“Peacefully” implementing the PA’s “statehood” bid

On the same day Abbas was making his “demands” at the podium of the U.N. General Assembly in New York, terrorists in a car on Highway 60 hurled a large, deadly sharp-edged rock at the windshield of 25-year-old Asher Palmer, smashing the driver square in the face and sending his car careening out of control. He and his 10-month-old son Yonatan were killed in what police initially reported to be a “motor vehicle accident” — but what settlers immediately and correctly suspected had been a terror attack.

On Sunday, hundreds of mourners expressed outrage at the funeral for Palmer and his baby son, livid over the news that police had apparently covered up the fact that an Arab terrorist rock attack had been responsible for the deaths to keep the area quiet while the Prime Minister was in New York.

Adding insult to injury, Arabs from the nearby village of Beit Anoun hurled rocks at the mourners as they walked the road to Kiryat Arba during the funeral. IDF soldiers were sent to the scene and used riot control measures to disperse the mob.

INN; see also DEBKAfile and Israelstreet.org.

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