Hello, Daphne Caruana Galizia!

Today you said on your weblog that Maltese are

vile, twisted, full of simmering hate and resentment, and contorted by a mixture of rage and envy that comes from the unvarying feeling that one is hard done by, and deserves more but doesn’t get it because others are getting it instead.

Incidentally, I’ve come also across a video today, whose heroes are some male youths, and they seem to match your description. Can you confirm that they are indeed Maltese, please? I.e. Maltese expatriates or tourists on Lampedusa? (I do not trust the title and the comment so much, I really trust you more!)

Or are they rather examples of that big “The Other” of which you talk in your article and vis-a-vis which, according to you, Maltese schoolchildren still need some thorough brainwashing the same way they’ve already had it regarding “bird-shooting, smoking, waste separation and environmental issues”? Are these “people who are extremely vulnerable at all levels, who cannot defend themselves, and who are terribly insecure and frightened,” or do they fall into a third category? Ghax, to tell the truth, I’ve never seen a Maltese guy make that throat-cutting sign, either.
So maybe they are French?
Thank you for your answer in advance!

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