Hello Daphne Caruana Galizia, come take another look here, please!

I still detest crucifixes. They make me shudder. My reaction to them is no different than it is to other depictions of torture, which I cannot bear to look at.
Daphne Caruana Galizia, November 2009

It seems to me that I have found a few more “catharsis” videos featuring your Libyan “rebels” tormenting Muammar al-Gaddafi. Maybe you would like to publish these on your blog too, as an encore! 😉

They are here.

I haven’t watched them myself (I had seen a few others already, in which your “rebels” acted as if they were just slaughtering cattle, and those were enough for me), but if your theory saying that certain atrocities, or better, using your word again, the “catharses,” committed by the “rebels” are just a consequence of what the poor Libyans have “been through” under Gaddafi, then already from the textual description of the videos it seems that they have “been through” quite a variety of things – under the infidel dog:

The scenes with the young child are as a result [sic] of the torture and murder of the family.  The Father was tortured and murder [sic] while the wife and child watched. The wife was raped to death in front of the child. The child was then forced to perform oral sex and then shot in the mouth. The little girl was hamstrung in order to keep her from running away. These are common practices as you know. The African man was killed and then raped as the video clearly shows his dead corpse being penetrated with the barrel of a weapon.

The second video is of a child who was impaled. They had a Libyan Flag flying at their home and were targeted as Kaddafi supporters. It speaks for itself.

Seems like the Germans in Marzabotto. Or worse. Who knows what the poor Germans had been through before that, by the way, in order to be able to do those things? What do you think? What may the Italians have done to them? (Ah, yes, they had betrayed them and hadn’t helped them very much in achieving their goal of making the whole world Jew-free along with the muslims of Bosnia, Kosovo, Palestine and so on; and in the previous World War they had even fought against the Germans almost from the start, along with the Serbs, the French, and others.)

I just a little sometimes wonder whether those things could have also a little to do with “Islamic education” and child-raising, independently from the Gaddafi-monster… but you would certainly forbid yourself and others such kind of thought.

Come non detto, allora!

PS: Have al-BBC, al-Jazeera, al-Times of Malta et al. yet reported anything about the al-Qaeda flag flying on the courthouse in Benghazi? Please let me know, just in case!

[Post slightly modified on April 4th, 2012]

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