Libya: Another Kosovar-Srebrenican Style Nakbashoah in the making?

An interesting statement could be found today in the online edition of The Times of Malta. The newspaper quoted “[t]wo Libyan fighter jet pilots landed in Malta” as saying (if in unison or one after another or otherwise, the newspaper wouldn’t say) that,

“[t]here are rivers of blood on the streets of Tripoli,”

and as adding,

that Serbian plans were being sent to bomb civilian protesters.

The site did not specify if so far only military protesters had been bombed, nor from where and whereto the plans were allegedly being sent – so that presumably the Serbian plans were and are still being flown in from Serbia or Pale (and/or, who knows, from Jerusalem and/or New York, too?). Furthermore, it does not appear to be absolutely clear whether the Libyan fighter jet pilots and/or the Times of Malta mean or meant that civilian protesters in Libya were already being killed (in addition to military protesters) or probably going to be killed directly and in masses by means of Serbian plans rather than through more conventional, less atrocious weapons (of mass destruction) and “only” following masses of vicious Serbian plans being sent from one place to another, probably to Gaddafi.

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Kosovo: Recommended reading for Mr. Alan Posener (German journalist)

This was a letter from Kosovo posted on the Chicago Tribune Forum earlier this month by attorney and activist John Bosnitch:

I am writing to you from a Serbian Monastery grounds just outside the city of Prizren in southern Kosovo and Metohija. When I arrived here several hours ago I had to stand outside in the rain while a German NATO soldier checked my documents behind a wall of barricades and razor wire protected by well-armed troops secured behind armored bunkers. The razor wire is here to stop the Albanians from coming in here and killing the monks and destroying this holy place which predates the Ottoman Turkish occupation of these Christian lands centuries ago.

I told you that I am writing to you from the monastery “grounds” because the monastery itself was destroyed by Albanian mobs under the very eyes of NATO troops who did nothing to stop them when they went on a coordinated pogram against Serbs, especially targeting their Christian churches, more than four years ago in a modern day re-enactment of Hitler’s Kristallnacht Pogrom against the Jews.

Earlier today I visited [If you’d like to read the entire article at Republican Riot you can click here, Mr Posener!]

Islamophobia: Mourning Ahmad, one of the most recent Holocaust (Nakba) victims

“He could assemble a rifle in the dark in 20 seconds and he was a trained sharpshooter, able to hit an Israeli soldier or a kibbutz volunteer in the head at 300 meters, a feat he preformed, unfortunately, only once – such talent is rare and will be missed by all of us, as will be missed his contagious enthusiasm for killing Jews – even when others would waver or tire from the incessant murder of innocents, always the young, optimistic Ahmad would be there at their side, lifting the people’s spirits or else threatening to kill their families and rape their sisters if they lose the faith – that was the kind of young man he was, ever the role model, always living up to the great expectations of his father and his people. The tireless, bright young man had a brilliant future ahead of him – who knows how many Jews he could have killed? With his talent and breeding and dedication – perhaps thousands. But, alas, we will never know.


The new Holocaust Day will be added to the previous ones, making a total of twenty nine Holocaust Days, each one marking a separate Holocaust suffered by the Palestinian people such as the Holocaust of Jenin in which dozens of terrorists were killed by Israel, or the Holocaust of Bargouti who is still rotting in the Israeli jail and of course the greatest Holocaust of them all, the 1947 “Nakba” in which the Palestinians failed to exterminate the remnants of the Jewish people gathered in Israel, a terrible wound that to this day remains unhealed.

From: Israeli Satire Laboratory