EU training journalists for “Endlösung light”

The European Union is training Israeli journalists to support the Saudi Peace Plan […].


The Saudi Peace Plan calls on Israel to cede all territory east of the 1949 armistice line, including the Old City of Jerusalem, to the Palestinian Authority. It also calls on Israel to accept several million foreign Arabs, those who claim descent from Arabs who fled Israel during the War of Independence, as citizens – effectively making Israel an Arab state.
In return, the Arab world would agree to normalize relations with Israel., 18 April 2010

EU Peace Flag

“A festival of discrimination – funded by the EU”

The Al-Quds Underground is an unconventional arts festival in the Old City of Jerusalem that was held on the first week of November with more than 150 performances including music, storytelling, theatre and dance. But when Gil Zohar, a reporter for The Jerusalem Post, showed up at the Damascus Gate to attend the show, to which he had received an invitation, he was asked by Jamal Gosch, the director of the a-Nuzha Hakawati Theater, where he lived. Zohar answered Jerusalem, in Arabic. When Jamal heard Gil’s accent, he was told that Israelis were not welcome.

Sherri Mandell (read more here)

EU über alles

For those still unable to imagine how EU “democracy” would work after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by all EU states, which probably will not be states anymore afterward, because it will be sufficient that the politically dominant ideological cliques of what is left of them flock together in order to determine parts of the politics of the smaller (and often better) entities, MEP and German “anti-authoritarian” Daniel Cohn-Bendit has already given an exemplary representation of how it will look and feel – in the Castle of Prague during last December. The following is an excerpt from an account on that performance published by the British Telegraph:

I happen to know the splendid room in which the meeting took place, because I sat there myself with President Klaus in 2005, when he had arranged for a history of the EU I had co-authored to be published in Czech. As Cohn-Bendit was aware, the only flag that flies over the castle is the presidential standard (though the “ring of stars” is much in evidence elsewhere in Prague, flown outside every government ministry).

As described to me by someone present, President Klaus greeted the MEPs with his usual genial courtesy. Whatever his own views, he assured them, his countrymen would conduct their presidency in fully “communautaire” fashion. Cohn-Bendit then staged his ambush. Brusquely plonking down his EU flag., which he observed sarcastically was so much in evidence around the palace, he warned that the Czechs would be expected to put through the EU’s “climate change package” without interference. Continue reading EU über alles

My grandfather and the “foreign minister” of EUrope

Not long before the father of my mother died, despite being already heavily enfeebled he was still strong enough to convey his probably last important “political insight” to me, after my mother had finally managed to drag me to his home to pay him a visit.  It was in the period of the collapse of the Soviet Union, and of the German “reunification”, when from his sick bed he informed me of a historical mistake he and his Volksgenossen had made, stating in a relatively conciliatory tone that “we should not have been that rough with the Russians,” in order to add just one breath later: “But as to the Jews, we should have killed all of them.” As if the Germans themselves had decided to stop it at a certain point, and had not been stopped by, among others, the Red Army.

It is a pity he is already dead, for were he still alive, he would probably be quite enthusiastic and feel confirmed regarding his views by the first result of the European-led “critical dialogue” with the Iranian islamists accomplished by EU “foreign and security policy chief” Javier Solana, thanks to which the Russians may now have a chance to prove even more than before that my grandfather’s late self-criticism, “in a way,” went in the “right” direction. Russia, in one way or another, might now help prepare even more than before a new large-scale mass-murder of Jews by “[shortening] Iran’s road to a nuclear weapon“. And if the Iranian anti-Semites will not accept anything anyway, at least, the Russians, together with Solana and Obama, Germany, France, the UK, China, will have helped the Iranian Holocaust-deniers buy some more precious time, strengthening them (and, for a while, the EU) “sustainably” against the U.S., the “big Satan” (Khomeini), by undermining even a few UN Security Council resolutions –  something that would probably have greatly satisfied my grandfather, too.

Deborah Fait zum Goldstone-Bericht

Ein Bericht, der vollständig auf den Aussagen der Palästinenser und jener wirklich netten Menschenrechtsorganisationen basiert, bezüglich derer neben der Tatsache, dass sie neonazistische Mitglieder sowohl westlicher als auch islamischer Herkunft haben, aufgedeckt wurde, dass sie nicht nur von Europa, sondern auch von Saudi-Arabien finanziert werden.
Wirklich glaubwürdig, diese Gruppen, glaubwürdig vor allem in Bezug auf eines: ihren abgrundtiefen Hass auf Israel.

Quelle: Deborah Fait, Troppe lacrime in Israele, 17/9/2009, Übersetzung: Ralph Raschen

PS: – ich schließe mich an. Continue reading Deborah Fait zum Goldstone-Bericht

Swedes get their anti-Semitism from their Abba’s milk

From Caroline Glick’s blog (15/09/2009)

Three weeks ago Sweden’s Aftonblodet mass circulation tabloid published a blood libel against Israel in which the IDF was accused of killing Palestinians to harvest their organs. Then last week Norway’s government decided to divest the government pension fund from Israeli defense contractor Elbit because it manufactures electronic sensors used on Israel’s security fence.

They disinvest (don’t buy anything anymore from) an Israeli company that has contributed to save the lives of scores of Jews (and Arabs) by effectively preventing antisemitic terror attacks, while they and all the other European states have continued their anti-Semitic and anti-American monologue with the mullahs of Iran, with Hezbollah and Hamas, for decades now, making big businesses with the former, who are funding and arming the latter (the “former” axis powers Germany and Italy are still the first commercial partners of the Iranian Jihadist state), constituting by this a protective shield for a regime whose first aim is a second mass-murder of Jews on an industrial scale, which declares this openly, and which is working feverishly to achieve that goal.

Seems almost logical, given that the Euros could not get enough already of bombing mercilessly the Serbs, another group of preferred victims of the Nazis (and Muslims) in World War II and before, in the Nineties, and are not worried at all, instead, about a real case of barbaric organ harvesting, perpetrated by their (and the US democrats’) friends and allies, the “ethnic Albanians”, who abducted many Serbs and then extracted and sold their organs, while the pacifist Javier Solana had NATO bomb the rest of them. While the German tabloid “Bild” ran the title “They [the Serbs, “of course”] are driving them [Albanians] into the concentration camp!”, and while those who forced Albanians and Serbs to flee were the members of the Albanian terrorist army KLA, who threatened any Albanian who preferred to stay (with the “dirty Serbs”, with the Gypsies, with the few left Jews); and Solana’s, Fischer’s, Clinton’s, Albright’s, Joe Biden’s NATO bombs.

On Caroline Glick’s website there is also something much more funny (in English) from her satire site Latma:

Diagnosis of the day: “Europeans are narcissists”

The vast majority of Europeans suffer from the psychological disease of narcissism. They simply cannot stop looking at themselves in the mirror and telling themselves how wonderful they are. Any non-European who tries to point this out to them will find that the Europeans will react the way a dog reacts when somebody pets it while it is eating. The disease is so deep that even when the Muslims take over all of the European countries, the Europeans will be oblivious to their situation of Dhimmitude as long as the Muslims keep supplying them with mirrors. And the Muslims know this.

Heat Heath – USA (06/15/2009 19:18)

The fruit of “Western” appeasement

accomplished by “all those who have good intentions, and don’t want to know anything” (Gerhard Scheit):

DEBKAfiles Iranian sources stress that Ahmadinejad was telling the six powers that Tehran was not against negotiations but only on its own terms, which would be dictated when its government was good and ready. He thus placed in its real context the formal consent to negotiations which Iran’s nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili delivered to European Union external affairs executive Javier Solana Tuesday.

… to Javier Solana, who is probably the best possible first “Western” partner of the murderous Mullah regime, if it is true that General Wesley Clark once asked Solana the secret of his diplomatic success,” and that Solana “answered: ‘Make no enemies, and never ask a question to which you do not know or like the answer.'” (Wikipedia)

Stay constructive, Jews!

And everything will be alright:

Former British prime minister and current Quartet Middle East mediator Tony Blair has been making daily statements warning of a breach with Israel if the Netanyahu government doesn’t fall in line.

Or do you want us to build a tiny little Nazi-Germany – uhm, sorry: another free Kosovo! – in place of the whole of Israel right now?

On Wednesday, for instance, Blair threatened, “There is no alternative to a two-state solution, except the one-state solution. And if there is a one-state solution, there’s going to be a big fight.”*

So be kind, trust us, and start waving the right flag again, Jews,

EU Peace Flag

and you will see that, however we will call it, one-state, two-state, second final solution, everything is gonna be alright.

*) Caroline Glick, Ending Israel’s conditional legitimacy, April 3, 2009


When, in the Führerbunker, Hitler once again invoked the eradication of Bolshevism and the merciless resistance against the “world poisoner of all peoples,” “international Jewry,” as his testamentary will, he especially deplored the dereliction of an audacious policy of friendship with Islam, explaining by this the defeat.*

Gerhard Scheit, in: konkret, 12 (December)/2000)

“Let me say very clearly that the way the European Union will relate to an [Israeli] government that is not committed to a two-state solution will be very, very different,” said Javier Solana, the EU’s foreign and security affairs chief.

The Jerusalem Post, 16 March 2009

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by their media manipulation of woman [sic] and children, the Hamas’ true message to Israelis is unequivocally clear: “You are our target – We want you dead.”


Hamas poster: Death is Coming!  You Zionists had better hide well!

Source: Official website of the Hamas’ armed wing,
the “al-Qassam Brigades”

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 28 February 2008

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New “bailouts” for Jew-killers agreed

Luxus fürs Volk, luxury for the people, that’s how the philosopher and sociologist Theodor W. Adorno briefly characterized Antisemitism. And everybody knows that luxury can be expensive. The only question is, what has happened to the Germans? Can it be that they are willing to spend only 100 Euros for a new round of anti-Semitic terror, or is that a typo?

Amid a global economic meltdown, high-ranking delegations from 75 countries met at Sharm e-Sheikh Monday, March 2, to approve $2 to 4 billion for rebuilding the Gaza Strip ravaged during Israel’s 22-day anti-terror operation last month.

Hillary Clinton will announce at her debut Middle East appearance as secretary of state a $900 million donation: $600 million for the Palestinian Authority, $300 million for Gaza.

Germany too is expected to pledge 100 euros in addition to a European Union package, but the primary donors are Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia.


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“30 Jahre Islamische Republik = 30 Jahre Terror”

STOP THE BOMB kritisiert Raiffeisen-Engagement im Iran und warnt vor Verharmlosung Khatamis

Das überparteiliche Bündnis STOP THE BOMB, das sich gegen Geschäfte mit dem iranischen Regime engagiert, greift einen Bericht des “Wall Street Journals” auf, nachdem die Raiffeisen Zentralbank für Geschäfte jener europäischen Banken eingesprungen ist, die sich aus dem Iran zurückgezogen haben. STOP THE BOMB-Sprecherin Simone Dinah Hartmann empört sich: “Wenn es stimmt, dass Raiffeisen das Iran-Business anderer Banken übernimmt, ist das ein aktives Unterlaufen der Bemühungen um eine konsequente Sanktionspolitik, wie wir es sonst von Firmen wie Siemens oder der OMV kennen.” Wie notwendig Sanktionen gegen das iranische Regime sind, das heute den Jahrestag der “islamischen Revolution” feiert, stellte der iranische Parlamentspräsident Ali Laridjani vor vier Tagen bei der Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz neuerlich unter Beweis, als er die Infragestellung des Holocaust durch Präsident Ahmadinejad verteidigte.

Bündnis “Stop the Bomb“, 10.2.2009

Gazastreifen: Vielleicht gibt es nur ein Problem…

Caroline Glick zufolge jedenfalls:

Seit Dienstag ist klar, dass die Olmert-Livni-Barak-Regierung beschlossen hat, den Krieg mit Irans Hamas-Stellvertreterarmee so schnell wie möglich zu beenden. Das heißt, die Regierung hat beschlossen, den Krieg zu verlieren.

Unter diesem Blickwinkel müssten auch die neuerliche Intifada der “Paristinenser” (sic) sowie diejenige der Atheninenser in einem bedrohlicheren Licht erscheinen: Der starke Drang des französischen Präsidenten Sarkozy, auch nach dem Ende der französischen EU-Präsidentschaft “im Nahostkonflikt” zu vermitteln, ließe sich dann vielleicht z.T. sogar durch (EU-)innenpolitische Appeasement-Erwägungen erklären und nicht nur dadurch, dass die “neuen EU-Präsidenten”, die Tschechen, historisch bedingt etwas weniger dazu neigen, sich mit Blut-und-Boden-Fanatikern (wie deutschen Volksgenossen und/oder der Hamas) zu arrangieren.

Glücklicherweise kann aber ja nicht sein, was nicht sein darf!

New EU Peace Flag (constructive proposal from

Even tiny Malta recognizes so-called Kosovo now!

Yes and with an interesting pass-partout justification:

Foreign Minister Tonio Borg said Kosovo was being recognised because there was no other alternative for the region following the events of the past 10 years.

Given that the first on-line comment (and further fatherly völkisch instigation)

Well done, Dr Borg! What is Malta’s position on the Georgia conflict (Abkhazia & Ossetia)?

on that news on came from somebody with a quite-German-sounding name (Martin Büttner), it might perhaps be good to remind the few people who would like to know what kind of events have happened continuously in the region over the past 10 years – even if Mr. Borg may not have meant exactly the events that happened in that region itself. The following is just one example.

In Kosovo, meanwhile, U.S.- and German-led NATO has helped the Albanian Muslims cleanse just about all the Christians (except the ones in the last remaining Serbian stronghold of Northern Mitrovica — which we’ll be beating into submission to Muslim-Albanian rule in a few weeks). Specifically, recall the story of how German NATO were placing yellow crosses on the homes of the remaining Serbs in Albanian-dominated areas. This way, the Albanians knew which homes to firebomb or harass until the occupants left:

Early next morning we went in German KFOR jeeps to visit the nearby village of Mushnikovo [in Zupa valley]… I noticed that the doors of the surrounding houses had yellow markers on them. On some houses it looked like an X, on others it looked like a cross. I asked the German soldiers what these yellow crosses were doing on these doors. I received an answer I could scarcely believe. The young soldier, whom I later photographed, informed me that these were used to denote that Serbs lived in these houses. He said that people had to know which houses were inhabited by Serbs. I wondered why? So I then said to him. “You mean that you are highlighting the fact the Serbs are living in these houses by putting yellow crosses on their doors”. He nodded. I could hardly believe what I was hearing. The previous night the church and the house across from the church had been attacked by rocket propelled grenades and here was German KFOR marking out the houses which were later attacked by extremists. This seemed incomprehensible to me. I pointed out that they were denoting the religious affiliation of these people and outlining the fact that these were Christians in a predominantly Muslim village. I pointed out to the soldier that this was not the first time in their history that the German army had put markers on the doors of people perceived as unter-menschen.

Shortly afterwards, a German army officer came and asked me what my problem was. I pointed out that I was not the one with the problem. He explained that the reason that the yellow crosses were on the doors of the houses [was] that these houses had been searched for weapons and unexploded ordinance and were deemed “free’ of weapons. It was then that I really began to wonder if these people in charge really knew what they were doing. The Muslims, both Slavs and Albanians, in the village had no such markers on their houses. They had complete freedom to travel wherever they liked throughout Kosovo and harass and intimidate innocent members of other communities. The Serbs in the village had no such freedom of movement. I was aware that the Serbs and Roma and others were being cleared out of their villages and towns all around Kosovo and I wondered what information the KFOR soldiers on the ground were receiving from the NATO high command. Were they still being fed the propaganda that the few remaining elderly Christian Serbs were the enemy or were the threat?

From Republican Riot, July 15th, 2008

But fear not. In Malta itself now at least

[t]he European Commission’s Directorate General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities is organising a cartoons competition […] as part of its pan-European campaign called For Diversity Against Discrimination.

First prize: 700 Eurabios, second: 300.

Stop the Bomb: “Protest against deals with Iran continues”

The campaign STOP THE BOMB – Coalition against the Iranian extermination programme has been mobilizing against a contract with Iran which the Austrian Mineral Oil Company (OMV) is planning to conclude. The campaign started an international online petition, which has been undersigned – amongst other prominent personages – by Elfriede Jelinek, Elie Wiesel and Imre Kertész, Albert Steinnhauser and Maria Vassilakou of the Austrian Green Party, and more than 4.300 other people from more than 60 countries. Now STOP THE BOMB requests in an open letter to the Federal Government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the Austrian Republic to quit political support for deals with the Iranian regime. Considering statements given by Iranian opposition groups that at present a high-ranking delegation of OMV is staying in Iran to negotiate the concern’s planned 22 billion Euro deal with the Regime, STOP THE BOMB answers with an open letter referring to a writing by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to our campaign. In this letter Thomas Mayr-Harting, political director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, describes the Austrian posoition regarding Iran and tries implicitly to legitimise deals of Austrian companies with Iran.

Click here to read more of the Press Release of the Coalition against the Iranian Extermination Program (27 May 2008)!

New EU Flag (Proposal)