Hello, Daphne Caruana Galizia!

Today you said on your weblog that Maltese are

vile, twisted, full of simmering hate and resentment, and contorted by a mixture of rage and envy that comes from the unvarying feeling that one is hard done by, and deserves more but doesn’t get it because others are getting it instead.

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Libyan puzzle

Daphne Caruana Galizia on 23/2/2011:

[…] Joe Grima, with a spectacularly racist comment. “Il-poplu Libjan m’ghandux il-kultura li ghandu il-poplu Ewropew…. Dawn huma nies differenti.”


Presumably he meant that Libyan people are happy to be blasted to bits or cower in their homes because they’re ruled by a madman.

DEBKAfile on 27/2/2011:

The [anti-Gaddafi] rebels have rejected US and European offers of military assistance in the strongest terms warning that if foreign troops intervened they would redirect their guns from Qaddafi on the interlopers.

Andrew Bolt at heraldsun.com.au on 19/2/2011

When you hear “racist!’ now, you know some coward is once again just trying to shut a debate he fears he can’t win.

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Durban II “black mass” preparations disturbed by Arabic reality

From a Jerusalem Post Newsletter (20/4/2009):

In an unprecedented coup, the rank hypocrisy of Durban II was exposed before the world this week when UN Watch surprised the Libyan chair — by bringing a victim of Qaddafi torture to confront her on Libya’s brutal torture and scapegoating of five Bulgairan nurses and a Palestinian doctor. The video clip has been broadcast around the globe.