A warning from the IDF to be heeded by the Jew-blood-thirsty “Times of Malta” (and most of the journalists of the world) too

Bonġu Times of Malta,

On the 5th of June, among other things, you published this:

On May 15, Israeli gunfire killed 12 people and wounded hundreds as Palestinians marched on Israel’s borders with Lebanon, Syria and Gaza in a mass show of mourning over the creation of the Jewish state.

Now, Times of Malta, looky here, click and listen to this, please:

Got the message, Times of Malta? (If not, maybe try switching on the captions of the YouTube video!) You are now definitely warned: By “naively” trying to transform violent-nonviolent attacks against the borders of the Jewish State into some sort of innocent collectively attempted “mourning,” you are not only further poisoning the brains and souls of a lot of clueless Maltese readers, but actually contributing to the breach of an international border, you are damaging the security infrastructure of the Jewish State, and thereby threatening the lives of Israeli citizens. Everybody who wants to know it, can know that such kind of “mourning,” whether it is carried out with or without Molotov cocktails and/or other weapons being used against Israeli soldiers who are protecting their people from joint Eurabian-Iranian annihilation, amounts to nothing less than an attempted continuation of Auschwitz and the failed Arab annihilation wars (of 1948, of 1967, etc.) in a new, more “innocent” form, in that its goal consists in the destruction of the Jewish State, and eventually in the death of every single Jew on earth.
So stop that, please, Times of Malta, and “go back” to Syria, as recommended by the friendly Israeli Defense Force soldier above, where the likes of you truly belong, where your brothers in arms, the Nazi Bashir Assad, Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas, and soon maybe the equally anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood, party and would probably pay good money too, if from time to time you should not be able to keep yourself from the kind of mourning you are addicted to and eventually become a martyr, too, thanks to the most necessary army of the world:

The Reform Syria opposition website said on Sunday that the “Naksa” protesters were poor farmers who were paid $1,000 by the Syrian regime to come to the border. The source also claimed that Syria has promised $10,000 to the families of anyone killed.

In the latter case I wish you, of course, a real good final “mourning over the creation of the Jewish state,” but also that you will be relieved from it as speedily as possible, that all your families will be paid – by Nazi-Assad – all the Eurabios they deserve for your heroic deed and that they will forward them immediately to Israel, accompanied by the due (Christian) apologies for your continued contribution to the preparation and implementation of mass-murder and the spread of barbarism in general.

[Amended on 1/8/2012]

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