Chapeau, “Times” (of Malta), Goebbels couldn’t have done it any better!

At least not at such a low cost.

The Maltese Times published today in its online edition a headline apparently taken from a press agency called PA:

Face of Israeli attack bus bomber

There you have it! Now those “Nazi-Zionists” even have “attack buses“!  How perverted, er, perverse!

Anti-Semitic Islamists who kill defenseless Jewish civilians (tourists, in this case) in Europe become courageous ‘resistance fighters’ just like those little innocent stone-throwing ‘Palestianian’ children sent by their anti-Semitic parents and/or the “Palestinian Authority” defying Israeli ‘occupation’, whom every European (leftist) Nazi cannot but love! Anti-Semitic mass-murderers become the ‘face of peace.’ 

‘Wonderful’ propaganda! Goebbels couldn’t have done it any better.

Indeed, the ‘news’ headline of The Times did not fail to elicit an immediate reaction by the most ‘occupied people’ among its ‘readers’. Voilà the first two piggish comments which the anti-Zionist (Maltese) Times was happy to publish without remorse on its comment board, in chronological order:


 henry caruana

Today, 16:32

Most probable bomber was an inncoent ANTI zionist jew, who had feeling for PALESTINIANS

suffering and killed by izrael authorities


Warmer Libri

Today, 18:16

@henry caruana

I agree with you 100%, the percentage of Antizionist Innocent Jews are in consistent increase because of criminal and destructive policy that zionists are conducting against the palestinian people in the holy land every single moment. God bless you all.

Until the next happy pogrom.

Source:, 1/8/2012

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