“Only-in-Malta” rarity: an anti-Zionist makes a veiled compliment to somebody who defends Israel by stating historical facts, making a case for watching and reading only pro-Israeli media in order to be well-informed

Lino Apap
Aug 21st, 20:01

Mr. Hills – Israel became “officially recognized” in 1948 after a 2/3 majority in the United Nations voted in favour of setting up the Jewish State and not “in the 1970’s”. Furthermore it may interest you to know that large tracts of land in Palestine were sold to the Zionists by the Arabs themselves long before WW2 – in fact long before WW1 even. Most of it was swampland or desert and it was only after the Jews worked on it and changed it to cultivated land that the great patriotic Palestinian fervour began.

Nidal Shawish
Sep 27th, 22:32

Mr. Apap – you are either not well informed or you only watch and read pro-Israeli media!

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