“Israeli apartheid”

The police are considering closing off the Shechem and Lion’s Gates of the Old City [of Jerusalem] to Jews during the annual Jerusalem Day parade in two weeks. […]


The Public Security Minister […] acknowledged that “there has been an escalation in the number of firebomb and rock attacks by masked Arabs” in the Silwan area of Jerusalem. The City of David (Ir David) neighborhood and Beit Yehonatan are located in Silwan.


Among dozens of incidents of attacks on Jews in Jerusalem, several masked Arabs approached the car of a Jewish driver on the evening of Independence Day (Yom HaAtzma’ut) and damaged the vehicle with metal bars. He escaped injury.

In a separate attack, Yitzchak Levy said that his car was attacked with hundreds of stones, and that rioting Arabs broke the front windshield with a huge rock, causing light scratches to his 18-month-old child. (IsraelNationalNews.com)

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