In alliance with Gaddafi, the “Times of Malta”…

… currently seems to get more and more of those “readers-writers” it deserves:

Anthony Farrugia says:
Tuesday, 22 February at 1006hrs

Reading the posts on should carry a health warning: heartburn.

All the wackos, pettyminded weirdos, people who have never read a book or even a newspaper in their lives: they all come rushing out of the woodwork to post their inane comments based on total ignorance, grocer hearsay, conspiracy theories, beware of the bogey man attitudes, the more the merrier.

If you need evidence of the failure of education coupled with selfish characters plus I am all right so f&%k Jack attitude, it’s all right there. I forgot the lack of grammar, punctuation, spelling, postin with Caps Lock on; it makes one weep with frustration.

Hot Mama says:
Tuesday, 22 February at 1057hrs

you forgot these: !!!!!!

[Source: Daphne Caruana Galizia’s Notebook]

And the TOM still wants to attract even more of those authoritarian-minded Maltese half-witted peasants as readers, dragging some of them away from, for instance, Maltatoday. Today, one of its headlines promises the Brutes of Malta that Tripoli – obviously thanks to Gaddafi’s mega-bloody mowing down of protesters in Libya – is “calm” again, though contradicting itself beneath that line (so check back later, dear illiterate, to see if it will remain stable even tomorrow! and comment and buy!); and in another, unsubstantiated, piece, it avidly seizes the occasion to mark Libyans living in Malta who do not like Gaddafi that much, bluntly as “violent,” before investigating any further.

For having done what?

For allegedly having removed a portrait of the great anti-Semitic leader of the Libyan people from a wall inside an Islamic school.

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