“Who is the perpetrator, who is the victim?” German public TV “reporting” on the anti-Semitic Har Nof massacre – an example of the “balanced” German approach to the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”

Blessed be your quality weapons, the wheels of your cars, your axes and kitchen knives. By Allah, these are stronger than the arsenals of our enemy, because [they are being used] according to Allah’s will. We are the soldiers of Allah. – Sultan Abu Al-Einein, Senior Advisor of Mahmoud Abbas and Member of the Fatah Central Committee, one day after the massacre

How beautiful is your Martyrdom. / You have placed a crown [upon my head] / … / O Ghassan and Uday, / who carried out the operation / blessed be your hands and the tips of your fingers. / Blessed be the womb that bore you /… / Yesterday [I gave] the most beautiful gift. / The Martyrs’ blood was not spilled in vain. / I am a Palestinian. – Mother of Uday Abu Jamal

That – in stark contrast to the Jews or even any other people for that matter – the Germans have learned a lot from the Holocaust has long been perfectly clear. So far, they have already played a leading role in preventing a “new Auschwitz” in Kosovo, Serbia, coincidentally defeating in the process once again their (former!) “arch-enemy”, the Serbs, and carving a second Albanian “state”, a Muslim one, out of sovereign Serbian territory, where now, after a series of anti-Serbian, anti-Christian pogroms, if not much else, you can at least make good money if you’re an Albanian Hitler look-alike. In fact, the Germans have learned so much so that in the evening after the horrific slaughter of five people (four Rabbis and a Druze policeman) and the wounding of 10 others in a synagogue in Jerusalem’s Har Nof neighborhood last November, an anchor of the major German public television station ZDF, Marietta Slomka, was able to stay perfectly “neutral” and – as they say in Italian – to “take things with philosophy” without letting even this story remind her and her public of anything.

The following is a commented unabridged translation of the entire introduction by Slomka and of the entire following “report” by a ZDF correspondent in Israel for the news program “Heute Journal”.

Introduction by news anchor Marietta Slomka

What is clear is that once a conflict becomes a permanent condition, when over years and decades it costs thousands and thousands of human beings their lives, then it will at some point become – unsolvable. Peace will only then become thinkable again when all sides are that bled to death [ausgeblutet] and war-weary, that the willingness to move immovable positions increases. This can take time, if this point will ever be reached at all. In the Near East, this can – as is well known – be bitterly observed. Since the Gaza war, there have been attacks, provocations, dead on both sides almost on a daily basis. The attack today in Jerusalem however has a different quality: a massacre among people praying in a Synagogue – in a Jewish Orthodox neighborhood in the western part of Jerusalem. Synagogues have so far been no attack targets. Today four Israelis have been killed there. And in addition this has happened – of all places – in Jerusalem, where all the unsolvable dimensions of this permanent conflict are already culminating.

Slomka’s statement about the “different quality” is interesting. Following her “logic”, may this perhaps be a sign of “hope” that there is soon going to be some progress toward a situation in which “all sides are that bled to death and war-weary, that the willingness to move immovable positions increases,” so that the “Palestinians” may get at least their judenrein Jerusalem, although – even with the help of European recognitions of “Palestinian statehood”, boycotts, incitement and terrorist funding etc. – “this can take time”?

Maybe – because listening to the beginning of the ensuing report, it appears that there has been a step in “bleeding to death” the other side as well – through some sort of “Jewish child-murder”.

Nicole Diekmann reports.

“Report” by Nicole Diekmann

It is the worst day in the life of Abed Abu Jamal. The Palestinian is going through the nightmare of all parents all over the world: the death of his own child. His son Uday this morning went into a synagogue together with his cousin Ghassan. The two had axes, knives and firearms with them – to kill Jews.

Abed Abu Jamal, who has been shown from the start of the “report”, is quoted as saying:

Everyone who sees under what we Palestinians are suffering, can understand that human beings react this way.

Abu Jamal’s son and his nephew were shot dead by Israeli policemen. They died because others had died at their hands.

The “Jewish an-eye-for-an-eye revenge” theme sets in already right at the start. You may expect a report about a massacre of Jews, but what you get (overwhelmed with) is instead the image of an elderly Arab father (really or allegedly) grieving about the death of his son who was one of the murderers.

In reality, of course, the perpetrators were killed not by an execution and not in retaliation after they were finished or while they were having a rest because they were a little exhausted for the time being, but while they were still “at work”. Thanks to this it was prevented that there were even more dead and wounded, while the jihadists themselves wanted to die as “martyrs”, “in Allah’s way”, in order to not really die, but to live forever in the Islamic paradise, having lots of fun there, for instance with the 72 virgins each one of them would receive as a reward.

Thousands of Israelis took leave of the four Jewish victims today. They grieve – like Abed Abu Jamal and his family grieve. Who is the perpetrator, who is the victim?

Two difficult questions, indeed! “We Palestinians are suffering” – this has already been stated and not questioned – and are therefore probably the victims of someone or something, most probably of Jews, thus the “Palestinians” are certainly victims already, but now let’s not be one-sided and investigate a little further! Let’s ask an expert, so to speak. What about the Jews, on the other hand? Given that they seem to be grieving just like the (quite probably) Jew-hating father of one of the murderers, are they really victims too?

Huda Abu Jamal, whom the German newspaper Die Welt identified as a “grandaunt” of one of the murderers, is now shown and quoted as saying:

This has happened because of the bus driver who hung in his bus. This was a completely normal reaction.

Footage from a funeral with angry Islamic “militants” is shown.

Yet another funeral, yesterday, that of a Palestinian bus driver. He was found hanged in his bus. Israel says: suicide; the Palestinians say: lynching. There will arguably be no answer to this anymore.

While – taking the grammar of this part seriously – one might protest, “According to Huda Abu Jamal, instead, there has just been an ‘answer’ to that ‘lynching’ which many ‘Palestinians’ apparently imagined, consisting in the murder of four Jews (and one Druze policeman, who died of his wounds later) and the wounding of many others, and if they could, the two ‘shahids’ would have murdered even forty!”, another message of the ambiguous last sentence is that nobody will be able to prove anymore what it was that caused the death of the Muslim bus driver. The “reporter” seems just as much interested in the result of the autopsy (which on the day of the Synagogue massacre had in fact already been published and whose result was, in fact, ‘suicide’) as any anti-Semitic PA propagandist would be. She, too, admits a mere rumor as a possible justification, for her it is possible that Jews murder innocent Arabs because they are Arabs quite frequently, and that then all Jews conspire in covering up those crimes, and that their State institutions are fine with that. And that the “Palestinians” in such cases have no chance to obtain justice. Thus, the “victim status” of the “Palestinians” is confirmed once again, and even reinforced, by turning an anti-Semitic rumor into “the truth”.

The much more important question is, however, how brutalized and how desperate the Palestinian society is, where many consider an assassination a normal reaction and celebrate it.

Here, too, the “reporter” doesn’t intend to ask a real question. She rather fuses two questions she has no intention to answer, in order to make a statement against the Jews out of them: the “Palestinians” have become so very barbaric because they are really very desperate, because the Jews are lynching Muslims whenever they can and their state covers up their crimes. The Jews are behaving like barbaric colonial occupiers, suppressing the helpless “Palestinians” with no regard for their right to live, and therefore it is normal that the latter rejoice when someone on the other side gets killed. The Palestinians must have been normal, peaceful people before the Jews started treating them so badly, after “invading” all “their” land. So maybe, indeed, we, as Germans, are still not able to see clearly “under what we Palestinians are suffering” and therefore cannot really “understand that human beings react this way”! The “reporter” doesn’t seem to care that, for instance, since quite some time for many normal members of “Palestinian society” it has not been “a normal reaction” not to harm or even kill Jews who ended up in “their territory” by mistake. Neither does she seem to know what happens to suspected “collaborators” with Israel in their midst, nor that perhaps their religion, Islam, may play a role in this. What are their leaders, what are their imams, their media saying about murdering Jews, for instance? Are the “Palestinians”, perhaps, just as “desperate” as the Germans were at the time of the “Kristallnacht” and later, when the majority of them were utterly convinced that “die Juden sind unser Unglück”? Could there be an analogy here?

The ideology reporter neither asks nor answers any real question, instead she immediately and rather brutally turns the “question” concerning the “despair” and the “brutality” of the Muslims around along with their guilt, by first protesting childishly:

But the Israeli society is marked by decades of hatred as well.

And by then presenting the “root cause” of the problem. An Israeli autopsy may not be trusted, but look at this guy, for instance! He speaks about his true intentions in the presence of a German reporter in Jerusalem!

An agitated, grieving young Jewish man with a prayer shawl, with some “ultra-orthodox” men in the background, is shown and quoted as saying:

They must all be killed, the Arabs, these terrorists, may God kill them all.

The Jews confirm it themselves! The Jews want to kill them all, collectively, whether their prospective victims are murderers individually or not, and they are probably the ones who want to do that for “religious reasons”, so why shouldn’t the “Palestinians” retaliate – they are in real danger! As we are told every day, Islam is the religion of peace, and the Jews are disturbing this peace; the Jews hate them all and think they are all terrorists – or they just call them all terrorists because they want to murder them all. The Jews are to be at least considered as completely crazy! Don’t they see that the poor “Palestinians” are suffering? How can they be so coldhearted and so brutal – only because another four Jews have been slaughtered after there have been – as usual – many “dead on both sides” – Jews and terrorists – in the days and weeks before (after the “Palestinians” invented and largely celebrated a new method of murdering Jews: running them over with cars)?

Violence, counter-violence, revenge, retaliation – here in the Middle East they do not know anything else. Today, six people have paid for this principle

– and there you have an a little more than light hint to the “real perpetrator” again! It is this “Jewish principle”, dating back, in the minds of many “Christian” German anti-Semites, to the “vengeful God” of the Old Testament, not the anti-Semitic, jihadist incitement “principle” of the PA, Hamas, etc., focused today especially on the place where all those “unsolvable dimensions” are “culminating”, Jerusalem, where there are so many rabbis, most of whom are probably teaching this cruel principle all the time! Six people, four Jews, who have been killed in a brutal, but now perhaps even more understandable act of revenge, or “better”: of prevention, and two “children” (the jihadist murderers), who have been executed in retaliation by the Jews, not in order to prevent the death of more Jews, have paid for this principle of “violence, counter-violence, revenge, retaliation”

with their lives – a cycle of which Israelis and Palestinians are not able to find a way out through their own strength, Uday’s relatives believe.

At this point Huda Abu Jamal, whom Alaska Dispatch News, quoting the New York Times, described as a 46-year old cousin of Uday who said: “I salute Odai and Ghassan for this heroic operation. […] Every Palestinian should strike. Our conditions are too bad. These men have no jobs. Al Aqsa is in danger. The settlers brutally hanged Yousef. We raise our heads high,” and who, if it’s the same person, is perhaps a talented actress as well and might also have some chances if she applied as a “Middle East expert” at the ZDF, is shown again and quoted as saying:

I appeal to the Germans, to the whole world. If this continues between us and the Jews, we will annihilate each other. We need help.

And while she is saying this, outside the unrest continues. The entire day Palestinians and Israeli security forces clash again and again.

Why? The “reporter” doesn’t explain it. Must be again because of that “Jewish principle” of an-eye-for-an-eye, a tooth-for-a-tooth, anyway.

By the way: At this moment, the home of Uday’s family may no longer stand at all. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has announced to demolish the homes of the two families of the assassins. A retaliatory measure.

There you have it, always trying to have the last word, those Jews, doing all they can to restart the deadly “cycle of violence”…

(By the way, eight months later those homes were still standing and were only sealed, so that it would perhaps still not be too late for Germany to intervene.)

As far as the ZDF, and certainly the majority of the German media, is concerned, the answer to the question, “Who is the perpetrator, who is the victim?”, becomes even more obvious when one looks at the images as well. Even when Jews are murdered en masse by Muslims, it’s not just that “both people” are seen as equally guilty and as victims at the same time, which would already be a morally abject position per se. Jewish victims are really nowhere to be seen: While footage is shown of covered dead bodies being carried out of the synagogue, the “reporter” speaks about the Arab “Abu Jamal’s son and his nephew [who] were shot dead by Israeli policemen.” Immediately after this (while a Jewish mourning gathering is shortly shown) she says that Jews are mourning just like the father and the family of one of the murderers. But can that be true, given that exactly while the “reporter” adds to that her “question”, “Who is the perpetrator, who is the victim?”, two weeping Muslim girls are shown?

Every kind of Jewish suffering is promptly projected onto the perpetrators.

Even though the “Palestinians” may make some gross mistakes sometimes, acting like the Jews who would like to kill all the Arabs, those Jews who have probably also murdered an innocent Muslim in his bus, they are not perpetrators even when they are, because the crazy Jews are permanently conspiring against the Muslims to murder them (all). The rest just happens because of the “typically Jewish” principle of “revenge and retaliation”, a vicious cycle which nobody but the Jews – or the Germans (with the help of the whole world) – would be able to interrupt. But the Jews probably can’t do that, because they have already gone too mad due to their hate and their supposed principles. The Muslims, instead, are made to look more like reasonable, moderate adult Germans who find it childish to ask, “Who has started it?” They are the ones who are really seeking peace and reconciliation and who in their generosity call on Germany (and the world, of course!) to save both sides from mutual annihilation. On the Germans who have shown in their history and who are showing even now, for instance through their ZDF, how neutral and how evenhanded and how just they are.

So just that it makes you vomit.

Rushing to the perpetrators to learn more about their suffering, to find an answer to the question “Who is the perpetrator, who is the victim?”, while the bodies of the Jewish victims are still warm and a nation prays that those maimed in the attack may survive.

What is certainly “annihilated”, “removed”, in the course of both the “reasoning” of the anchor and that of the “reporter”, is the real pain of the Jews, the danger in which they live, the threat of annihilation they face, their grief, their abandonment – for instance, in this case, that of 25 Jewish orphans, to which a German “reporter” is unable to rush, even if she would have months or years of time for it – while working to make sure by this kind of propaganda, for which every German household is obliged to pay a hefty monthly tax, that they will get even more of the same in reality in the future.

That many Germans today still, or again, can’t find this kind of complicity (which includes Germany’s complicity with another perpetrator: Iran) a bit nauseating, is rather telling. A German critic called this kind of morality the morality of the mentally deficient. The question is whether such perfidy can be called “moral” at all, and if it’s not just the pure wish of “revenge” and “retaliation” for not having been allowed to complete what they once started and not having been applauded for it by the entire world. In any case, on the part of the Germans, the “willingness to move immovable positions” – in the sense of their willingness to consider the possibility of trying to definitely “solve” the “Jewish question” themselves once again, now with the help not only of many other Europeans, but of the “whole world” – seems to be already there – although thanks to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran, the IS, etc. they certainly wouldn’t have to do it necessarily with their own German hands this time. It would be sufficient for them to just assist it or have others assist it as “peacekeepers”.

All in all, it seems that they have already bled their own hearts again to death sufficiently while “bitterly observing” the Jews.

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