Libya: Another Kosovar-Srebrenican Style Nakbashoah in the making?

An interesting statement could be found today in the online edition of The Times of Malta. The newspaper quoted “[t]wo Libyan fighter jet pilots landed in Malta” as saying (if in unison or one after another or otherwise, the newspaper wouldn’t say) that,

“[t]here are rivers of blood on the streets of Tripoli,”

and as adding,

that Serbian plans were being sent to bomb civilian protesters.

The site did not specify if so far only military protesters had been bombed, nor from where and whereto the plans were allegedly being sent – so that presumably the Serbian plans were and are still being flown in from Serbia or Pale (and/or, who knows, from Jerusalem and/or New York, too?). Furthermore, it does not appear to be absolutely clear whether the Libyan fighter jet pilots and/or the Times of Malta mean or meant that civilian protesters in Libya were already being killed (in addition to military protesters) or probably going to be killed directly and in masses by means of Serbian plans rather than through more conventional, less atrocious weapons (of mass destruction) and “only” following masses of vicious Serbian plans being sent from one place to another, probably to Gaddafi.

Probably the Times of Malta, CNN and/or Al-Jazeera will follow up with some more, updated details in the following days. But what seems to be perfectly clear already at this moment is that

1) (as we have long known) Serbian plans are always very very dangerous, atrocious, and murderous, and genocidal, so that, at the very least, Serbs should always be governed by people who know to handle them, i.e. by Germans, Turks, Austrians or the UN or by a high commissioner of the EU to make sure that they can never make any plans at all, and that

2) as always in our times, when “rivers of blood” are found on any street or market place and or any other location and/or another Genocide or Holocaust or  Srebrenica or Kosovo is being planned or executed, if you analyze the situation as a journalist (or as a politician), you will always find either that the Jews or the Serbs or the Americans are behind that, or all of them together (using Serbian and/or Jewish plans). And that the real Jews, i.e. the Kosovans, i.e. the victims, are always going to be the Muslims, with even Gaddafi being no exception in the end.

Sad but true, isn’t it?

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