Daphne Caruana Galizia condemns frightening first results of Egyptian “revolution”

In a strong-worded statement published yesterday on her blog, Maltese EU liberal Daphne Caruana Galizia condemned the violence currently taking place in Egypt, where the newly appointed Foreign Minister is preparing to boost Egypt’s collaboration with the Iranian-sponsored Hamas for the next big war against Israel after the Egyptian-Israeli gas-pipeline has already been blown up and Islamic anti-Semitic Cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi has spoken to a crowd of reportedly one million or more followers in Cairo’s Tahrir Square shortly after the “revolution”, inveighing and inciting Jihad against the Jews, while the Egyptian military is being reported to be backing up an Islamic mob attacking the homes of Christians and trying to destroy a Coptic Church (because one of those infidels had a relationship with a woman born as a follower of their superior religion of peace) after similar incidents in the last few days in Egypt in which the military helped render Egyptian Christians defenseless against Islamic Jihad mob attacks.

Caruana Galizia said that this

reveals a tendency towards racism, intolerance and religious prejudice, and runs directly contrary to the European Commission’s stance on these matters[,]

warning that similar developments could soon occur in Libya as well, given that, even if the Jews there have already all either been killed or driven out quite long before the current uprising, according to AFROL the country has still about 1.32% of Christians, and pointing in particular to the defenselessness of the Eritrean Christian refugees still trapped in that country, whom no politician or commissioner or journalist, in contrast to all the talk about Gaddafi’s henchmen allegedly attacking defenseless civilians, ever mentions, probably because they are not threatened by Gaddafi’s gunmen (only), but (also or even more) by the various anti-Gaddafi rebels, whether these are Muslim Brotherhood followers, former Gaddafi associates, al-Qaida terrorists, simple dumb semi-illiterate medieval tribal chiefs, or anti-Semitic and anti-Christian former Facebook and/or Twitter revolutionaries, and are not armed at all and thus totally irrelevant in the overall perspective of a peaceful Islamic-European future respectful of any kind of possible and impossible differences – and indifferences.

The European Commission has not been available for a comment so far. Anzi, it has not even been asked to comment on Caruana Galizia’s comment because, to tell the truth now, Caruana Galizia’s above-quoted judgement was not directed against the beautifully evolving post-Mubarak direct Islamic democracy, the triumph of which had been celebrated – in Cairo’s “Independence Square” – partly also by a long gang rape of a far too Western-looking woman named Lara Logan and considered by at least about 200 Muslim democrats a spy and a Jew, and a whore in any case, and worse: a thing you can use as you like, before you slaughter it.

Caruana Galizia’s condemnation was referred, instead, to John Dalli, the Maltese European Commissioner and heinous traitor of European Values who, out of typically bourgeois selfish, narrow-minded (and, maybe, and this would make it even worse, some kind of perceived Maltese national) interest, dared contradict the unquestionable unanimous wisdom of the Supreme Commission of the EUSSR, thus disturbing EUSSR harmony, peace and humanitarian resolve, so that, according to Daphne Caruana Galizia, probably somebody in (already 25% Muslim) Brussels felt compelled to put a gun to his head, and rightly so! EU Democracy was in grave danger! EU Democracy or, even worse, “Libyan Freedom,” as DCG likes to call what she is currently fighting for tooth and nail.

Praised be, therefore, our heroic 100% EU compliant Maltese Comrade Daphne C. G., praised be our Glorious Leader Barroso, praised be once more the Brave Baroness Ashton, the only true, legitimate, unanimous democratic Leaders of the European People! And down with the stubborn Catholics, Copts, Zionists and the “murderous assholes” (Richard Holbrooke) of the Serbs, down with Bunga-Bunga-Berlusconi, down with the stupid little Islamophobic Gaddafis of il-Partit tal-Karnival, i.e. the Maltese PL, and, ovviament, down with all PN traitors severely lacking of EU conformity as well! Long live Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness, instead, as set forth in the relevant directives and regulations, present and future, and where appropriate and in accordance with the national traditions and practice*, with the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, and with the holy Quran! And, even if that should go without saying by now, a morte l’Islamofobia!

EU Peace Flag

*) Original European Union language, see: Council Directive 2000/43/EC of 29 June 2000 implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin

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