When, in the Führerbunker, Hitler once again invoked the eradication of Bolshevism and the merciless resistance against the “world poisoner of all peoples,” “international Jewry,” as his testamentary will, he especially deplored the dereliction of an audacious policy of friendship with Islam, explaining by this the defeat.*

Gerhard Scheit, in: konkret, 12 (December)/2000)

“Let me say very clearly that the way the European Union will relate to an [Israeli] government that is not committed to a two-state solution will be very, very different,” said Javier Solana, the EU’s foreign and security affairs chief.

The Jerusalem Post, 16 March 2009

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by their media manipulation of woman [sic] and children, the Hamas’ true message to Israelis is unequivocally clear: “You are our target – We want you dead.”


Hamas poster: Death is Coming!  You Zionists had better hide well!

Source: Official website of the Hamas’ armed wing,
the “al-Qassam Brigades”

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 28 February 2008

PS: 1 example of the results of Solana’s previous war for a “two-state solution”, quoted by Julia Gorin:

Kosovo Serbs are often arrested when they’re attacked. Here is just one example I mentioned previously, from the book Hiding Genocide in Kosovo:

Every Serb detained by KFOR in those days would end up in jail, often with no charges. A Serb man, who tried to defend his home against three armed Albanians, shot one of the attackers and was himself wounded on his doorstep. All four were put in custody, the Albanians being released the next day. The house was burned the same evening and the unlucky owner spent the next several years in Mitrovica prison without a court trial. In 2005 he was released without charges and left Kosovo. His house is now illegally occupied by the same Albanians who attacked him.

*) Improvised translation by a non-native speaker (corrections welcome). Original text: “Als Hitler im Führerbunker testamentarisch noch einmal die Ausrottung des Bolschewismus beschwor und zum unbarmherzigen Widerstand gegen den ‘Weltvergifter aller Völker’, das ‘internationale Judentum’ aufrief, bedauerte er insbesondere – und erklärte damit die Niederlage –, daß man eine kühne Freundschaftspolitik mit dem Islam versäumt habe.”

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