EU über alles

For those still unable to imagine how EU “democracy” would work after the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty by all EU states, which probably will not be states anymore afterward, because it will be sufficient that the politically dominant ideological cliques of what is left of them flock together in order to determine parts of the politics of the smaller (and often better) entities, MEP and German “anti-authoritarian” Daniel Cohn-Bendit has already given an exemplary representation of how it will look and feel – in the Castle of Prague during last December. The following is an excerpt from an account on that performance published by the British Telegraph:

I happen to know the splendid room in which the meeting took place, because I sat there myself with President Klaus in 2005, when he had arranged for a history of the EU I had co-authored to be published in Czech. As Cohn-Bendit was aware, the only flag that flies over the castle is the presidential standard (though the “ring of stars” is much in evidence elsewhere in Prague, flown outside every government ministry).

As described to me by someone present, President Klaus greeted the MEPs with his usual genial courtesy. Whatever his own views, he assured them, his countrymen would conduct their presidency in fully “communautaire” fashion. Cohn-Bendit then staged his ambush. Brusquely plonking down his EU flag., which he observed sarcastically was so much in evidence around the palace, he warned that the Czechs would be expected to put through the EU’s “climate change package” without interference. Continue reading EU über alles