhelming enough to focus international efforts on calming the situation, so distracting the world’s attention [from] Iran’s arrival at the critical stages of its nuclear bomb program and its drive for sanctions against the Islamic Republic.

An “Islamic Republic” that, perhaps similarly to “la Paloma” Bianca Zammit, strongly believes in – to say it with the peaceful words of Michael Briguglio, AD Chairperson, used to express “AD’s solidarity with Ms. Zammit”

bringing to light the plight of [some] people who live in the occupied territory[,]

i.e., more precisely: to the light of an atomic mushroom, while it is, by the way, considering also most of the rest of the non-Muslim world “occupied territory,” and certainly, if it is not believing that also for those remaining parts “[a] long lasting peaceful solution to the issue is long overdue” (Briguglio), it believes that it is getting closer to it day by day.

Prof. Arnold Cassola

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