New “bailouts” for Jew-killers agreed

Luxus fürs Volk, luxury for the people, that’s how the philosopher and sociologist Theodor W. Adorno briefly characterized Antisemitism. And everybody knows that luxury can be expensive. The only question is, what has happened to the Germans? Can it be that they are willing to spend only 100 Euros for a new round of anti-Semitic terror, or is that a typo?

Amid a global economic meltdown, high-ranking delegations from 75 countries met at Sharm e-Sheikh Monday, March 2, to approve $2 to 4 billion for rebuilding the Gaza Strip ravaged during Israel’s 22-day anti-terror operation last month.

Hillary Clinton will announce at her debut Middle East appearance as secretary of state a $900 million donation: $600 million for the Palestinian Authority, $300 million for Gaza.

Germany too is expected to pledge 100 euros in addition to a European Union package, but the primary donors are Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia.


DEBKAfile‘s sources disclose how Hamas apportions the incoming donations:

Less then 15% for the Palestinian populace – badly hurt during Israel’s military offensive but chronically jobless, poverty-stricken, lacking schools and medical facilities since the Hamas takeover.

About 30% supports Hamas’ political and religious hierarchies.

Another 25% is spent on maintaining Hamas “security forces” including Izz e-Din al Qassam and its rocket units.

Some 30% purchases an assortment of missiles and rockets, weapons and explosives as well as fortifying military installations and command bunkers – some snaking under the Israeli border packed with explosives and suicide bombers or smuggling tunnels carrying Iranian supplies of improved rockets, explosives and weaponry through Sinai.

The most carefully hidden factor is the portion which pays for Hamas’ weapons supplies from Tehran.

DEBKAfile‘s military sources disclose how these transactions work [click here to read the whole DEBKA article]

PS: Or could it be that the Germans are all planning to participate in the bailout for Eddy this time, instead?


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